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Jesus, Name Above All Names

YHWH false deity handed down via Jewish Rabbi traditions

Jesus was the God of creation.
Jesus gave Noah the flood info and Ark design.
Jesus was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Jesus is Ehyeh asher Ehyeh (I Am).
Jesus was the God of Moses, Israel, the Ten Commandments, the Law, the Tabernacle, and the priesthood.
Jesus was the God of the prophets.
Jesus prophesied of his own coming and the scriptures spoke of him.
Jesus is God manifest in the flesh.
Jesus is not YHWH.
Jesus is not Jehovah.
Jesus is not Yahweh.
Bishop Reckart
A man God made
One would think that as strong as most Oneness are on the math between 1 and 3, they would also be strong on the Truth about the 1.
This is not the case.
Oneness have rejected the trinity doctrine but have accepted the Catholic and Jewish doctrine on the tetragrammaton god YHWH.
Little research has been done by Oneness leaders, educators, teachers, preachers, pastors, and students.
The research that has been done is not deeper than Strong’s, Gesenius, Thayers, Vines, Brown, Drive, Briggs; Matthew Henry, Pulpit Commentary, Jewish encyclopedia, Kabbalah, Talmudic interpretations, and tetragrammaton cult interpretations.
Out of all of this they consent and agree with 100% of all they read. So, they chant the same old statements:
YHWH is so holy the Jews decided not to pronounce it so no one could use it in vain (profane it);
YHWH are all consonants and the Hebrew language does not have vowels so the name is not spelled out;
YHWH pronunciation has been lost due to non-use.
YHWH is first found in the Masoretic text at Genesis 2:4;
Abraham knew the name YHWH;
Moses was given the YHWH name in Exodus 3:14-15 {I AM that I AM and it was Jehovah Exodus 6:3;
LORD in caps is found over 5,410 times in the Masoretic Old Testament and it represents YHWH;
So, YHWH appears in the Hebrew bible over 5,410 times;
When the rabbis read the scrolls and come to YHWH they would say Adonai (Lord) instead to keep from pronouncing it;
The Dead Sea Scrolls written in Aramaic script font, confirm YHWH existed in the Hebrew bible;
The Mesha Moabite Stone also authenticates YHWH as the God of Israel;
Each time the Greek Septuagint used Kyrios (Lord) it represents YHWH.
Non Jewish translators of the New Testament removed YHWH from the scriptures and replaced it with Lord.
The God Jesus called Father was YHWH;
The name Jesus means YHWH saves, or Jehovah/Yahweh saves;
The name above all names in Acts 4:12 is not Jesus but YHWH;
They that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved is not calling upon Jesus name but upon YHWH name (or calling on the names Jehovah or Yahweh);
The Old Testament name of Jesus was YHWH, Jehovah, or Yahweh;
Jesus is Jehovah come in the flesh;
The name of Jesus was not revealed as the name of God in the Old Testament time period;
The name of Jesus comes from the Hebrew Yeshu, Yeshua, Joshua, or Yehoshua;
The root of YHWH is Yah, from hawah (to be, to cause to be, the eternal, self-existent one;
Theophoric names are names that incorporate a portion of YHWH or a transliterated part thereof like YAH becomes “iah” and added as a suffix to names like Jerem-iah, Isa-iah, and so forth;
Theophoric names also can begin with Yah or Jeh thus proving YHWH as the name of God;
We cannot know the vowels that will spell out YHWH;
Jews took the vowels from Adonai and inserted them into YHWH to create Jehovah;
Jehovah belongs in the Old Testament 5,410 times and in the New Testament 232 times (Jehovah’s Witnesses);
It is ok to accept retranslaton of the bible (Old and New Testaments) and put Jehovah in it 5,642 times and restore the bible;
It’s ok to refer to Jesus as Jehovah Christ, Yahweh Christ, Yeshu Christ, Yeshua Christ, Joshua Christ, Yehoshua Christ;
It’s ok to baptize in any of these names;
It’s also ok to baptize in any of the invented names for Jesus in all languages;
It’s not in the pronunciation of the name of Jesus because to insist such is practicing magic;
The name of Jesus is an English name and we know English was not spoken in the days of Jesus;
The name Jesus was not upon the Cross;
The letter “J” did not exist in the Hebrew or Greek languages so we know his name could not be Jesus;
The name Jesus in the 1611 King James is spelled IESUS and pronounced EE-SUS;
The name Jesus came from Zeus;
By the time the New Testament was written the Apostles changed the Hebrew name of Yeshu(a) into Iesous which was fraud;
Greek translators changed Zeus into Je-zeus and this is how Iesous or Je-sous or Je-zeus came about;
The name Jesus is a devil name;
An alternative to the name of Jesus is Yahshua(h);
Yahshuah in consonant form is YHSHW from YHWH which ocultist created by adding SH (shin) into the middle of the tetragrammaton;
Concluding that the name Jesus cannot save anyone. Arriving at the final accomplishment of the name of Jesus being blotted out from the earth.
It is ok for Oneness to say the name of God is Y-yod, H-hey, W-wa, H-hey= Yod-hey-wa-hey.
It is ok for Oneness to worship this YHWH deity by singing, worshiping, and shouting Jehovah or Yahweh.
It is ok for Oneness to shout they are the true Jehovah’s Witnesses.
It is now circulating by rabbis that YHWH will be the deity worshipped by the coming false messiah antichrist beast.
Shall the Oneness people worship the YHWH deity who gives power unto the beast?
There is a thick blanket of black darkness that surrounds this YHWH deity.
Oneness people are kept in the dark by men who purposely chant the lies put forth by rabbis, monks, occult mystics, the Catholic church, and other deceived men and women.
Every day thousands more begin blaspheming the name of Jesus following the above mass of lies, perversions, and misinformation.
Today many more thousands will cast down the name of Jesus.
Where are the prophets today. There are none among the UPCI.
All of them believe in the YHWH deity.
So, who shall stand up and rebuke the flood of lies of the serpent to sweep the woman as and her seed away?
Who will dare put their name, reputation, ministry, life, out there to be attacked by the most clever deceivers second only to the devil himself?
If you have not been called to defend the name of Jesus you have no New Testament ministry at all.
If you will fight and defend YHWH with all of its lies, you are not a Jesus name only believer.
If you fight for the god of alleluia, you will perish in the gainsaying of Korah.
You can say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; Lord, Lord, Lord; but if you do not believe Jesus is the Hebrew name of Jesus: all of your use of Jesus and Lord are unbelieving repetitious chants with no saving power at all.
If you believe halleluyah or alleluia is a praise to Jesus when the dictionary says it is a praise to Yah, Jah, YHWH, Jehovah, and Yahweh, you are deceived.
If you believe alleluia in Revelation 19 is a true praise to Jesus or God because it is found in the current LXX or the existing books of Revelation: you are deceived.
Alleluia is a corruption of Allelu. It is clear that “ia” was interpolated to create a new invented word wherein the deity “ia” or Ya or Ja is intended as the god worshipped.
The UPCi is the greatest spreader of the YHWH lies among the Oneness people. We will pray the clandestine secret conspiracy by occult agents will be defeated. Let everyone of them who champion the YHWH deity go to their graves lost and in shame.
Bishop Gary Reckart
A man God made

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Illuminati cross

The Illuminati cross
There is nothing about the Illuminati cross that honors the crucifixion of Christ. Everything about it, every symbol, every clever art image, and the numerous secret messages all ridicule, mock, and vilify (disparage, denigrate, defame, run down, revile, abuse, speak ill of, criticize, condemn, and denounce) our Lord Jesus Christ.
Identifying the satanic Illuminati cross and its symbols.
The symbols used in this mockery of the Cross comes from black witchcraft cults. They either designed them or used them with their own twisted interpretation. That they are used in this blasphemy indicates they have their own meaning behind the symbols.
First, there are five crosses in this one cross.
The first cross at the top
There are 3 fleur de lis (satan’s flower).
There is an upright pyramid with a nail through it said to represent air. But the nail symbol also represents liar. Jesus is called a liar with this symbol.
There is a symbol with the moon on top, sun below, and an inverted cross. Said to represent Mercury. Mercury god represents financial gain/messenger/trickery. Jesus here is depicted as a deceiver, a false messenger, a false Messias.
Next is the five-pointed star (pentegram). It represents satan in nearly all cult uses. Symbolizing satan has conquered Christ by having him crucified.
Below the pentagram is the symbol of an upright pyramid with an inverted cross. This is said to represent sulfur, brimstone, and hence hell. Symbolizing Jesus is not in heaven but in hell.
The second cross is on the right facing the image.
It has three fleur de lis (satan’s flower).
An inverted triangle with a nail through it. Again Jesus is depicted as a liar. The inverted triangle is said to represent earth. Clearly meaning his name and memory will be blotted out from the earth. The nail also represents liar in the Illuminati cult.
The number five is seen. In this emblem it appears to represent the five wounds of Christ: forehead (from crown of thorns); two hands and two feet.
There is the symbol of a circle and a cross said to represent the female principle. This will be merged into the Baphomet androgynous transgender god.
The third cross is on the left facing the page.
It has three fleur de lis (satan’s flower).
It has an inverted triangle said to represent the male copulation act. This will also be merged into the Baphomet androgynous transgender god.
There is a circle with a dot in the middle said to represent the sun, time, eternity. Satan makes his boast in this cross that it is he who will be eternal not Jesus.
It has the number 4 said to represent the four nails of the Cross (the sign board, his two hands, and his feet). Gloating how Jesus was killed.
A circle with an inverted cross said to represent Mars or the male principle. Just another symbol pointing to Jesus as a male to be destroyed.
The fourth cross is inverted from the bottom to the middle.
It has three fleur de lis (satan’s flower).
It has an upright triangle said to represent the female principle. Again part of the Baphomet sexuality.
It has eight (8) symbols that all appear to be Egyptian hieroglyphics. In admitting this, it must also be acknowledged these were used by the Illuminati way before Champollion deciphered the key to reading these symbols. The Illuminati therefore had their own meanings except for the ankh. These symbols can only have meaning within the blasphemy against Christ. I will do my best to give what they represent from the top down:
The upside down fish hook represents a chord or rope with which Jesus was bound.
Next is the eye. In the occult this is the all-seeing eye of lucifer. It is later called the eye of Horus.
Next is the letter T with a hoop on the top. This symbol is not a cross and it has no use as a cross or death instrument in any of the thousands of years of hieroglyphic use. It is called the Ankh. It is a symbol of life or living. Since the Pharaohs had this power they are seen with it.
Next is a symbol that looks like our “W.” It represents a mountain or mountains. It appears to depict Mount Calvary but intended in a derogatory manner when read with the other symbols.
Next, in the hieroglyphics this symbol represents a festival (Wikipedia W-4 U+1331B3). Together the mountain symbol and this symbol of festival appears to be a code for Passover the day Jesus was crucified on the mountains of Jerusalem.
Next is a symbol for which I have found no connection.
Next is a symbol of what appears to be two XX. In esoteric cults this means to betray or double cross. Hence death.
Next is the Roman numeral for two (2). This may represent death as life is 1 and death is two. It makes sense that at the end of the symbols the death of Jesus is depicted.
The fifth cross is the over-all emblem.
In the center is the face of Baphomet. He is the bisexual male/female image of lucifer. He is androgynous. He is transgender. His face is cleverly concealed in the art work. But he is there.
It appears at least two times in this Illuminati cross Jesus is called a liar.
Since we will never be allow inside the “eye” of these cults we can never know what they are up to. All we know is that the antichrist are planning on world dominion. Let me say to everyone in the “eye”, Jesus is coming and where he is going to put you for ever you will deserve.
With all the other symbols, this cross of the devil is like satan gloating how he had Jesus crucified. That the occult use these emblems in satanic rituals lets us know the devil has his agents in every nation, every city, every government, and almost in every church. Many homes have occult family members in groups like the Freemasons. Every fraternity and sorority has a cult connection with their oaths being similar.
Is it any wonder we are compassed about with many devil worshipers who at the same time appear to be Christians?
While our Oneness organizations have by-laws that say a member can not belong to secret societies, there are many thousands in churches who are members. Many pastors and ministers are members. This is why Truth can never be accepted in these ranks. And this is why the Truth is attacked on Facebook and the internet. We do not know the background of our attackers. They hide behind fake names, fake IDs, and fake photos.
Let the elect be aware of one thing: the devil always perverts the Truth. If the Cross is so important to the Illuminati to profane it, to blaspheme against it, to create an entire secret message in the Illuminati cross, should we not be preaching the Cross more?
Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Baal is Yah, Yah is Yehovah

Baal is Yah. And Baal is Yahovah. Yahovah is YHVH the tetragrammaton god. What more proof do you want that YHVH is not the true God of the Old Testament? The rabbis and scribes have perverted the scriptures as contained in the Masoretic text.Do not, I repeat: do not accept any name that is invented from the tetragrammaton YHVH or YHWH.baal-is-yah

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God will cut off all who worship and swear by the name YHWH

Linguistically Bel is an East Semitic form cognate with Northwest Semitic Baal with the same meaning.

Cognate=(of a word) having the same linguistic derivation as another; from the same original word or root (e.g., English is, German ist, Latin est, from Indo-European esti ).

Bel is the title “lord” and applied to Marduk the chief god of ancient Sumeria and Babylon.

Canaanite Baal which is the cognate of Bel also means “lord.”

“Marduk” is the Babylonian form of his name. The name Marduk was probably pronounced Marutuk. The etymology of the name Marduk is conjectured as derived from amar-Utu (“bull calf of the sun god Utu”).

It is here we have a connection to the bull calf used in worship. When its name “amar-Utu” is pronounced it draws the worshiper automatically to the name of Marduk. Marduk is a tetragrammaton *MRDK.”

Our attention is to Bel and Baal. It is now revealed that this Baal was none other than Marduk. The god of Babylon and Sumeria. The Israelites kicked God out of Solomon’s temple and brought in the image of Baal.

2Ki 23:4 And the king commanded Hilkiah the high priest, and the priests of the second order, and the keepers of the door, to bring forth out of the temple of the Lord all the vessels that were made for Baal, and for the grove, and for all the host of heaven: and he burned them without Jerusalem in the fields of Kidron, and carried the ashes of them unto Bethel.

Here there are two different Lords. Adonai Lord the true God who is not worshiped with any images and Baal or Bel who is worshiped with images. We find this Bel and Baal having taken over the Temple of the Lord.

At this point Bel and the Lord God of Israel are seen as two different deities. But at the same time, we see how Bel and Baal had replaced the Lord God. The question we must answer is if this Bel or Baal again replaced the true Lord God under a new Bel identity of YHWH?

There are several troubling events in the scriptures. Below are two of them:

Exo 32:5 And when Aaron saw it (the golden bull calf), he built an altar before it; and Aaron made proclamation, and said, To morrow is a feast to YHWH (Strongs #h3068).

Exo 32:6 And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play.

Here, YHWH was the golden bull calf. There was no other deity worshiped the day of the golden male calf. The Lord God up on the mountain was not the god they were worshiping called YHWH. And the male bull calf certainly was Bel or Baal. In this one verse we have a strange occurrence of YHWH being the golden male calf and the male calf also the symbol of Bel and Baal in the name of Marduk chief god of the Sumerian people. Why does YHWH in Exodus 32:5 point to the golden male calf?

Other troubling verses are these two:

Zep 1:4 I will also stretch out mine hand upon Judah, and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and I will cut off the remnant of Baal from this place, and the name of the Chemarims with the priests;
Zep 1:5 And them that worship the host of heaven upon the housetops; and them that worship and that swear by the YHWH (Strong’s #H3068), and that swear by Malcham.

God says he will cut off the following:

I will cut off the remnant of Baal;


The name of the Chemariams:


Them that worship the host of heaven;


Them that worship and swear by YHWH;


That swear by Malcham.

YHWH is in the group of false gods identified by the prophet Zephanias.

Additional problems with YHWH are these:

1) YHWH is found many times in the scriptures where it is impossible to have existed. YHWH is found in the books of Genesis and Exodus with the code LORD (all in large letters). We turn our attention to Exodus 6:3.

And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name YHWH was I not known to them.

We can now ask ourselves a couple questions:

1) If indeed God told Moses that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not know him by the name YHWH, then how can this be transliterated into JEHOVAH as in this text, and Abraham not only does not knows it, he speaks it?

2) Who then put YHWH in the book of Genesis beginning in Genesis 2:4 where it could have never existed?

3) Why, if YHWH is correctly pronounced Jehovah is Jehovah not found in every place YHWH is found?


It is time we stop believing Jewish fables and lies about YHWH, the tetragrammaton, and the invented name Jehovah.

How can we trust Jewish translations that contain YHWH when God emphatically told the prophet Zephanias he would cut off all those who worship and swear by YHWH?

If God will cut off all who worship and swear by YHWH, how will he judge those who transliterate YHWH into Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahuah, or any of the other 125 tetragrammaton invented names?

This we know:

In the evening time there shall be light.

The name of Jesus rises from the list of false gods and is exalted to the head of the corner.

The Everlasting Father has come and his everlasting name has always been Jesus even if many in the Old Testament did not know it. The last 33 and 1/2 years of the Old Testament they did know it and many believed on it.

Eld. G. Reckart
A man God made

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Go To Hell With Them

First of November and already the stores are full of Christmas stuff. People the world over will prepare for this pagan holiday anciently called Saturnalia. They mix Christ into this pagan annual festival. And out of it is born St. Nicolas or as we now know him “Santa Claus.”

St. Nicolas was born around 270AD and died around 340AD. He was at the council of Nicaea as the bishop of Myra. He was a trinitarian. How then can Oneness people be celebrating this famous trinitarian as Santa Claus?

St. Nicolas was a Turk. He was born in Turkey. It is claimed he gave little children gifts. And from this was developed gift giving at Christmas time to little children.

St. Nicolas never was at the north pole. He did not know one existed. He never saw reindeer in his life. He never dressed in Scandinavian clothing with white fluffy cuffs on his coat or a collar of white fluffy cotton. He never wore a red robe and shouted: Ho, Ho, Ho. He never saw a snow sleigh as now depicted. And we know he never knew about Coke Cola.

The Santa Claus spirit is now cranking up. Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus; jingle bells, Silent Night, I’ll be home for Christmas; Grandma got ran over by a reindeer; and a host of other emotional songs will be blasted out over store speakers soon.

What are we Christians supposed to do?

Your family will get angry if you do not join them. They will treat you bad. Some will choose never to speak to you again. All because of refusing to celebrate with them on a fake pagan holiday.

Oneness churches will put xmass trees in the church, in the foyer, and decorate the halls with boughs of holy. Some will have Christmas banquets where the pastor will dress up as Santa Claus and give gifts to children. One UPCI church in California will spend $60,000 to decorate the church and pulpit and its Christmas program.

How much money over all of Oneness Churches will be spent on Christmas? Many millions of dollars. Add to this the millions of dollars Oneness people will charge up on credit cards.

They say its all above love.

Where is Christmas in the bible? The three wise men? We do not know how many wise men there were. But they did not exchange gifts among themselves. The ones who were there at his birth gave gifts to Jesus. There was no Santa Claus. No Christmas tree. No boughs of holy. No Poinsettia plants. No groups going house to house shaking rattlers or singing carols. No office alcohol parties. No adulterous or fornicating orgies. No one screaming “halleluyah.”

I know for certain that if Jesus comes during the month of December all of those celebrating Christmas are going to hell.

If the devil has the mouth of your pastor he will never openly speak against Christmas. So why are you still going there? Have you no shame? Have you no condemnation? You think you will change these people when in fact they have changed you.

Come out from among them and be ye separate. If you cannot do this, then go ahead and go to hell with them.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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The Name of God

Stumbling blocks to accepting the name of Jesus Christ is the name of God.

1). The tetragrammaton YHWH or YHVH from the Babylonian Aramaic text translated around 300BC. In this text the tetragrammaton exist.
2) The tetragrammaton is in the Dead Sea Scrolls which are nothing but a copy of the Babylonian Aramaic text.
3) Jewish fables about this tetragrammaton and how holy it is and they would not pronounce it to keep from profaning it.
4) The root of the tetragrammaton YHWH or YHVH is YH or Yah. Also spelled Jah,
5) Allegedly the tetragrammaton was written in the old Paleo-Hebrew bible and when the Babylonian Aramaic bible was made in Babylon, they put the Paleo-Hebrew letters Yod-He-Wah-He (YHWH) in it sometimes in the ancient text letters and other times transliterated into the Aramaic letters.
6) The tetragrammaton was the center of the Kabbalistic Babylonian mysteries. The Kabbalah made this four letter name holy. Thus, Babylonian Aramaic language became the holy tongue and renamed Hebrew.
7) The alleged new holy Hebrew language has the tetragrammaton and that settles it as the one and only true name of God. Babylon should know right?
8) Post Apostolic writers, philosophers, apologist, bible translators accepted the tetragrammaton from the “Hebrew” scriptures. Which really means they accepted these four letters from the Babylonian Aramaic text.
9) These men, especially Origen, tried to discover information about this mystery name and although there were many who lived in his day who would know it: he was confused how to spell it or pronounce it. This being a Catholic mystery the whole pronunciation thing would be kept secret by the rabbis and scribes later to be called the Masoretes.
10) The Masoretes would make a new bible from scraps here and there because they did not have a complete bible preserved from the days of Jesus. So around 900AD they completed this centuries old project. In this new invented bible called the Masoretic Text (MT), they put vowel marks. These vowel marks made everyone pronounce the tetragrammaton Yehovah or Jehovah. They got the vowels from Adonai which means “Lord” or Elohim which means “God.” But this is never admitted or confessed anywhere by the Masoretes.
11) But some how in his 1270AD book Pugio Fidei *Dagger of Faith) Raymundus Martini invents also the name Jehovah from the tetragrammaton. He also we are told got his vowels from Adonai and Elohim? There is nothing within his book or anyone has produced that he knew Jehovah already from the vowel marked Masoretic Text. We must assume he had a copy of the Masoretic text that had no vowel marks. How this can happen after 370 years of no Masoretic text except the vowel marked one no one in the world has offered to explain.
12) So we now have the invented name Jehovah from two different sources 370 years apart. First in 900AD and second 370 years later in 1270AD. All of this tradition, because all of it is based upon Jewish and Catholic fables that have absolutely no authoritative proofs. Just mouth to ear mysticism straight from Babylon via Jerusalem, the Dead Sea caves, and perhaps Masada. A story of a mysterious name of God clouded in darkness and rituals (Kabbalah Judaism and Sephiroth, Illuminati, Freemasonry, black witchcraft, new age mysticism, and sacred name groups. All of them the real cults of satanism.
13) The name Jehovah was spread by the Catholic church throughout Europe after 1270AD.
14) In 1303 Porcheus de Salvaticis (Genoa, Italy) invented three guess names (IoHoVaH—Iohovah; IoHoVa—Iohova; and IHoVaH—Ihovah). These of course have a connection to the tetragrammaton. We ask ourselves how he came to these three different names if by this time after 403 years since 900AD the Masoretic text already had the vowel marks for Jehovah as “e,o, and a”? This mystery will not be solved. Also what will not be solved is why only one of his names has the final “H” of the tetragrammaton. We must admit that not including the final “H” no longer indicates a true pronunciation of the tetragrammaton. But we do see in his Italian name inventions this: “Iohova” which appears in the Valera of 1602 and became Jehova. No mystery here. But again the final “H” is missing. So, how can this be the true name behind the tetragrammaton when it is now reduced to a tri-grammaton?
15) In 1518 Petrus Galatinus writes that the name of God is IEHOVA of JEHOVA. How did he also miss the final “H” unless he is copying from a prior writer like Salvaticis? This will lead to the corruption of the Spanish Valera in 1602.
16) William Tyndale in 1530 is the first man to put Iehovah or Jehovah into an English bible. He put it in: Genesis 15:2; Exodus 6:3, 15:3, 17:6, 23:17, 33:19, 34:23; Deut 3:24; and in Ezk 18:23, 36:23. Then he writes in his notes that every time the reader will see LORD in great letters it means in Hebrew Iehovah or Jehovah.
17) The Great Bible (Miles Coverdale bible) in 1539 put Iehovah or Jehovah in Psa 33:12, 83:18. This bible copied almost all of the Tyndale bible and thus used LORD in great letters also to signify YHWH or YHVH.
18) The King James government bible was published in 1611 and contains both LORD and Iehovah or Jehovah. Only thing is, the KJV translators only put Jehovah in seven places: Gen 22:14; Exodus 6:3, 17:5; Judges 6:24; Psa 83:18; Isa 12:2 and 26:4. Compare this with the places william Tyndale put it.
19) Now there is a consensus within the satanic cult religious circles that the Masoretes vowel marked the tetragrammaton falsely. They have now put forth the new theory that the vowel marks should have indicated the name Yahweh. This is a change from three syllables Je-ho-vah and three vowels “e, o, and a” to two syllables Yah-weh and two vowels “a and e.” We are told in the book God’s and Goddesses by Michael Jordan on page 355 that this: “universal deity became known as ALLAH in Islamic tradition.”

There are many, many stumbling blocks set before the people of God to cause them to turn against the name of Jesus Christ and accept this mystery tetragrammaton and the invented names from it. The people of the name of Jesus Christ have been deceived and now by the thousands they are casting down the name of Jesus Christ and accepting this evil and satanic YHWH and the names it has birthed.

I once stumbled. I was almost cast down. I cried to the Lord Jesus for him to show me his glory. To reveal to me more about him. That is the day deliverance arrived at my home and church. Little by little the light penetrated my dark world of UPCI and Oneness Pentecostal catholicism. Jesus made in me a new man. A man who began instantly to lift his name above all names.

The fraud of the many guess names becomes a stumblingblock to millions of people. Those who believe the King James Bible or the Valera, or some other translation that has Jehovah in it; is the hand of God are deceived.

I have traced for you the history of the tetragrammaton and the invented fraudulent names. Be real. Be honest.

No bible in the days of Jesus and the Apostles had the name Jehovah in it. No bible had the name Yahweh in it. No bible had the name Yahuah in it. Look at all those invented names above, and none of them were in any bible in the days of Jesus. Be real. Be honest. And just admit it. Or join with the liars and deceive others to believe in false names of God.

How then can you say Jesus is Jehovah come in the flesh?
How then can you say Jesus means Jehovah saves?
How then can you say the real name of Jesus is not Jesus but Jehovah Salvador?
How then can you say Jehovah is the name of the Father and Jesus is the name of the Son?
If the name of the Father is Jehovah and Jesus came in his Father’s name, his name would be Jehovah. Get real. Be honest.
If the name of God is Jehovah and is greater than the name of Jesus, why then is there no salvation in the name Jehovah?
How come we are not told to cast out devils and heal the sick in the name of Jehovah?
How come no knee will bow to the name Jehovah?
How come hallelujah or halleluyah (alleluia) is said to mean praise Jehovah or Yahweh, or Yah, or Jah: when these are not the names of Jesus and screaming these two words is not praising Jesus?
How come you will not look up Strong’s Hebrew #1180 and see who Yah is?
We are told Yah is the root of Yahweh and Jehovah. If this is true, who is this Yah? Maybe you should go take a look at #1180.

The name of Jesus Christ is the name above all names. Acts 2:38 seals the name of Jesus Christ to us in baptism as the name of our God.

You may not have all of your questions answered. But you have enough information to make you stop screaming halleuyah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahuah, and any other invented name from the tetragrammaton.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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What the UPCI and David Bernard never told you

What you were never told by the UPCI, David Bernard or any other Oneness writer about the name of Jesus.
The name Jesus with the letter “J” does not appear in the 1611 King James. In all previous versions the letter “J” does not appear.

Jesus was written as Ihesus by John Wycliffe.
Jesus was written as Iesus by the King James translators.
Jesus was written as Yeshu by rabbis who developed it for a cursed name.

The letter “J” symbol was developed in the 17th century.

Here is where the rabbis and tetragrammaton cults deceive thousands of people. And the UPCI and David Bernard helps them.

What you were never told:

The letter “I” has consonant and vowel sounds. The consonant sound is the sound of the letter J. The vowel sound is the letter “I”. The Babylonian Aramaic sound of “I” is the letter “Y.”

This is why the rabbis, monks, and tetragrammaton cults use the letters “I and Y” interchangeably but refuse to render the consonant J sound.

While the “J” letter symbol did not exist the consonant sound of “I” pronounced as “J” did exist. Basically, if the letter “J” never existed the letter “I” in the name of Jesus (Iesus) would still have the “J” sound.

In 1992 Jerry Kirk, the tetragrammaton cult prophet I debated showed me his 1611 KJV with Iesus in it and ask me to pronounce it. I pronounced it Jesus and he went nuts. Saying I had no right to pronounce the letter “I” as a “J.”

What Jerry Kirk did not know was the consonant sounding of the letter “I.”

In addition, there was another rule of grammar that when the letter “I” was followed by a vowel it was to be given the consonant pronunciation. Thus in Iesus, the “I” was followed by “e” and so “I” was pronounced as a “J.” Thus Jesus.

The consonant “J” sound was removed from the letter “I” and no longer applies except for alphabet use back past the 17th century. All they did was add a fish hook to the letter “I.”

In my research I have found the “J” where it appears a fancy “I.” This goes back to 900AD at least. How many of these represented the consonant “J” sound I do not know. But it can’t be ruled out.

So, when you read 1611 KJV and other older English, Latin, and Greek documents you can convert the “I” to the “J” consonant sound where it would apply. In most English versions after the 17th century where the consonant “J” sound existed the “J” letter is found. Do not allow someone to convince you the “J” letter and sound are wrong in those names and words.

These rules are not English language specific but descend from Latin, Greek, and Paleo-Hebrew. They may not descend from Babylonian Aramaic in which case we do not care because Jesus did not have a Babylonian name.

The UPCI and David Bernard have refused to provide this information causing thousands to be deceived against the name of Jesus.

If you will not stand for the name of Jesus what worth are you?

Now you know why we cannot accept any name for Jesus that starts with “Y” or “I” where they are not given the consonant sound of “J.”

Jesus is as good as it gets.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made.

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I Remember

I remember as a young minister, I was told by some older Elders to just hold on, soon God would shake all the Oneness groups and the Bride would come forth. I was told basically to wait on the rise of prophets who would cry out. I waited.

I looked for a prophet from among the UPCI, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the PAW, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the AMF, now the ACI, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the COOLJC, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the ALJC, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the PAJC, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the WPF recently created, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the Oneness homosexual churches, none arose.
I looked for the leaders of these groups to prophesy and none did.

I was told not to cry out because I would be rejected by all of them.

My old mentor Pastor Murray Burr once told me: there has no prophet risen from among them. And if one did they would scandalize his name and deny him. His friends would walk away from him because he would shame their backslidings. Ministers and pastors would say he was demon possessed (Beelzebub); crazy, and deceiving the people (same ploys used against Jesus).

I waited, with baited breath at conventions to hear a message that would start a spiritual revolution. But all I head was fancy text and motivational sermons. I observed more and more theater and entertainment. Big TV screens moved into the churches. And the services were more designed for hoot night than a dedication to the old paths. Yes, many were filled with the Holy Ghost and even baptized in Jesus name: but they were never perfected in Truth, Faith, Doctrine, Practice, Conduct, and Order. In fact when was the last time you hard those words from the pulpit?

So, I decided let me try the spirits. I began to write and publish the Truth on a variety of subjects. And sure to the words of Pastor Burr I was viciously attacked. And what shocked me was I had less than 10 preachers who came to my defense. Less than 10 out of the estimated 50,000 Oneness preachers now in pulpits around the world.

If you are waiting on some group to root out the evils of their backslidings, you will die and never see it. Why? Because Rome and all of her daughters are cursed with a curse. They cannot perfect themselves when they are filled with false doctrines, catholic traditions, Jewish fables, and their own man-made deceptions. If you die in these churches chances are you will be lost.

When UPCI churches allow Freemasons on their staffs, boards, and in their pulpits, you know something is not rotten in Denmark, it is rotten right where you give your tithes. But why should you care? You find it more necessary to hate those who speak out because they are strange words to your ears. You love the platitudes and the sermons. You see backsliding all around you. Even your children drifting away into worldliness, and you do not speak up. If you will not cry out for your own soul,doubtless you will cry out to save others.

I have a mission. It has cost me lots of friends. I did not choose this ministry. I was created, trained, and sent out to accomplish it. I am not a Pentecostal catholic. That troubles the most of you. I do not preach the party-line. I do not have your pedigree card. I am not subject to any of your hierarchies, I have rejected your mantras and little ecumenical oaths (not to contend etc., etc.,).

I realize I am not the smartest man on the block. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and sometimes I am short a happy meal by one french fry. BUT I AM NOT LOST. I AM NOT A PENTECOSTAL CATHOLIC.

I am the voice I longed to hear.

And when I stepped out into the howling winds of false doctrine: the only voice I heard was my own.

Yes, some of you agree with me on some things. But you are not ready to come clean and become a voice with me. You hide behind clever words. No one really knows all that much about what you stand for or believe because YOU NEVER PUT IT IN PRINT.

The world is waiting on the manifestation of the Sons of God.
Are you one of them? Do you even care if you are? Will you submit yourself to Christ and really ask him to make you more and more like him? If you do not, enjoy your religion.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus is and always was the name of God from before the creation. Jesus in creation, Jesus in redemption, and Jesus in the regeneration. Please pass this revelation on to all Oneness people. It is time to stop the lies that it was the Father in creation (one God); the Son in redemption (another God); and the Holy Ghost in regeneration (another God): still has a trinity.

Only when we confess Jesus in Creation, Jesus in redemption, and Jesus in regeneration: do we have the TRUTH.

Shout this from the housetops. Share it on your Facebook page.

Bishop Reckart
A man the Creator made

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2Timothy 4:4 – And they shall turn away their ears from the Truth, and shall believe fables.

Acts 13:8 – But Elymas the sorcerer withstood them, seeking to turn away the deputy from the faith.

1) In the days of Paul there was just one Church body that held the Truth. Yes, there were other scisms, other sects, that had broken away. But none of these had the Truth. I am talking about the Judaizers who wanted law-keeping to continue in the Church (Ebonites and others). I am talking about the Gnostics who had adopted the Philo system of allegorical interpretation (spiritualizing of scripture). I am talking about the Preterist who believed the resurrection was past. I am talking about the Dynamic Monarchians (who believed Jesus was not God, just a man). I am talking about those who had accepted the Babylonian mystic system of gematria, numerology, and secret image interpretations. If you know nothing of all of this, chances are a lot of what you believe is part of the skeleton of these apostasies. And you will fight to your death for them against the Truth. If your pastor has never taught on these matters he is either ignorant, not given to the Truth, or he is part of the “fables” people.

2) The greatest portion of the fables comes from Jewish rabbis and their adoption of the Babylonian mysteries and transferring them over and applying them to the Old Testament. To make this all possible these rabbis interpolated into the Babylonian Aramaic text secret skip codes, Aramaic words that make God (El) a plural (Elohom). They changed Mount Horeb to Mount Sinai. They changed Adonai (LORD) to YHVH (LORD). They changed El Shaddai into YAH. They changed Ehyeh into HAWAH. They changed Ben into BAR. And many other hundreds of changes they made. Until the Aramaic bible made in 300AD contains a mixture of Paleo-Hebrew words and names and Babylonian Aramaic words and names. So, 300 years before the Messianic generation would be born the fables, distortions, mysticism, and deceptions were already embedded into the minds of many thousands of Jewish people. These had not only already turned the minds of the people away from the Truth, they were already believers in the fables.

3) When Jesus came it is REMARKABLE that he totally rejected 100% all of the Babylonian Aramaic deceptions. His complete use of the word TRUTH was in opposition to these Jewish perversions. Until we know this we will not know what the real meaning is behind the word TRUTH as Jesus meant it and taught it. None of his teachings or those of the Apostles had any Babylonian fables mixed into them. This information is not taught in 99% of Oneness Apostolic churches. Why? Because they do not even have all of Catholicism removed from their practices, doctrine, and faith. If they cannot be free of these falsehoods why would they care about Jewish ones? The fact is, most of Jewish fables are passed down to us via the Catholic church. Almost all of our knowledge base comes to us from books, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, and other books directly from Rome and its agents. Since around 1960 this has shifted over to now going directly to rabbi Jewish sources and picking up all manner of ideas, interpretations, and information. We no longer use the New Testament and the teaching of the Apostles to filter all of this out. We are taught that we are getting closer to God if we believe what the rabbis tell us. One Apostolic pastor in California reported he had a rabbi friend who told him this and that about the tetragrammaton. Wow, not a single attempt to check this out through the filter. What was he teaching in Germany? He was teaching fables that came to him from some rabbi. Since when did Jesus or the Apostles EVER go to a rabbi for information about God or the TRUTH?

Many Apostolics now have the spirit of Elymas the sorcerer. They want to turn people from the TRUTH. One such enemy of mine in Ireland told one of my fellow associate Ministers this:

“I am against Bishop Reckart because I do not want him to succeed. I believe he is a false prophet because he tells people to send him tithes. He says he is a general in the army of God and should get a general’s pay packet. He says halleluyah is false. Yah is the true God. So since “alleluia” is in all the bibles in Revelation 19, it is a praise to Jesus.”

This is just one of many hundreds of people attempting to turn people from the TRUTH to their fables, the fables of the Catholic church, or the fables of the rabbis.

Let me say this clearly: if you never were in the TRUTH how would you know what the TRUTH is? By what intelligence would you be able to judge TRUTH? Fact is, you could only judge it from the categories of your ignorance. And if the darkness in you is what you call light, how great is your darkness?

I can say this: if Jesus Christ has not called you out of darkness into the light, then it’s because he has not seen in you a heart desiring to know and follow the TRUTH. Some of you think Acts 2:38 and Oneness is all the Truth there is while you keep on in your Catholic traditions and Jewish fables. Do you really believe you are already perfected in Christ when you have stuff (beliefs) in you that Jesus and the Apostles NEVER had?

Today as I got up from my bed and began to meditate unto Jesus my King and my Lord, I was so burdened with the above two scriptures. So many being deceived and turned from the true Apostolic Church found in the New Testament, UNTO FABLES.

If you can be turned, blame your self . You never did get to that place in your life where the road was just the narrow way. You have already been turned aside and no longer have the desire to follow the footprints of Jesus and the Apostles.

Fall down on your knees. Break open the fallow ground. Cry unto the Lord God Jesus. Ask him to deliver you from fables. When you get up and start all over to know the TRUTH sort out all the lies and no more be part dark.

Bishop Reckart​
Doing what a Bishop is supposed to do

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