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Rods, Dances, Routines, Interpretative Drama

One of the most ancient witchcraft arts is to find and locate energy by certain methods. There is a practice of using dowsing rods made of twigs, wood, metal. They are used to locate water, old buildings, unmarked graves, ghosts (unseen spirits), and even to determine the sex of an unborn child. This divination is said to go back to ancient times, even perhaps as far back as ancient Babylon and certainly in Egypt. It was there that the rods of the Egyptian magicians were used against the staff of Moses.

These batons are used to draw in energy. They were used in religious rituals to demonstrate the power of the gods that assisted the worker of the rods. These rituals were developed into drama, acts, and plays throughout the eastern world. They were accompanied with dance routines, they are used by cheerleaders.

It is true we do not know the extent of the use of these rods. But this we do know: they were not a part of the tabernacle plan, they were not a part of any form of Old Testament worship, they were not a part of the Jewish culture, and they were not a part of anything religious or spiritual by the New Testament church.

Into the modern church comes the circle dances, the dance routines of drama, and the rods.

This was revived by a trinitarian pastor about ten years ago. It has slowly made its way and acceptance into charismatic churches. Now, it is sweeping across the world among Oneness churches. Many who go to see the rods and the drama routines say they have experienced a special energy which they claim is the Spirit of God. But is it? Is it possible what they feel is so close to the feeling of the Spirit of God they cannot tell the difference between something satanic and something of God?

One thing is sure, these rods and dance routines are learned behavior and not of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost behavior is not something you have to go practice or learn.

I have warned about these circle dances and so forth but omitted the use of the rods. I was laughed to scorn. I was ridiculed. By whom? Why those who love this new rod and dance routine divination.

Go ahead Laodicaea, fill up your sins to the fulness of the cup.

As for me and those I will Pastor and lead there will be no rods, no drama, and no dance routines. No Theo-drama!

The new drama doctrine. Who would have believed?……

Pastor Reckart


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