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Discipleship is strict discipline. There were many men who followed Jesus but the majority could not cut the grade to be faithful disciples. I read again John 6:66. Oh, how many cannot make the graduation. How many could not endure. How many could not be faithful. How many could not be retrained in doctrine and faith. How many could not take Jesus teaching to heart. And so, they drifted back in their minds and suddenly went back to the temple cult. They went back to the Pharisees; To the Saducees; To the Herodians. They never came back to Jesus so far as we know.

John 6:66 has stood out to me ever since I found this text and the numbering. I think I was the first in all the world to notice the number 6:66 in association to those who fell away from Jesus back to the temple cult. Yes, it may be an insignificant point to many, but to me it was a flag up the flag pole. I purposed in my heart I would Never go back on Jesus to the place he found me. I would not revert back to acceptance of sin. And I would not compromise my discipleship for friendship with the enemies of my Lord.

I guess it was right here I fell on my face before the Lord to confess my loyalty. I would never fellowship with the enemies of my Lord. I would cut them off as if they were dead. I would not count them as friends. My loyalty has been tested many times. But as a disciple I chose that if my Lord was hated, they could hate me also. If they rejected my Lord, they could reject me also. And so I chose being a disciple because it meant where ever Jesus was, there I would be. And what ever the cost, I would not get discouraged and quit. I would press on.

Having the right spirit is necessary for true discipleship. And no disciple is above his Lord. I learned humility in discipleship. I learned not to disagree with my Lord. Not to pervert his words. Not to distort the intent. And not to corrupt the Truth that leads to eternal life. I have lived the life of a disciple.

Part of my purpose in this blog was to disciple in some way those who were seeking for the Truth. To give them treasures of the Bride while at the same time rebuking the gainsayers, the slanders, mockers, the scoffers, the perverters, the distorters, and the corrupters. This is a hard task. But I have tried.

Now it is time to bring this to an end. It is time to move forward in another work of God. So, with this said, around November 26, 2009 this blog will be gone, it has served its useful purpose. I am indeed sorry I could not get a response out of some of you on needful and essential issues. And I am indeed saddened by the fact there is so much backsliding, so much falling away, that few men and women value Truth or good men who stand up for it.

Good bye to all of you and may Jesus bless us all.

Pastor Reckart
A Disciple Who Is Loyal To His Lord

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Truth, Few Defenders

Truth draws out the best in us. Truth either deserves our best, or Truth is not all that important to us.

Many years ago when I started in the Ministry I had no push about doctrinal matters. I was content with simple preaching and traditional Pentecostalism. But this was all to change when I was confronted with Branhamism. I remember it well. A brother fell into the serpent seed doctrine and “the message.” He brought me some books on the sly. I read them. They were indeed interesting. But I was unskilled in dealing with prophets and miracle workers. So, I did the best thing in my life I could have done. I took the books to my Pastor. He took one look at the name “William Branham” and said: “who gave these to you?” I felt like Adam being questioned by God. I told him the brother’s name in the Church. The Pastor said to me: “you are not getting these back. They will go out to the trash can.” He then told me he wanted me to go with him over to the Brother’s house. So we went.

Wow! It was my first time being confronted with a Pastor standing against false doctrine. I saw the skill of the Pastor. I saw his manner of use of Scripture. I observed how he tried to correct the Brother. And I saw how he was attacked, told he would be cursed, and how he had better accept Branham or be lost. When the Pastor could not save this Brother, we got up and departed.

On Sunday night as we were having worship service in a store-front building, in came the Brother with another Brother and his wife. They had loaned the Church the piano. They came for it right in the middle of service. They did not care that they interrupted worship. They were all bold, grinning, and went straight to the task of moving it out of the building on to a truck. When the door closed, we went back to worship. The Pastor’s wife had her accordian out and the music was heavenly. We had an awesome service.

In the days that followed our Pastor underwent vicious attacks. I was shocked at the anger, hatred, and rancor. I saw it all. The Pastor explained how Truth was always being attacked and many being led astray. The reports came back to us that the Branhamites had started a church and guess who the pastor was? Yep, the brother who gave me the books. They made sure we heard of their boast of members. How they were really growing. How God was blessing them with money. How they were having prophetic meetings where prophecy was coming forth confirming the “message.” Well, we were having awesome services and great move of the Holy Ghost. So, naturally I was a bit confused how God could bless both.

The Branhamite church lasted about six months and crashed. The so-called pastor left and moved down into Tenessee. The others floundered around like nomads for about two more years. Then they were all backslid. I saw it all unfold over a three year time span. And I saw how Truth survives while false doctrine splits, divides, makes its boasts, issues its damnations, and then the crash happens. Families are divided, divorces take place, children are destroyed, homes burst assunder, and adultery and fornication take center stage. I have seen holiness men and women descend to the gates of hell and you would never imagine they were once holiness people. You see, when sin and rebellion are unleashed, no one can control the flesh.

One of the greatest things I learned from my Pastor was books. I was not a book person. But over the next ten years I would read, study, and research thousands of books. My Pastor told me that a proven man of God would surround himself with books. His office was proof of his advice. I was so jealous of those books. There was one set he had on all the gods of the world that I wish I had today. I would sit in his office and read his books. I would ask him questions. I was being discipled in a unique way. Maybe this is why I am the man I am today. Many men and women have never been discipled.

Over the years I collected and purchased many hundreds of books. I studied philosophy, logic, history, church history, and devoted many years study of Israel, the Jews religions, and the different sects. I discovered their secret mysticism. I read these books. This led to a study of freemasonry and witchcraft and the Mormon church. I was confronted then with the secret orders within Rome. A new world laid open before my eyes. I saw the mystery of iniquity as only God could reveal it. I traced the trail of the serpent from Eden to Jerusalem to Rome and throughout the world.

As I look back over the 40+ years of my journey, I can see how many times I was confronted with winds of doctrine, theories manufactured by novices and women out of order, and the thrust for carnality to take over the Church. I saw Church change from a meeting place with God to social centers where people met with people and enjoyed the show on the stage that was once a platform. I saw altars removed, and oh, how having an altar in a Church was attacked. Prayer rooms came into vogue. And music became the method to work up a shout.

Along this path of righteousness I chose, I saw many men rise and fall. Many who came and went. Many debaters who went into adultery or homosexuality. I do not know of a single debater I have met who did not backslide or go off into false doctrines and fight against the Truth. So, I decided to cool down that part of my life and refused to debate. My last debates were with the Yahwehs back in 1994, 95, and 96. Since then I have withdrawn except to be a moderator for a few other Brethren. I have not attended or participated in a debate in many years. My path of righteousness led me to be a missionary. so, back in 1997 I went to Haiti. I returned again and again. Each time blessed by God. This was the birth of “Light To The Nations.” And my heart has been smitten with a burden for these souls ever since.

Behind my entire life Truth has reigned supreme. I was forced to become an apologist. False teachers and babel novices forced me into this great defense for Truth and the name of Jesus. I have my own way of dealing with these perverters. Some do not like it. But then, they have never seen a church destroyed, families lost, and souls destroyed. Want to see me stand up for Truth, let me see a rebel novice try his hand at perverting. I will provoke him until he blasphemes with his anger and hate. I will test his love for Truth. And when I do not see it, I will cut him off. This has made me more enemies than any other stand I have taken for Truth.

Truth is not something to play with. It is eternal. It is settled. It leads to God. It sets free. Truth will be rewarded. The sacrifices we make for it returns a blessing. We cannot out give Truth. It blesses our homes, our Churches, our missionary work, and our finances.

So where are the defenders? Yes, there are some, a few! And it is these I want to fellowship with. These I want to join in Light To The Nations. And these I want to go to heaven with.

Brothers and Sisters of Truth, you are bought with a price. It is your respect for this great offering on Calvary that makes you the great people of God.

Pastor Reckart
A Man Discipled In Truth And I Love It

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Tampa Angels

Tampa Angels is our homeless ministry. We have now put everything in place to have food on Saturday morning from 10-12. We will be passing out tracts and other items for them. Sister Reckart and I and other angels will begin collecting backpacks and other items for personal hygiene. Because the police is giving some of them a hard time on the streets, Pastor Reckart will be trying to see what he can do to allow some of them to sleep on the Church property. Some of you have sent donations to feed the homeless. I appreciate everything you have done. Our kindness is with love. We show it in our acts of charity.

Pastor Reckart
A Tampa Angel

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The Beauty Of Kindness

Our Church is in a neighborhood of killings about every month. Nealy all of them are drug related. I have observed many of these who have died walking by the Church as I was in front doing things. I have talked to some of them. What I have noticed is the absence of kindness. Not on my part but theirs. I have also noticed in society generally there is little kindness.

One of the traits of spiritual decay and even criminal behaviour is the lack or absence of kindness. If only there was a way to pour this great gift into people. If only they could get a dose from a bottle or a box. Maybe if it was available from a doctor and get a shot. It just might be there would be far less killings, both natural and spiritual. Anytime there is a killing there is no doubt there was no kindness.

I read about a girl who was kidnapped, how she begged the man to let her go so she could go back to her two children and husband. But the man who was to rape her and then kill her had no kindness. What I noticed in him was that he spoke harsh, mean, and cruel to her. Now that is the evidence there was no kindness in him. And it was also why he would not have any sympathy for her. He was intent on killing her and he did not have any kindness about his plans.

At the root of kindness is the beauty of a good spirit. Think about it. How many less killings would there be if the killer had kindness?

One of the men who has helped me on the Temple came in crying. There had been another killing, another was in the hospital and had just died. He told me about one of them, a close friend, repeating over and over: he is gone, he is gone, he is gone. I saw it. Here was a man who had tears in his eyes for a drug dealer who died. Here in him, a man who had his own alcohol addiction, there was sympathy and kindness. Yes, I said kindness. See, this past sunday was 5th sunday at our Church. We had an awesome service and move of God. And afterward we had dinner. We always allow the homeless to come in and eat with us. After Charlie had eaten he disappeared. Soon he returned with a woman. He asked if she could have something to eat. Of course the answer was yes. She fixed her plate and ate. Charlie disappeared again. He came back with a man named Curtis. He got a plate and ate. Then Charlie asked if he could fix a plate and take it to someone. Here was an alcoholic who had kindness. Although he had his own problems, he was still kind toward others.

There is a tree at the corner of our property and the store next door. Charlie stands there asking others if they can spare a dime. I have seen him panhandling with a few coins in his pocket and someone come up and ask him for a quarter and he would reach in and get one and give it. I ask him, Charlie why do you give them your money? His reply: “pastor they are hungry just like I am.” But you are not hungry Charlie, you eat anything you want from the Church refrigerator. We keep food there for the homeless. Yes, Pastor you know what I mean. We are all street people, that’s what I mean.

Well, it was Curtis laying in the hospital shot up. And Curtis died. Charlie was crying. I pulled up to the Temple to go in and call on Jesus name. And soon he opened the door and came in. I heard his voice: its me Pastor, its Charlie. He came in where I was sitting with tears. Pastor, Curits is dead, he is gone. He is gone Pastor. He is gone, he is gone, he is gone. I saw it: kindness in his heart, in his words, in his sorrow.

Then Charlie spoke to me: Pastor when will the Temple be finished? Please Pastor help to save us before we are all killed.

What was he asking me for? I have a vision already for these lost souls. In his own way he was begging for me to reach these drug dealers and prostitutes, the street people, the homeless, with kindness of my heart. Please Pastor he said: with tears in his eyes for his friend Curtis. I told him, Charlie we are having Church in the back. Curtis came Sunday for food but he would not come to Church. Still there was that begging to bring some help to the street.

Kindness is an attitude of caring. If you do not care for someone it will show up because there will be no kindness. Being harsh, mean, cruel is not kindness no matter what excuse a person offers for their attitude. I have seen many men who were not kind to their wife. They treated them mean, harsh, criticized them, and found fault with every possible thing they could. Then see these jerks leave their wife after they have had a couple babies, put on a little fat, and go commit adultery and get a divorce and marry a more trim, more beautiful girl who has had no babies; who he has not been mean, harsh, and cruel to, finding fault with everything.

I think there is something here. Kindness is not looking for faults but ignoring them. Kindness can come in soft words that are seasoned with salt. After all, what does season your words with salt mean, but to show kindness and a sweet flavor. Kindness will not be cruel. And kindness will not try to spread hate from yourself to others using all manner of reasons for justification.

Ok, I have every reason to reject sinners who are evil, wicked, curse, use God’s name in vain, who do drugs, who are alcoholic, who themselves are the image of rebellion. I could look at these souls and call them worthless scumbags. I could look at my harvest field and see all the rocks, all the thorns, all the weeds, and say to myself: I am not going to care for this land any more. But then, my kindness will not allow me to do all of this. Then I could see the kindness of Jesus, in that while we were yet sinners he died for us. Then I could understand the Scripture:

“But after the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared” (Titus 3:4).

Yes, kindness comes with love. A person will not be kind to a person they do not love. And also, kindness and love must appear. Not just in the words a person chooses to use, but in their very acts.

The beauty of kindness is something that will reach to the depths of the soul. And this beauty must come out and show itself to the world. When it comes out, there will be no more an attitude of hurting, finding fault, or killing (both naturally or spiritually).

There is beauty in kindness.

Pastor Reckart
A Man With Kindness And Love
Oh, I forgot: except for the devil, demons, wolves, snakes, dogs that go back to their vomit, and disrespectful swine.

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