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Truth, Few Defenders

Truth draws out the best in us. Truth either deserves our best, or Truth is not all that important to us.

Many years ago when I started in the Ministry I had no push about doctrinal matters. I was content with simple preaching and traditional Pentecostalism. But this was all to change when I was confronted with Branhamism. I remember it well. A brother fell into the serpent seed doctrine and “the message.” He brought me some books on the sly. I read them. They were indeed interesting. But I was unskilled in dealing with prophets and miracle workers. So, I did the best thing in my life I could have done. I took the books to my Pastor. He took one look at the name “William Branham” and said: “who gave these to you?” I felt like Adam being questioned by God. I told him the brother’s name in the Church. The Pastor said to me: “you are not getting these back. They will go out to the trash can.” He then told me he wanted me to go with him over to the Brother’s house. So we went.

Wow! It was my first time being confronted with a Pastor standing against false doctrine. I saw the skill of the Pastor. I saw his manner of use of Scripture. I observed how he tried to correct the Brother. And I saw how he was attacked, told he would be cursed, and how he had better accept Branham or be lost. When the Pastor could not save this Brother, we got up and departed.

On Sunday night as we were having worship service in a store-front building, in came the Brother with another Brother and his wife. They had loaned the Church the piano. They came for it right in the middle of service. They did not care that they interrupted worship. They were all bold, grinning, and went straight to the task of moving it out of the building on to a truck. When the door closed, we went back to worship. The Pastor’s wife had her accordian out and the music was heavenly. We had an awesome service.

In the days that followed our Pastor underwent vicious attacks. I was shocked at the anger, hatred, and rancor. I saw it all. The Pastor explained how Truth was always being attacked and many being led astray. The reports came back to us that the Branhamites had started a church and guess who the pastor was? Yep, the brother who gave me the books. They made sure we heard of their boast of members. How they were really growing. How God was blessing them with money. How they were having prophetic meetings where prophecy was coming forth confirming the “message.” Well, we were having awesome services and great move of the Holy Ghost. So, naturally I was a bit confused how God could bless both.

The Branhamite church lasted about six months and crashed. The so-called pastor left and moved down into Tenessee. The others floundered around like nomads for about two more years. Then they were all backslid. I saw it all unfold over a three year time span. And I saw how Truth survives while false doctrine splits, divides, makes its boasts, issues its damnations, and then the crash happens. Families are divided, divorces take place, children are destroyed, homes burst assunder, and adultery and fornication take center stage. I have seen holiness men and women descend to the gates of hell and you would never imagine they were once holiness people. You see, when sin and rebellion are unleashed, no one can control the flesh.

One of the greatest things I learned from my Pastor was books. I was not a book person. But over the next ten years I would read, study, and research thousands of books. My Pastor told me that a proven man of God would surround himself with books. His office was proof of his advice. I was so jealous of those books. There was one set he had on all the gods of the world that I wish I had today. I would sit in his office and read his books. I would ask him questions. I was being discipled in a unique way. Maybe this is why I am the man I am today. Many men and women have never been discipled.

Over the years I collected and purchased many hundreds of books. I studied philosophy, logic, history, church history, and devoted many years study of Israel, the Jews religions, and the different sects. I discovered their secret mysticism. I read these books. This led to a study of freemasonry and witchcraft and the Mormon church. I was confronted then with the secret orders within Rome. A new world laid open before my eyes. I saw the mystery of iniquity as only God could reveal it. I traced the trail of the serpent from Eden to Jerusalem to Rome and throughout the world.

As I look back over the 40+ years of my journey, I can see how many times I was confronted with winds of doctrine, theories manufactured by novices and women out of order, and the thrust for carnality to take over the Church. I saw Church change from a meeting place with God to social centers where people met with people and enjoyed the show on the stage that was once a platform. I saw altars removed, and oh, how having an altar in a Church was attacked. Prayer rooms came into vogue. And music became the method to work up a shout.

Along this path of righteousness I chose, I saw many men rise and fall. Many who came and went. Many debaters who went into adultery or homosexuality. I do not know of a single debater I have met who did not backslide or go off into false doctrines and fight against the Truth. So, I decided to cool down that part of my life and refused to debate. My last debates were with the Yahwehs back in 1994, 95, and 96. Since then I have withdrawn except to be a moderator for a few other Brethren. I have not attended or participated in a debate in many years. My path of righteousness led me to be a missionary. so, back in 1997 I went to Haiti. I returned again and again. Each time blessed by God. This was the birth of “Light To The Nations.” And my heart has been smitten with a burden for these souls ever since.

Behind my entire life Truth has reigned supreme. I was forced to become an apologist. False teachers and babel novices forced me into this great defense for Truth and the name of Jesus. I have my own way of dealing with these perverters. Some do not like it. But then, they have never seen a church destroyed, families lost, and souls destroyed. Want to see me stand up for Truth, let me see a rebel novice try his hand at perverting. I will provoke him until he blasphemes with his anger and hate. I will test his love for Truth. And when I do not see it, I will cut him off. This has made me more enemies than any other stand I have taken for Truth.

Truth is not something to play with. It is eternal. It is settled. It leads to God. It sets free. Truth will be rewarded. The sacrifices we make for it returns a blessing. We cannot out give Truth. It blesses our homes, our Churches, our missionary work, and our finances.

So where are the defenders? Yes, there are some, a few! And it is these I want to fellowship with. These I want to join in Light To The Nations. And these I want to go to heaven with.

Brothers and Sisters of Truth, you are bought with a price. It is your respect for this great offering on Calvary that makes you the great people of God.

Pastor Reckart
A Man Discipled In Truth And I Love It


September 11, 2009 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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