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Discipleship is strict discipline. There were many men who followed Jesus but the majority could not cut the grade to be faithful disciples. I read again John 6:66. Oh, how many cannot make the graduation. How many could not endure. How many could not be faithful. How many could not be retrained in doctrine and faith. How many could not take Jesus teaching to heart. And so, they drifted back in their minds and suddenly went back to the temple cult. They went back to the Pharisees; To the Saducees; To the Herodians. They never came back to Jesus so far as we know.

John 6:66 has stood out to me ever since I found this text and the numbering. I think I was the first in all the world to notice the number 6:66 in association to those who fell away from Jesus back to the temple cult. Yes, it may be an insignificant point to many, but to me it was a flag up the flag pole. I purposed in my heart I would Never go back on Jesus to the place he found me. I would not revert back to acceptance of sin. And I would not compromise my discipleship for friendship with the enemies of my Lord.

I guess it was right here I fell on my face before the Lord to confess my loyalty. I would never fellowship with the enemies of my Lord. I would cut them off as if they were dead. I would not count them as friends. My loyalty has been tested many times. But as a disciple I chose that if my Lord was hated, they could hate me also. If they rejected my Lord, they could reject me also. And so I chose being a disciple because it meant where ever Jesus was, there I would be. And what ever the cost, I would not get discouraged and quit. I would press on.

Having the right spirit is necessary for true discipleship. And no disciple is above his Lord. I learned humility in discipleship. I learned not to disagree with my Lord. Not to pervert his words. Not to distort the intent. And not to corrupt the Truth that leads to eternal life. I have lived the life of a disciple.

Part of my purpose in this blog was to disciple in some way those who were seeking for the Truth. To give them treasures of the Bride while at the same time rebuking the gainsayers, the slanders, mockers, the scoffers, the perverters, the distorters, and the corrupters. This is a hard task. But I have tried.

Now it is time to bring this to an end. It is time to move forward in another work of God. So, with this said, around November 26, 2009 this blog will be gone, it has served its useful purpose. I am indeed sorry I could not get a response out of some of you on needful and essential issues. And I am indeed saddened by the fact there is so much backsliding, so much falling away, that few men and women value Truth or good men who stand up for it.

Good bye to all of you and may Jesus bless us all.

Pastor Reckart
A Disciple Who Is Loyal To His Lord


September 12, 2009 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic


  1. Bishop,

    Let me say I have greatly appreciated the blessing your blog has been to me and for the great work you have done and are doing in the Kingdom of God. Also, thank you for your great efforts in the area of discipleship. I do feel that this is an area of the Apostolic Church that needs continual improvement and development and is an area that I highly concentrate on in our efforts.

    We continue to pray that God will richly bless you in word and deed, with finances and with open doors of opportunity in every nation. Truly the theme of bringing “Light to the Nations” is one that has captured my heart as I know it has captured yours. Your devotion to the cause of the Gospel is both a model to be admired as well as followed.

    Please know, also, that I am continuing work on the translations. Our recent illness set me back several days, but the work goes well.

    God bless now and always,

    Bro. Jason M. Hood

    Comment by Jason M. Hood - | September 21, 2009

  2. Greetings Missionary:

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Correct discipleship demands discipline, good moral behavior, ethics, and having Biblical conduct.

    As a Missionary you can see how important it is to not only get men saved, but to prepare their minds for service, especially those who later feel a calling.

    Your keen awareness to the importance of this work among Pastors and Missionaries like yourself, speaks highly of the calibar of man you are. Not many men like you Sir!

    Be encouraged,

    Pastor Reckart

    Comment by acts0412 | September 21, 2009

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