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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Jesus Name

Jesus name is the highest name!

Jesus name is to be praised higher than any name!

There is no salvation exccept in Jesus name!

Jesus name is the only name given under heaven among men, whereby we must all be saved!

Whosoever denies Jesus name, has last their faith in the only name for their salvation.

When a person calls upon Jesus name, they are calling upon God!

In Jesus name, all the other titles and names of God are fulfilled!

Jesus is the true name of the Messieh of Israel!

Jesus is the name of the King of the Jews!

Jesus is the Christ (Messieh) the Son of the Living God!

Jesus name represents the name of the Father and the Son (I came in my Father’s name and ye received me not)!

The false names Yahshua and Yahweh are not Jesus name!

Do not be deceived by Law-Keeping and Concision sacred-namers, who claim Jesus name came from Zeus name. I have proven they are perverters and distorters.

Jesus, the name greater than Moses, greater than Solomon, and greater than all names throughout the world. Even greater than Mohammed, Buddha, or Hare Krishna!

Jesus, Praise The Name Of Jesus!


October 13, 2009 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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  1. JESUS…A name above all names!


    In JESUS Name,
    Bro Bill Plock

    Comment by pilgrim41 | October 15, 2009

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