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Salvation By Grace Through Faith

God’s grace and man’s faith is the basis of salvation. There is no salvation by grace alone!

Acts 2:38 is the plan of salvation of grace through faith.

Why are so many trying to say Peter was false on the day of Pentecost in his preaching?

Men and brethren what shall we do?

This begging question still has the same answer today.

The only thing is, those on the day of Pentecost were pricked in their hearts. Until a person has this Godly prick in their heart they will not ask: Men and brethren what shall we do?

When a person is concerned about going to hell for their sins and evils; and when they see their future of hell-fire and eternal torment: they will turn to God with all of their heart. When this happens, they will seek the grace of God by faith. And without this faith it is impossible to please God.

Now how is it possible that a person cannot please God without faith, if they are saved with no faith at all?

May I say to all the world, if you neglect so great a salvation as is found in Acts 2:38, you will have no excuse for being lost.

Now, how can a person neglect something if they are saved without any faith and or faith-works, which if they neglect, they are lost?

I can tell all of you, if you neglect to please God in salvation, holiness, separation from the world, and believing the Truth, you will be lost.

Seek the Lord today. Seek salvation according to Acts 2:38.

You will not regret it if your heart is right with God.

Pastor Reckart


October 23, 2009 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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