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What Is A Person?

What is a person?

Are angels persons?

Are only people persons?

Can only persons die?

Has any angel ever died?

Is a dead body a person?

Was the body of Jesus a person in the tomb?

When did Adam become a person?

Is a person a single being?

Is each person a separate existence of a being?

If there are two persons with separate names: “Adam and Eve,” does this mean two separate beings?

Does being a human make a being a person?

Were there any persons before a human being was created?

God is a Spirit.

Is God’s Spirit a person?

What is the difference between the words person and personality?

Are there three separate God Beings?

Is there one Being who is God?

Can one God have multiple (three personalities)?

Can one God who is one Being, be three separate persons?

When God became man (Jesus), is this when God became a person?

Can there be three persons in the trinity when only one of the so-called Gods became a person?

Got Scripture?

Can you explain using Scripture?

Want to try?

Go for it!

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Pastor Reckart


November 8, 2009 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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  1. Where are all the experts?


    Comment by acts0412 | November 15, 2009

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