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Truth deserves its Temple, a place where it has priority over all else. That is why God has a heaven, Truth reigns there! Within the Tabernacle which was later made into a great Temple for the name of our God; the holy of holies contained the world’s greatest collection of Truth and revelation (even in symbols and types); within the Ten Commandments and the divine ordinances. Take these out of the holy of holies, and it ceases to be a place God wants to Tabernacle (dwell with man).
The Tabernacle is not a place where man dwells. It is the place God chose to manifest his glory and his presence.
My revelation of God comes from the Spirit of God. I have this gift of God upon me. It has been upon me now for over 35 years. And it is upon me today.
We know that God does not dwell in temples made with hands. Even Solomon understood the greatness of God can not be confined to one place when he said his Glory filled the heavens and the earth. In Solomon’s heart and mind, all he wanted was this glory that fills heaven and earth to also fill the new Temple.
Who is man that he thinks he can build himself into a temple and he can contain all the presence of God? No, if he is an intelligent man, he will know that the best he can have within him, in the presence of the Holy Ghost, is a miniscule part of the glory of God. For that is the only way God was in the original Temple!
In Tampa, we have built a place for the glory of God. But more importantly, it is a Temple of Truth. It is a Temple for the name of our God. It is a House of Prayer for all nations. It is a great blessing for the members of the Acts 2:38 Church at Jesus House, to dedicate this great place for the glory of God.
We make all things ready. The guest have been invited, just as Jesus laid it on our hearts to invite them. Some were not invited because they were already to busy in their own way have made excuse why they could not be in fellowship with us. So, we have done what Jesus said. We have gone into the hedges and highways, and invited the poor and those who are in unfortunate situations, to come feast with us. The house will be full. We are so excited.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made


November 24, 2009 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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