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Passover Of Jesus Messieh 2010

March 29th after sundown marks the year 2010 Passover of the Lamb of God for the Jewish Apostolic Messianic believers.

Passover Invitation To attend Jesus House In Tampa, Florida

You can read more about the Lord’s Passover and other valuable Truths at: Jewish Jesus Blog

If you have never celebrated the Lord’s Communion on the right evening, why not do it this year? Why not come out of Catholic traditions and do this on the same night Jesus did? Why not join with the Asia Churches before the Council of Nicaea in 325AD and hold the Lord’s Supper like the early Apostolics? Pastor Reckart urges all Apostolics around the world to observe the Lord’s Supper correctly.

After sundown on March 29th, 2010


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