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Giving Your Tithes

Tithes are a tenth of the value of what a person possesses arising from a blessing of God.

Abraham gave a tenth to the priest of the Most High God. A prophet gave a tenth of all to a priest who represented the Most High God. Jacob vowed to God he would give a tenth of everything God prospered him. The tenth became the standard of giving to the Levitical priesthood by the Israelites. And a tenth of the tenth was taken and given to Aaron and his sons. In all this, it was God who said he gave them the tenth (Num 18:20-21). What we see here is a picture of God blessing the Israelites and adding his own blessing to their increases. God added his tenth to their increases. It always belong to him and never belonged to the person who had it in their possession. How many miss this important point? They think they are giving the tithe out of their own increases or blessings. No, it never was yours. To usurp control over this and not give it where God ordained is stealing. You are a thief. No wonder God could say: ‘You have robbed me.” Many do not get the point. How could they since as a robber their heart is filled with greed. They take the position they owe God nothing. That none of their increases are a result of God’s blessings and he is due nothing back. Like the king of Babylon: look what I have done, look what I have built, look what I have been able to reap and take in. It is all mine. I have earned this all by myself. And so the Babylonian arrogance speaks.

Tithes as we find in Abraham was given to the Ministry out of free will and love for the priesthood who represented the Most High God. This tithing was not a commandment of the law. However a higher law than a cammandment governes the tenth, the tithe. And that higher law is respect and love for the ministry of the Most High God. Usually those who reject giving the tenth as did Abraham or the tithe as given to the Levitical priesthood, are those who have no respect or love for the true New Testament priesthood of the Most High God. Jesus made it perectly clear: the seed of Abraham will do the works of Abraham. This was not time blocked to the Law era.

What many of the blasphemers and novices refuse to acknowledge and confess is that God took the tithe and incorporated it into the Law. What they also are so rebellious and idiots about, is there were other tithes commanded under the Law that were not practiced by Abraham or prior patriarchs. These additional tithes were abolished when the Law was fulfilled. However, the tithe before the Law, the tenth given to the priest of the Most High God was not abolished.

Consider, that God has not abolished blessing us. And as long as he blesses us he has also included in this his blessings. If you have the faith of Abraham, and you are his seed, then give your tithe to the priest of the Most High God and stop all your novice rants and ungodly blasphemies.

I had one novice jerk tell me that Hebrews 7:12 meant the change here was the law of the tithe was abolished. This is the kind of novice stupidity that prevails in the minds of reprobates. The text tells us the priesthood BEING CHANGED. From Law to what change? And if it was changed, where is it that the text says the tithe stopped because the priesthood changed? What is changed here is the priesthood and to whom the tithe should now be given. The priesthood of the law was changed into the New Testament priesthood of Christ. And in this, the priest of the Most High God, usually the Pastor, is the one to whom the seed of Abraham will give their tithes.

We are living in a day of railers and blasphemers. They think by their much railing they make themselves important. They think by their blasphemies they make themselves intelligent. And if they can collect some who say amen to their rants, they feel successful. These are the kinds of men who will never be a part of the real work of God in these endtimes.

Here at Jesus House in Tampa everyone gives their tithes out of faith and love. None of them give it out of commandment. There is no tithe commandment here. But what is here, is the true Word of God on how God does bless those who give their tithes with a cheerful heart. And their tithes are with this great love a blessing to the work of the church, the welfare of the Pastor, the feeding of the hungry, and the clothing of those who are poor. The members of this Church know how the Pastor uses their tithes. And they give more and more because they see the fruit of their giving increasing the work of God all over the world.

The blessings of God are upon all those who tithe and give to Jesus House.

As for me the Pastor, yes a portion of the tithe comes into my hands. Yes, I consider them a soldier’s pay within the meaning of 1Cor 9:7. Jesus has sent me and he will proviIde for me as his soldier. And unlike a private with little pay, I am a five star general and deserving of a large pay check. I am a leader of many regiments of men. I have many soldiers willing to serve under me. And many of these great soldiers give tithes to me because they know I am a good general in God’s army.

As for those who do not believe in faith tithing, who do not believe in the tithing of love and respect to the priest of the Most High God, you would never be allowed to work with me, travel with me, do the work of God with me, be a part of Light To The Nations. Because I will not have men who are not men of faith in their giving anywhere near me in this great work of the Kingdom.

If a man does not give tithe by faith and love I do not want his friendship, his membership, or any where near me. I want those around me to know they have been blessed and not afraid to show it to the Man of God.

Pastor Reckart
A Man Who Here Receives Tithes
Of Whom It Is Written
A Man Important To God


May 6, 2010 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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