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The bonds of iniquity

A bond is a form of control over a person. It makes them subject to the one placing the control. This control, whether it be some kind of a cord, duct tape, handcuffs, or other substance: has an effect of being subdued. I have read of people who play games with bonds and being in bondage. People willingly place themselves in bonds to the joy of others. Or to be in the control of others giving them permission. It is one thing to be in a bond situation because a person is a criminal. It is another thing to be in a bond because of playing games, which at some time the role playing will come to an end. But it is quite another thing for being in a bond where a person is in mental captivity and may never get free.

It is this bondage I speak about today. The mental bondage of iniquity; of sin, of perverting the right ways of God. There are so many who are in mental bondage to religious beliefs. Some are so mentally under control they no longer think rationally or know they are in spiritual bondage. Sin does this. Spiritual perverters play the games of mental bondage. They will start a lie for the purpose of deceiving people who may never discover the perversion and remain in mental bondage and die that way. And thus there are cults of all kinds whose public image is one of religion and goodness, but behind the scenes there is great bondage from which they may never escape.

Mental bondage to control the way a person thinks, acts, and relates to others is nothing new. In witchcraft it is an everyday occurance. They relish and take great joy in perverting. One witch said:

“I look for things Christians do to do the opposite, or things they believe to change them completely. Why? Because I disagree with them. I feel this gives me the right to do what witches like to do: bewitch. It is so fun to get others to accept things and do things they do not know is opposite what is in the Bible. We love doing things backward or opposite, that is our practice. The Black Mass is typical of how we pervert anything Christian we can.”

The devil is a master at deceitfulness. He knows just how to pervert. He knows how to use a lie and bring the minds of people under his control. In the matter of Truth, the devil knows just how to pervert the right ways of God to make them appealing to the ignorant, the unlearned, and the stupid. The devil is all about perverting, changing Truth into a lie, and setting up falsehood. The battle for Truth is always against the perverters, those in the bonds of iniquity, and those who have no greater joy than to destroy if they can the right ways of God.

A heritic is a person who teaches something that will lead others astray from the Truth. Heresy is the doctrine that is taught that deceives and misleads others into mental bondage from which many never recover. Consider the whole history of the trinity doctrine. It is a heresy, it is taught by heritics, and the millions now deceived are held in mental bondage by the lie they accepted.

We are warned that in the latter days deceivers will wax worse and worse: deceiving and being deceived. We are to beware of these. They are placing many in the bonds of iniquity from which they may never escape.

Simon the sorcerer was involved in witchcraft. He was a master magician, a man who could deceive with his tricks and his speech. He could deceive to such a degree people thought him to be the great power of God. Yet he did not have the Truth. He was a clever deceiver. But he met Paul, a real man of God. My mother called me “Paul” desiring some day I would be a real man of God. Thus my name is Gary Paul Reckart, and I stand up to my Paul name for the respect it represents in the Apostolic Truth. Yes, I am a Paulite, I preach his Gospel, I know his teachings as good if not better than most, and I stand with him in the spirit of Acts 8:23.

It was here he had enough of the sorcerer perverting the right ways of God. And it was here Paul perceived his real problem in not being about to be free and follow him in the Truth: was that he was in the bond of iniquity.

Simon the sorcerer was in mental bonds to the devil. On the outward he appeared as a good man whom the people loved and looked up to. But in his soul he was in bonds of iniquity. He was controlled. He was the victim of the devil. This Simon came close to heaven that day. He should have fallen down on his face and cried to God for deliverance. But he did not want deliverance. He want Paul to pray for him but made no effort to pray for his own condition.

I have seen many in the bonds of iniquity. They are always perverters. They always play the game of heritics of teaching falsehoods that lead astray. At the core of their heart is the desire to be a great one, even if they achieve this before people by their lies and deceptions. They do not care the method to their greatness, they just want to be great. So they will pervert Truth, they will spread falsehoods, and they will deceive and be deceived as they seek recognition as a great one.

Today, I am a man of God holding forth the Truth to the nations. I have not perverted a single Truth of God. I have and will continue to hold the high standard of love for the Truth wherein no lie or falsehood is accepted no matter who presents it or the fashion of their trickery.

Beware of those deceivers who cannot stop perverting the right ways of God because they are in the bond of iniquity.

Pastor Reckart
A Man Important To God

PS: The Biblical day of Pentecost is May 23, 2010. Any other date is a perversion and anyone who promotes another date is a perverter and in the bond of iniquity….


May 13, 2010 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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