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Evil is a condition of self-will. Without self-will there can be no evil. Evil is iniquity. The Hebrew word for iniquity is “evel” (Strong’s #5711).

God is not evil and in him is no evil. Therefore, in God there is no iniquity.

But, God made angels. He created them with self-will. Therefore he created them with the ability to become evil or do iniquity.

God created perfect angels. With their own free-will they could now choose either good or evil. Yes, God actually gave them the liberty to choose iniquity.

And God created lucifer. The Scriptures say this about him:

“Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee” (Ezek 28:15).

Since God is responsible for all that he created, he is also responsible for creating lucifer who committed iniquity and or evil.

Did God make the devil sin? Did God predestinate him to do evil or iniquity? Is it true as some claim the devil had no choice but to do what he was created to do? Can anyone prove God created the devil to sin?

The devil had a choice. He chose after many eternal eternities to remove God from his throne and take over heaven. The devil said he would sit on God’s throne. He tried in his revolt to get the sympathy of other angels in his plot. He and these angels were defeated. These angelic evil beings became fallen demons. And today they are trying to destroy every human being on the earth.

How strange that there are people who now want to jump on God, attack him, belittle him, accuse him of being evil, and outright want him out of their life. This is exactly what lucifer wanted. He wanted God out of his life, remove him from being over him, and to live according to his own ways of iniquity.

Today I get emails from all sorts of perverted reprobates trying to accuse God of being evil. They have no desire to be holy. They do not even want to be saved. So they go about with their pea-sized brain to make accusations against God.

Well, I have this to say to all you self-made reprobates: Proverbs 1:26.

For those of you who love God and exalt his holiness, may you find forgiveness for your stupidity, grace for your sins, and mercy through the Lord Jesus Christ unto salvation.

A person decides to be evil.


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