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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus Above All Names

From Cleve James
To: Bishop Reckart
March 23, 2013

I have some research for you. I was doing some research on the Yahuah Yahushuah cults and I found an interesting coincidence. The SAME SPIRIT that influenced the Martinism Kabbalist Secret Society in the 1700s, the “SET-APART” spirit supposedly, spoke the same teachings to the SACRED NAME YAWHOSHOOWHATs.

About the rituals themselves, the following general points may be made:

• The mystical Christianity of Martinism is emphasised by the fact that all lodges are opened by invoking Yeheshuah, (Hebrew: יהשוה) i.e. the Tetragrammaton, with the addition of the Hebrew letter Shin, which was first suggested by Reuchlin as a Qabalistic way of spelling Jesus.

NOW notice what the have to say about the SAME SPIRIT ORIENTED DOCTRINE!

The Father’s Name is written using four Hebrew letters: (right-to-left) yod, hey, vav, hey. We first learned of His True Name through research and found several internet sources that teach how to pronounce His Name. Ruth Dunn, minister of Family of Messiah, prayed about His Name, and the Set-Apart Spirit powerfully spoke His Name aloud three times: “YAHUAH, YAHUAH, YAHUAH.” Because the Spirit spoke His Name, we know that His Name is YAH-U-AH. ‘YAH’ stays intact as one syllable, as it is in several places in Scripture (Ps. 68:4, Is. 12:2), and the accent is on the second syllable (‘OO’).

After the Set-Apart Spirit spoke the Father’s Name, then the Spirit taught Ruth the Messiah’s Name. He instructed her to add the root ‘shu’ to the Father’s Name between the ‘u’ and the ‘a.’ The result: YAHUSHUAH. ‘Shu’ is a Hebrew root word meaning salvation, deliverance, overcoming, health, help, prosperity, and welfare. Everything that the Messiah represents is contained in the meaning of the root ‘shu.’

This root is added to the Father’s Name because Yahushuah and the Father are One, and Yahushuah came in His Father’s Name (John/Yoh. 5:43; 10:30).
Because of these instructions we received from the Set-Apart Spirit, we use a different Hebrew spelling of the Name Yahushuah than what many others use. The more common Hebrew spelling of Yahushuah is: (right-to-left) yod-hey-vav-shin-ayin.

This is the same Hebrew spelling for Yehoshua (Joshua), and it is used for the Messiah’s Name in The Scriptures printed by the Institute for Scripture Research. However, because the Spirit instructed to only add ‘shu’ to the Father’s Name, we use the True Hebrew spelling for Yahushuah: (right-to-left) yod-hey-vav-shin-hey . The letter shin, sounding like ‘shu,’ is added to the Father’s Name.

Not the spirit I would want to be listening too….agreeing with the Luciferians…go figure!

Here’s a study I did on “Yah” from the Gnostic perspective, you covered the lunar diety side pretty well, this covers the Greek Tetragrammaton IAO derivitive where Yaho was abriged to YAH and represents the phallus.These Sacred name times love to post all praise to YAH everywhere…little do they know the magicians call on these demonic name invocations!

Praise Yah?
Recently there has been resurgence of Esoteric Christian teachings pawned off to unsuspecting Christains as the “original”, “traditional”, “Jewish”, “Hebrew” or “sacred” ways. Some of these movements go as far as to claim they are the “truly Apostolic” teachings of the Messiah and his disciples. Unfortunately much of this new knowledge or “gnosis” is just heresies that the early church denounced during the Anti Nicene Fathers struggles with the budding enemy of Christianity at the time, Gnosticism. Time has passed, and Christianity has evolved, forgot some things along the way, and now these teachings show up again under the “guise” of being original Christian doctrines. No where has this happened more than in reference to God’s name. Here I will talk about the name “YAH.”

Is “Yah” short for Yah-weh and God’s sacred name?

Actually it was the Gnostic name for the Demiurge, the wicked god of the OT (Old Testament) , and connected to Thoth “Egyptian Moon god” according to the Gnostics. The early Gnostics regarded the OT God as wicked or even a fool and basically cast him as the enemy “satan,” while showing Lucifer as a moral and illumined god to be worshipped. Just turn the story upside down and you have Gnosticism.

Yah (Heb.). The word, as claimed in the Zohar “Magical Jewish text”, through which the Elohim formed the worlds. The syllable is a national adaptation and one of the many forms of the “mystery name” IAO. (See “Iaho” and “Yaho”.)

SD INDEX Yah. See also Jah

Binah & I 355, 394; II 85
feminine I 438n, 618
Kether-Binah or, female I 438n
same as Jah (Lord) II 126
term not used before David II 541


Yah: A Pagan Hebrew Mystery Name

According to the Collation of Theosophical Glossaries, Yah (an abbreviation of Yaho) is a Hebrew mystery name derived from Iao and is connected to a phallic symbol:
Yaho (Heb.).

“Furst shows this to be the same as the Greek Iao. Yaho is an old Semitic and very mystic name of the supreme deity, while “YAH” (q.v.) is a later abbreviation which, from containing an abstract ideal, became finally applied to, and connected with, a phallic symbol — the lingham of creation. Both YAH and Yaho were Hebrew “mystery names” derived from Iao, but the Chaldeans had a Yaho before the Jews adopted it, and with them, as explained by some Gnostics and Neo-Platonists, it was the highest conceivable deity enthroned above the seven heavens and representing Spiritual Light (Atman, the universal), whose ray was Nous, standing both for the intelligent Demiurge of the Universe of Matter and the Divine Manas in man, both being Spirit.

The true key of this, communicated to the Initiates only, was that the name of IAO was “triliteral and its nature secret”, as explained by the Hierophants. The Phoenicians too had a supreme deity whose name was triliteral, and its meanings secret, this was also Iao; and Y-HA-HO was a sacred word in the Egyptian mysteries, which signified “the one eternal and concealed deity” in nature and in man; i.e., the “universal Divine Ideation”, and the human Manas, or the higher Ego. (1)

All Praise to Yah? If your an occultist maybe… I’ll stick with Jesus.

Be Blessed Pastor Hope this add to your work. I may have to ask your help with some linguistics if thats alright.

Cleve James


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