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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Name of Jesus being attacked by thousands who call themselves Christians

Every day thousands more are added to the Jesus name blasphemers churches and cult groups. These are turned away from the name of Jesus by the tetragrammaton cult members who believe YHWH is the true name of God. They deny Jesus is the true name of God. In fact, they claim the name Jesus is a fake since it does not contain the tetragrammaton. There are hundreds of tetragrammaton cult leaders who are trying to invent new names for Jesus which they claim is his true Hebrew name. In fact, they are great liars. Because the names they are inventing come from the Aramaic Babylonian language of the tower of Babel.

Yes, you read that right. Aramaic may have been a common language in the days of Jesus, but this is the residue of the Babylonian victory over the area of the fertile crescent area. This dominance and control lasted for several hundreds of years. The Hebrew language spoken by Israel was replaced by this Babylonian tongue. It is called Aramaic. Go research it for your self. Why accept the lies of the tetragrammaton cult? These will have you believing that the Babylonian language of Aramaic is the holy tongue of God. It is not a holy tongue. It is a devil tongue filled with mysticism, satanism, and all manner of witchcraft. This is why the Chaldee mysteries are totally contained in the Aramaic language. The use of numerology, gematria, and other occult practices were developed into the Jewish Kabbalah by reprobate satanic rabbis and priests. While this is hard for some to swallow, it is nevertheless the truth. It was this snake throne system of Babylon in control of the temple in Jerusalem that plotted to have Jesus crucified. This fulfills Genesis 3:15.

I am not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the true Lord. He is the true Christ. He is the one and only true Lord Christ. This is why the name of Jesus is above all names. No other name can be called both Lord and Christ.

All the tetragrammaton cult liars cannot make YHWH both Lord and Christ. They can pervert, they can deceive, they can cast their Aramaic Babylonian spells upon the minds of the slothful, the ignorant, the novices, and the wanna-be prophets: but they will not be allowed to deceive all people. It is the power of the Holy Ghost that enables us to defend the name of Jesus above all names. By the name of Jesus Christ we have salvation. There is no salvation in YHWH or any other tetragrammaton name that comes from the Babylonian language.

Stand up for the name of Jesus Christ.

Stop accepting tetragrammaton lies.

Withdraw from all tetragrammaton cults.

Have no fellowship or communication with those who hate the name of Jesus and who are tetragrammaton cult members.

Rebuke them. Do not allow them to spread their lies. If they come into the church, cast them out. Tell them to go back to their own Babylonian cult. These have the spirit of witchcraft. Demons are with them.

The tetragrammaton cults now accuse us of making an idol out of the name of Jesus. I do not excuse their ignorance. Jesus is not an idol and therefore his name is not an idol. The mere stupidity of these cult members saying we have made the name of Jesus into an idol is shocking. No, rather, it is the tetragrammaton YHWH they make into an idol. These letters do not even make a name until vowels are added. They are no more the name of God then ABCD. Yet the fools of the cult religion of Babylon think we will fall in love with their mystery name and mystery religion.

No, we will not accept anything from Babylon. We will not accept the Aramaic tongue. We will not accept the mysteries of Nimrod. We will not accept the trinity. And we will never accept that Jesus had a Babylonian name. Got that? We will never accept any invented name for Jesus that comes from the Babylonian language of Aramaic.

Follow the Apostles in the New Testament.

No where did they call Jesus Jeshua (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Joshua  (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Jehoshua(h)  (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Yahshua(h)  (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Yeshua  (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Ishoo (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Isa  (a Muslim name).

Millions are turning from the New Testament and accepting interpolations, perversions, and corrupt invented names for Jesus that are not Hebrew. They come from some other language like Aramaic or Arabic.

The war began when the Apostles were told not to speak any more in that name.

For the name of Jesus they were persecuted. Some were put to death. All Christians were hated because of that name.

And here it is happening all over the world again.

And many ignorant preachers now claiming that Jesus is not the true Hebrew name of Jesus but one of these other Aramaic or Arabic invented names. If they believed their own lies how come they do not baptize:

in the name of Jeshua Christ;

in the name of Joshua Christ;

in the name of Jehoshua Christ;

in the name of Yahshua(h) Christ;

in the name of Yeshua Christ;

in the name of Ishoo Christ;

in the name of Isa Christ;

These deceivers claim the Greek bible contains a false name of Jesus because it is spelled IESOUS. They claim this Greek name is false. Well, the Apostles used it. So it is not false. What is false? What is false is to claim IESOUS is a Greek name. The fact is, it is a Hebrew name spelled with Greek letters. IESOUS is the same as JESOUS. But the liars will not tell you that. JESOUS is the same as JEHSOUS. But the liars will not tell you JE and JEH are pronounced the same and the H is silent in JE. The liars will not tell you that JESOUS is the same as JESUS. They do not want to admit that Jesus is a Hebrew name. Many liars, including so-called scholars, pervert the truth about the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But here on this blog, you will read the truth.

If you love Jesus, love his name. If you do not love his name, you do not love him who the name represents. If you deny his name you must deny him. If anyone does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh he is an antichrist. Jesus Christ is not YHWH come it he flesh. That is a Catholic and Pentecostal lie. They make Jesus a Babylonian god who came in the flesh. Do you accept this nonsense?

Some of you hate me because i am not one of your tetragrammaton cult friends. Sorry about that. Hate me till you die. I will lift up the name of Jesus Christ above all names. Yes, I am not ashamed to die this way. I am not ashamed to go before the throne of my God and fall down and call him JESUS. I am not afraid.

You who hate the name of Jesus better be afraid.

You who hate me because I am not a member of your Pentecostal Catholic organization, better be afraid.

But then, if you are not afraid in all your backsliding, unholy living, and worldly sinful homes: have a seared conscious. I do not expect you to be afraid. I warn you. I warn you that if you reject the name of Jesus Christ in all of its honor, all of its glory, all of its power, you will be lost and burn in hell for ever.

For me, no other name, but Jesus Christ, just as you read in Acts 2:38.

Call me anything you want. I am a man made by God to worship his name. What other man in the world is saying these things?

Bishop Reckart


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Why are more and more people hating the name of Jesus?

Why are more and more people hating the name of Jesus?

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