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Can A Christian Become Demon Possessed?

The question came to me from someone who has been reading a lot of hateful things posted against me. The Question was: can a Christian become demon possessed?

The answer is yes.

Over the years I have seen several people once filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized in Jesus’ name, and a member of the Church; who became demon possessed.

When a person departs from the way of the Spirit and begins to walk in the flesh, they begin to manifest the works of the devil, One of those I have observed is rebellion. This was the first manifestation of lucifer to be possessed of evil and this inward change turned him into a devil. I think lucifer became a devil instantly the split second he thought to rebel against God. It all started in his mind. His thoughts became rebellious. And these became his motivation to manifest outwardly against God.

The very first demon thought he could replace God. This led him to begin his massive campaign to deceive other angels. His deception had to be with words, speeches, attacks against God’s integrity, against God’s ethics, against God’s very nature of sovereign King. It is obvious from what we read in the Scriptures, lucifer wanted his throne. He wanted angels who he did not create to follow him in his revolt. He was so full of himself, his own self-righteousness, his own exalted ego, that he wanted God dead. Imagine that. I believe if he had accomplished taking God’s throne he would have actually tried to kill God. I believe lucifer is the very first being who had the killer and murderer spirit in him. I believe Jesus said it clearly when he said he “was a murderer from the beginning.”

You see, to cause a natural death at your hands is murder. But what about a spiritual death? Angels are spiritual. Can angels spiritually die? Can their spirit become dead toward God? Isn’t hell or the lake of fire the second death? And is it not true lucifer and his demon angels will be cast into this eternal torment?

Death is a separation. We speak of relationships being dead. We speak about “dead silence” when a person will not speak to us because of ill feelings or a separation that cannot be reconciled. Death to the human body is a separation and death to the soul is a separation from God. Being dead to God and alive to the world is not a great mystery. It is the same as dead to God but alive to lucifer. It is like an adulterous wife who becomes dead to her husband and alive to her lover. There is this inner change where the spirit has changed. It was this kind of inner change in spirit that lucifer became dead to God. He is the death angel now. Every where the devil shows up he wants to bring death both to the body and to the soul. He has his mission.
We are living in an era where many people are giving themselves over to become demon possessed. Many men and women are accepting demons within them. And they are turning against the faithful servants of God. Michael the archangel withstood lucifer over the body of Moses. Moses, dead, was still more important to God than lucifer. Why would lucifer want the body of Moses? Moses was not one of his followers. Moses was a servant of God. It is clear to me that lucifer wanted the body of Moses so he could try to manifest himself in it to the Jews and to the world. When lucifer wanted to be like God, he wanted to steal the glory of God. And he wanted to steal the glory that was upon Moses on Mt. Horeb. But he cannot have this glory. You see, God made Moses when he was born. Moses was made by God. God makes all of his servants. To be made by God means you perform what God created you to be. Anytime a man created by God steps forth he will have enemies who will protest. This exposes men and women being demon possessed. All you have to do is oppose them and the demon will talk.
Right now there are many demons talking and talking and talking against men and women God has made. If you are one of these expect lucifer and his demons to show up. And yes, expect many who claim they are Christians to manifest themselves via rebellion and the very spirit nature of lucifer.

Herein we will see the world of darkness and the Kingdom of Light in conflict.

Symptoms of a demon possessed person:

Bipolar: sweet and kind and the next instant in a rage;
Screamers: most demon possessed persons are screamers. Let a wife or child make them angry and they will lash out with screaming.
Verbal abuse: every demon possessed person will use verbal abuse of wife, others, and children. Anything can set them off. But they feel justified by saying “look what you made me say, look what you made me do.”

Physical abuse: all demon possessed persons will physically abuse a wife, a girl friend, a boy friend, a child. Afterwards they become apologetic, will even cry buckets of tears, and beg for forgiveness. This cycle repeats itself over and over until the injuries are severe and can cause death.

Internet verbal abuse is the same as verbal abuse in person. Learn how to identify internet bullying. Learn how to identify internet stalking. Men and women with demons will bully and stalk their victim. How to identify these, is they will use several false names and alias’. Their bully and stalking tactics can become at first verbal, name-calling, ridicule, mocking, scoffing, and saying perverse things. If this happens to you or to someone you know, do not stand by and do nothing. Report such behavior to the proper authorities. You can report it on Facebook and or on Youtube. Report it as stalking and bullying.

This is how demons take over a person. Yes, demons can use men and women who were once holy and true. After all, this was the history of lucifer. Even as lucifer pretends today as an angel of light, even so many men once good men have become demon possessed. Many women the same. If you see a man or woman assaulting a man of God or a woman of God, whether it is verbally, on Facebook, on Youtube, or some other venue: mark that person because they are walking disorderly and not according to the Spirit.

We know lucifer became a demon and we also know many men and women who were once Christians have become demon possessed. Guard your heart, your mind, your soul, and your spirit. Do not become demon possessed.

Yes, kingdoms in conflict.

I have chosen to resist the devil no matter who he shows up in.


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YHWH Mysticism Continues To Spread Throughout The World

Yaave ilum=Yahweh god; Babil=Babel. Abu=father; Numrud=Nimrod: father of Nimrod. full interpretation: Yahweh god of Babel father of Nimrod.

Jewish mystics have for centuries tried to unlock alleged secrets in the Babylonian god name Yaave, which we know today as Yahweh, YHWH/YHVH, the well known tetragrammaton. The god Yaave was the chief god of the Syrian Babylonian pantheon. Why Jewish rabbis in Babylon decided this god was the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is unknown. I personally believe it was a compromise of the Jewish religion with paganism on the same level as Catholicism has compromised paganism with Christianity.The name of this new Syrian god Yaave was then incorporated into the Aramaic Syrian language bible around 300BC. In this translation Yaave became the new LORD. And this new LORD was inserted into the biblical scrolls as YHWH. In the perversion of the Paleo-Hebrew scrolls this god was inscribed as Yod-Hey-Va-Hey. When Paleo-Hebrew became an extinct language around 100AD, the Aramaic bible translation took the center stage. It was fully impregnated with this Babylonian Syrian god Yaave name as YHWH. No one can research this god and not see it is an Aramaic deity.

The reason many cannot accept these facts is that their knowledge base has been corrupted with centuries of fables from rabbis and monks. Both of which are well known to deal in mysticism and gnosticism of all kinds. They were searching for the magic powers alleged to be contained in the utterance of this lost secret name. These totally lost all knowledge that this name was from Babylon and the root was the Aramaic Syrian god Yaave. Their knowledge base was corrupt. They trusted rabbis who called Aramaic the Hebrew language. Even today, the majority of scholars refer to the Aramaic language as the Hebrew language. They call it biblical Hebrew. They all know it is Aramaic and from Babylon. They all know the Israelites did not use or speak this language before going to Babylon as captives. In spite of this knowledge, they continue the fraud of calling Aramaic biblical Hebrew. They never call Paleo-Hebrew biblical Hebrew. That would confuse students who would then ask how there can be two biblical Hebrew languages?

All of the modern sacred name cults use the Aramaic language with its modified square invented rabbinical script. This is another deception. The rabbis are trying to pass on this new square lettered alphabet as the real Hebrew language when it is in fact nothing but a new calligraphy form of Aramaic. With the addition of vowel points of dots and dashes it looks like a complete new language. And when idiots claim this is biblical Hebrew the mass of ignorant students are stricken with awe and shock at this alleged God inspired holy language that came from heaven. This is the greatest religious deception of all time. It is greater than all the Catholic apostasies, the Arian apostasies, and even Christian gnostism. This new alleged holy language of God is used by all the satanic and sacred name cults. There is a massive world-wide conspiracy to deceive the nations by inviting millions to learn to read and speak this new biblical Hebrew. Many are being suckered into this religious sham believing that the rabbis would not dare pervert the Bible or deceive the world with a Babylonian language that was not God’s holy tongue. But they are deceived. Millions are deceived.

This is why all of these from the rabbis to the cults, hate the name of Jesus Christ and want it destroyed from the earth. They want us to accept this Babylonian language and their Syrian god Yaave but by the name of Yahweh, Yehweh, Yahuah, or some other name derived strictly from the Aramaic language.

I will tell you straight out, Babylonian Aramaic is not a holy tongue. It is not a sacred language that holds mysteries and secret power if the letters are aligned up in a particular manner. YHWH is not the name of God. Jesus is the name of God and it has nothing to do with this Aramaic Babylon language. The name of Jesus came to earth on the lips of an angel. It did not come from the tower of Babel and the Aramaic language.

If you are a true believer in the name of Jesus Christ, you will never accept the tetragrammaton as the name of God. You will not accept Aramaic as the sacred language of heaven. You will be challenged over and over with lies, deceptions, and crafty fables to try to lead you away from the name of Jesus Christ to the name of a Babylonian god. If you recant or deny the name of Jesus Christ you will be damned. There is no salvation in any other name. Acts 4:12 seals this forever.

While I am being attacked by many, you may ask why all of my attackers are believers in Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahuah, Yahshua, and names derived from the Babylonian god Yaave. Yaave when pronounced is spelled phonetically as Ya(h)-ve(h). This is the same as Yahveh, and Yahweh. It is the same god.

Do not be deceived. There are many false prophets in the world today. If they do not speak according to the Truth it is because there is no Truth in them.

Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ above all names.

Pastor G. Reckart
A Man God Made

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Marriage Crisis Is Coming

The coming marriage crisis.

Before governments took control over marriages to make a profit on taxing the license, they were performed by ministers before witnesses and sponsors. They were recorded in the church record book. Christian marriages were not controlled by the state, the government. There was separation of church and state.

When the church let the state take over control of marriages, it became a part of the world system. For over 150 years American churches have allowed the state to dictate who could and who could not be married. We went along with this to show respect and honor to authority. One thing was always foremost: a church was not forced to perform marriages it did not believe was a biblical union. But now that is changing.

Because the supreme court has approved and legalized homosexual marriages, churches will either perform them or be liable for breaking the law, and the minister and church officials open to be jailed and fined thousands of dollars a day. In addition, the homosexuals can sue the church for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They can obtain judgments against the church property and force it to be sold to pay them.

The crisis is building. If a church does not accept the rainbow symbol of being acceptable to homosexual marriages, it will be subject to fines, ministers to imprisonment, and properties confiscated. What will we do?

A solution is that Christians will revert back to colonial days when a man and woman got married before family, witnesses, and sponsors, and no longer seek government registration. While these may be looked upon as common law unions, they will allow the church to no longer perform weddings for unbelievers who refuse to follow the biblical man/woman union.

The crisis will soon manifest. As for me, I will no longer perform marriages for unbelievers. In America I will no longer use or allow the church to be used for weddings. Weddings will be in places chosen by the bride and groom. They will be biblical weddings. We will avoid the coming homosexual agenda of using the church for sodomite marriages.

The crisis is coming. Jesus predicted the homosexual rampage of the endtime before the rapture. It is now upon us. The crisis and forcing homosexuality upon the church is at the church doors the same as they pounded on Lot’s door.

The crisis is here.

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[Pastor Reckart Anti-Alleluia Revealed][Church Matters, The Truth About The Reckart Group]

Q: Bishop, why do people hate you and say bad things about you on the internet? I just read some hateful stuff by Kendrick Clark, Witchvox/Kerr Cuhulain, some UPC pastor in the Philippines named Carl Cortez, and some really bad accusers on apostolicfriendsforum. I viewed also a video by James Owens from Ireland. Can you answer why these hate you?

A: Whew….

Well, first: I did not attack any of these people or their church or coven(s).

Second: I am hated by a long list of people, not just the ones you mentioned. These feed on each other’s hate and will usually copy, cut, and paste each other’s rants to make it appear they are right because they found someone else who hates me. So, they are accusers in unity when it comes to the name and person Reckart. This, even though many of them disagree on several other doctrines, greater in importance than the couple issues they attack against me. But the unity of haters ignore these differences to focus in on their common target of hate and they love for that to be me. But, my faith and my salvation are unaffected by these accusers.

Here is a partial list of those who hate me:

Jewish Rabbis (successors of the Pharisees)
Trinitarians (three god Nicene Creed people)
Oneness Catholics (Oneness people who hold many Catholic traditions and doctrines)
Biarians (two god people)
Arians (Jehovah Witnesses and other twosies)
Dynamic Monarchians (Jesus was only a man and will forever be only the Son of God)
YHWH/YHVH cults (Kabbalist, Masons, Illuminati, New World Order, Sacred-namers, to many others to name)
Trinitarian apostles, Oneness apostles, all modern apostles
Preterist: both full and partial
Women preachers, women prophetesses, women apostles, women elders, etc, etc.
King James Version only people (who reject prior translations as being corrupt)
Masoretic text supporters (who deny Jesus and the Apostles used only the Septuagint)
Pre-trib rapture radicals (who deny Jesus taught a Post-Tribulation rapture)
Witches and satanist: Wicca, church of satan, many other satanist
Hebrew Roots Movement (concision, law-keepers, sabbath-keepers, polygamist)
Anti-Acts 2:38 baptism people (trinitarians, Lord Jesus Christ FSHG three-in-one Oneness)
Anti-Patripassians (usually all of the above)
Baby baptizers (who think the Catholic church had it right)
Black Hebrew Israelites (generally racist who hate white people)
Double veil, artificial veil, who demand all women and girls wear a fake head covering
No altar in the church people (claim altars are Catholic and pagan, forget the Tabernacle,Temple, and Heaven)
Anti-Lord supper on the Jewish Passover, hold instead New Years or some other time
Liberals: generally are opposed to holiness and holiness standards
Corporate Organizations: those who believe their organization is the Bride of Christ, all others go to hell
Babylonian/Catholic ministerial hierarchy groups
Anti-Pastor people: who believe the Church should be run by a board of Deacons and Elders to whom the Pastor is subjected
False prophets who use religion as a means to get money from unsuspecting people

This is just a short list.

I am accused by them of being opinionated, radical, insane, arrogant, a bigot, crazy, antisemite, pathetic, delirious, denier of the Aramaic Hebrew language, anti-halleluyah, anti-Jehovah, anti-Yahweh, anti-Yahuah, a devil, demon possessed, a secret Jesuit, a member of the Illuminati, a secret freemason, a worshiper of Baphomet, that I sacrifice animals in my church, that I believe in the magic hair doctrine, I refuse to accept baby baptisms, and the rants go on and on.

These people use several alias’ to attack me on the internet. Many hide behind fake names. They all have one united purpose and goal regarding me, and each contribute their own death stroke. Hoping that their stab wounds in my back will be the one to finish me off. They will gather together on Facebook in different groups and are welcome “friends” regardless of their beliefs so long as I am the common denominator of their hate.

All of these named above will say they do not hate me. They just want me to accept their doctrines and so they accuse me of different things to shame me to come into their group or camp. They believe they must put something on the internet to turn people away from me or from reading my research. They believe it is their duty to destroy me, damage my reputation, and do God a service by their hate.

I have been accused of all manner of evil and sin. One YHWH cult member in a debate in Conyers, Georgia said he would kill me if he could get away with it.

While many will not allow their hate to rise to this level, some are almost there. More than one UPCI minister has written to me saying he wished God would kill me. Threatening I would die soon. One threatened he would report me to the Muslims that I had blasphemed Allah and Mohammed and he hope they would kill me. Others had prayed God would strike me down for writing about a doctrine, a tradition, a fable, that they or their group holds. Behind all the false analysis and hate from K. Clark’s “Pastor Gary Reckart Anti-Alleluia Revealed” [Clark exhibits his latent black racism against a white man]; behind Kerr Cuhulain’s “Jesus Messiah Fellowship [1]” [Kerr exhibits his own hate of Christianity while investigating me to exalt satanic wiccaism]; behind the Philippine UPCI Carl Cortez hate, is his hope to save the Catholic doctrines of the UPC from being exposed; behind the “For Pastor Reckart” videos of James Owens [Owens is nothing more than a diacritic (!) in writing about Truth; trying to exalt himself by attacking me concerning tithing and other alleged ethical perversions he has invented]; and behind the rants of others [motivated by religious deceptions they do not want exposed]; are several of the issues named above. They think by attacking me they can elevate themselves to a position of respect and honor by tearing down and destroying their chief adversarial foe. I am sure they are not finished with their hate. All they can achieve in it, is the destruction of innocent souls. They will never overcome or defeat me. And many who have emailed about them do not believe their nonsense and see through their shameful scheming attacks. Only the haters have accepted the words of the haters. They who love the Truth will escape from them. I have not lost a single friend.

I realize that Truth will always have its Judas’. And that many will deceive if it is possible the very elect. I have not met many of you. And I will probably never meet many of you personally. Because of this, it may be very easy for you to think, that if all these people are against me, I must be a very bad person. And thus, write me off just as they plotted for you to do. The question is, are you honest? Can you stand to have religious traditions examined? Will you become the victim of someone else’s hate and be turned from the Truth? Do you not know that the Pharisees and members of the temple cult used these same tricks against Jesus and called him a liar, insane, opinionated, a false prophet, beelzebub, a perverter of the nation? What was behind all this hate, which these people thought was their love of Israel and the Temple in action? Is it possible that in these endtimes indeed many false prophets will come forth and join with all manner of anti-christs, and these will hate all who believe in and follow the Truth?

Behind all of this hate is false religion. In one manner or another, each of my haters want their false religious beliefs to be the Truth. I am a danger to them. So, I must be destroyed even if it means men like Clark, Cuhulain, Cortez, and Owens must link arms in some manner to do it.

Let me say here, I am like a tree planted by the waters: I shall not be moved.

I realize I will be hated. I realize like the Apostle Paul, many may depart and forsake me: but like the Apostle Paul, none of their anger, hate, or accusations or rhetoric will turn me from the Truth. I have on the armor of God and nothing they say can harm or hurt me. All it can do is destroy innocent souls whose blood will be on their hands.

I am a ring-leader of a movement to reject the Syrian Babylonian god Yaave [Yahweh] YHWH and the tetragrammaton (and all names and words derived from it including halleluyah and alleluia). My agenda, my goal, my alleged “secret plot”, is to lift the name of Jesus Christ above all names. I am an advocate for the full revelation of Acts 4:12.

Baptize all the babies you want. Make women wear a fake veil. Tear out all the altars in the church. Yell halleluyah. Scream against giving faith tithing. Speak in tongues on sunday night and then hate me soon as you get home on Facebook. Preach Jesus already came back in 70AD. Believe in the trinity or two gods. But as for me and my house and all I can reach, we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ as our God. We will be free churches not controlled by mystery Babylon, rabbis, priests, preachers, organizational corporations,and novices trying to appear as scholars. We are free from the tetragrammaton delusion and we are not departing from the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, name above all names.

Why do people hate me?

Now you know why.

Pastor G. Reckart
A Man God Made

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Hate is an acid of self destruction

Acid comes in different kinds. Some are really bad and some are mild. I remember years ago doing a project in high school with an 18 inch round and flat 10 gauge piece of aluminum. The project was to etch the aluminium with acid so that when completed there would be a design in it. I chose a flower design. My teacher had me to trace the flower on the aluminum. Next, I would take special paint and paint every part of the aluminum that was not the flower. When the paint dried the next step was to brush a thin layer of acid on the exposed aluminum. When I poured out the acid a thin white smoke came from the surface of the aluminum. My teacher told me this was the acid burning the aluminum. At the precise time he told me to take it to the sink and run water on it and wash it with soap. I did this. When I came back, he told me to take some special paint remover and remove the paint. I did this. And wow, what was left was a beautiful flower etched in the aluminum.

I asked my teacher what would happen if the acid was not washed away. He said it would eat all the way through and the aluminum would then be destroyed.

Years later I was trying to clean my drive way of years of oil stains on the concrete. I tried pressure washing and it did not work. I went to the builders supply to get something and the clerk told me that muriatic acid would do it. He gave me precautions. I went back home and poured it out on the concrete. All I saw were tiny bubbles. But before my eyes the concrete started dissolving and disappearing. I ran for the water hose. I washed it all down for several minutes. But my driveway was now ruined. Rats!

A few years after that I woke up one night grabbing my throat. I was chocking and couldn’t breathe. I had acid reflux up in my throat. I soon learned that I had a genetic disorder and it was something I would have to live with and just watch what I eat, and when. Greasy foods was out. I learned that many people have stomach ulcers because of an increase in stomach acid. And a lot of this is caused by stress, emotional issues, and sometimes even being mean-spirited. When I inquired about this, I was told that people who are not at peace within and with others, usually will develop intestinal and stomach disorders. And people abused by others and who stay in that relationship will also get stomach disorders. I did not want any of this. So, I purposed to handle things a different way. I would handle people differently. I would deal with situations differently. I learned how to control stress and to avoid contentious people. And with this new procedure I have avoided several years of upset stomach, acid indigestion, and yes ulcer free.

I then began to observe that when others have a habit of being a screamer, they are mean to their wife and children, others: these develop intestinal issues that can last for years. Some even die from this. It can even lead to stomach cancer. I could not but put together a picture of acid from my high school years to the present and see that acid is not good on the inside of the human body. I soon discovered that hate is like an acid, it destroys from within. It is this hate acid that springs forth in words (verbal or written), that a person will develop as a means to control others. If a man hates his wife for some reason, he will use it to control her by yelling at her. Or if he wants to show his disapproval to a child he will yell harshly.The child will tremble and shake in fear and run away either to mama or some place to hide. It is a normal instinct to get away from growling animals and screaming is a form of growling in my opinion. This is animalism.

Do not devour one another is a scriptural rebuke to men or women who delight in tearing others down, chewing them up, and spitting them out. The acid of hate knows no limits, no restraint, does not know when to stop until damage is done that cannot be repaired. Hate destroys marriages, homes, churches, friendships, and eventually the person who will not stop.

Because hate is like acid, it is so important to handle things in a manner that will allow peace within instead of turmoil. Hate never was a way to show love, friendship or you care. Hate will always be an acid of the mind that destroys the soul.

I have learned to avoid and stay away from acid.

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Is Aramaic the Hebrew language?

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Seeding The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base has been seeded from Babylon until now. This must be defeated. Many will not understand what is meant by this. But many will.

It is now revealed that Aramaic which is called Biblical-Hebrew is not Hebrew at all. Aramaic never was Hebrew. When the rabbis translated the Paleo-Hebrew bible into Aramaic around 300BC, this is when Aramaic was called Biblical-Hebrew. Yes, Aramaic is called Biblical Hebrew because of this translation. These fables and traditions have been seeded into the knowledge base of Judaism as well as Catholicism and Protestantism.

From this Aramaic comes the tetragrammaton YHWH. Yes, YHWH is an Aramaic name it is not a Hebrew name. Consequently, Jehovah, Yahweh, and Yahuah, derived from those four Aramaic letters are Babylonian names. They are not Paleo-Hebrew Jewish names. The workers of iniquity have seeded the knowledge base with a great deception. They have switched out God and his true name and replaced him with a baal god (see Jeremias 23:27). Yes, you read that correctly. We now know YHWH is a baal god. This baal god is then retranslated as LORD God. You see baal means master, lord, husband in the Aramaic Chaldee language. It was no secret that this Babylonian god baal would become a false lord and he would be inserted into the Bible text in over 6,000 places as LORD God which is the same as baal god. But with the knowledge base seeded with lies and false interpretations, many are worshiping this baal god by the use of YHWH. And when they derived Jehovah, Yahweh, and Yahuah from YHWH they were just giving us another name for this baal god.

Mystery Babylon has seeded the knowledge base of theology. But Jesus came and showed us he had no part with Mystery Babylon and its baal god YHWH. If you are reading this, you must research that Aramaic is not Hebrew.When you do this, the Babylonian mystery of the false god that has replaced the true God, will be made known to you.

Jesus will have to reveal it. If he does not reveal it to you, it may be because you would never believe how powerful Mystery Babylon was and how powerful it will become before the coming of Jesus.

Babylon will not win.

I pray for everyone.

Bishop Reckart

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Dog In The Master’s House

Many people are pet lovers. They have dogs inside and outside their homes. The ones allowed inside, you can be sure must be favorable to the owner. These dogs, although dogs, will still obtain a special status by the mere fact they are allowed in the house.

Dogs not allowed in the house are ones that chew everything up. They are put out or given away. Do not be a chew up Gentile.

Dogs not allowed in the house are dogs that bite children or adults. They are put out or given away. Do not be a biting Gentile.

You can be sure if a dog is allowed in the house it is by special permission of the house owner. All of us know, if a dog is allowed in someone’s house, that is their business. And if you are a visitor to that house, you do not speak evil of the dog or mistreat it. You may be asked to leave. If you were a good guest you would never think of kicking or beating someone else’s dog.

Dogs that are fed in the house are allowed to eat what ever the owner gives it. Do not argue with an owner what he feeds his dog. Do not cause trouble with friendship over a man’s dog. Do not hurt little children by being mean to their dog. Just remember, the dog is not yours. If others allow a dog in their home, then accept it or do not go to that home.

Dogs that are fed in the house are good dogs.
Dogs allowed in the house are good dogs.
Dogs that find sympathy in a house are loved.
Dogs that are not creating trouble are welcome in the house.
Dogs that create trouble are not allowed in the house.

Gentiles were considered dogs by the Jews. They were unclean according to the Levitical diet. Although many Jews did not like Gentiles they allowed the dogs they likened Gentiles to into their homes. These dogs were used for guard dogs. They were household pets for children. They were used by shepherds to help protect sheep. Dogs were used for lots of good things. What ever they could use a dog for, Jews believed they could use Gentiles for. But, they refused to allow Gentiles in their homes and certainly not allowed in the temple or synagogues to have a relationship with God.

A woman came to Jesus needing a miracle for her daughter. Jesus told her it was not proper to give the children’s food to the dogs. The Gentile woman responded that even dogs eat the crumbs from their master’s table. This means the master had allowed certain dogs in the house. It also means those in the house were allowed to eat the crumbs. This means that Gentiles maybe considered dogs, but Jesus has allowed them into his house.

Yes, still a soldier. Yes, still have my armor on. Yes, still living holy. Yes, still a Jesus name believer. Yes, still reject the tetragrammaton and all the guess names from it. Yes, still a believer by faith in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Have not quit. I have a Master. And although I am counted as a dog by orthodox rabbis and Jews, this dog eats crumbs from the Master’s table.

I do not mind calling them crumbs. It is not an insult to the Master or to me. I am fed and in the house and not about to complain and bite my Master’s hand, his leg, or his ankle. I am as good a Gentile dog as they come. Of course my Master has trained and taught me. You see, I was a stray dog, dumped out as a puppy. And I hunted not only for spiritual food, I wanted a real home. This stray dog wanted a Master.

I did not come to the Master’s house barking with a threatening growl. I came with my tail between my legs. You see, the world had beaten me up. I was abused by sinful people. They called me a cur. The chased me away with mean words. They said I was one dog they did not want around. They chased me away.

I tried to be friendly but I was a stray, a cur, and I needed someone to take me in, clean me up, and give me a place in the Master’s house. I did not care if it was in a corner, or even on the back porch: I was accepted and given a warm welcome by the Master.

I knew when I felt his first touch, a gentle touch on the head and warmth and a tingling went from head to foot, that he had sympathy on me, would show me love, and claim me as his own.

Yes, I may be a Gentile dog. My pedigree may be that of a stray. But I am in the Master’s house. I may even be under the table. But I am right where I can watch the feet of my Master. And I promise, if anyone attacks my Master, they got me to contend with. You see, I am a dog in the Master’s house.

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Dogs are allowed in the house.

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Put God Jesus Above Chickens

Tithing by faith is a New Testament doctrine. Many have denied the Apostles were all tithe givers. Many deny Jesus chose tithe givers as Apostles. In fact, Jesus himself has to be a tithe giver or he was in violation of the Law concerning tithes.

I know many hate me because I said I did not want to have fellowship with anyone who refuses to give tithing by faith. And there are several ranters still going on and on about my statement that I do not want any minister associated with me who does not believe in and give faith tithing.

I will not back down. I do not care how many videos people make. I do not care how many Facebook pages people attack me on. I decided a long time ago that my name was not important, Truth was important. A person can attack and destroy my name but they cannot destroy the Truth.

I know also, that many are led astray following anti-tithers and their illogical contradictory stories and make up lies, to give reasons why tithing is not a New Testament act of faith. But I decided these can try to go to heaven on the anti-tithing hate they spew, while I will go to heaven teaching it is more blessed to give than to receive. I will continue to teach faith tithing because it is still the New Testament way of showing respect to God Jesus and supporting both his Pastors and the work of the Church.

I give tithing and Jesus has blessed me. I am a witness that faith tithing works. I cannot doubt the testimony I have of the blessings of God. I know why I am blessed. And no anti-tither will ever be able to convince me my blessings came by luck, accident, or coincident. The rule of sowing and reaping is still New Testament.

Yes, a lot of people are cursed financially because they do not put God first. They have not given their tithe. And they wonder why they cannot get ahead or be blessed. Just as in the natural you reap several months after you sow, even so in the spiritual, you reap several months after you sow. If you sow every week, soon you start reaping every week.

Ok, a chicken story.

A have some chickens, They are begining to lay eggs after nearly 6 months of raisng and feeding them. Blessing time is coming. And the hens cackle each time to announce they gave me another blessing. They are happy. They are happy givers. And I continue to give them not only good feed, I get them delicious little snacks from time to time, like an ear of corn, or a half of watermellon. Wow, they love me. When they see me coming, snack or not, they come running and gather around me. They know I am nice to them. I have always treated them tender and nice. I talk nice to them. Even to the roosters. They will eat out of my hand. So, what have the chickens learned. They have learned to give. And I give back. If it works with chickens is God less than a chicken? You give to God and he will give back to you. At least allow God to be above chickens…..

Jesus bless you all, Amen……

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