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Put God Jesus Above Chickens

Tithing by faith is a New Testament doctrine. Many have denied the Apostles were all tithe givers. Many deny Jesus chose tithe givers as Apostles. In fact, Jesus himself has to be a tithe giver or he was in violation of the Law concerning tithes.

I know many hate me because I said I did not want to have fellowship with anyone who refuses to give tithing by faith. And there are several ranters still going on and on about my statement that I do not want any minister associated with me who does not believe in and give faith tithing.

I will not back down. I do not care how many videos people make. I do not care how many Facebook pages people attack me on. I decided a long time ago that my name was not important, Truth was important. A person can attack and destroy my name but they cannot destroy the Truth.

I know also, that many are led astray following anti-tithers and their illogical contradictory stories and make up lies, to give reasons why tithing is not a New Testament act of faith. But I decided these can try to go to heaven on the anti-tithing hate they spew, while I will go to heaven teaching it is more blessed to give than to receive. I will continue to teach faith tithing because it is still the New Testament way of showing respect to God Jesus and supporting both his Pastors and the work of the Church.

I give tithing and Jesus has blessed me. I am a witness that faith tithing works. I cannot doubt the testimony I have of the blessings of God. I know why I am blessed. And no anti-tither will ever be able to convince me my blessings came by luck, accident, or coincident. The rule of sowing and reaping is still New Testament.

Yes, a lot of people are cursed financially because they do not put God first. They have not given their tithe. And they wonder why they cannot get ahead or be blessed. Just as in the natural you reap several months after you sow, even so in the spiritual, you reap several months after you sow. If you sow every week, soon you start reaping every week.

Ok, a chicken story.

A have some chickens, They are begining to lay eggs after nearly 6 months of raisng and feeding them. Blessing time is coming. And the hens cackle each time to announce they gave me another blessing. They are happy. They are happy givers. And I continue to give them not only good feed, I get them delicious little snacks from time to time, like an ear of corn, or a half of watermellon. Wow, they love me. When they see me coming, snack or not, they come running and gather around me. They know I am nice to them. I have always treated them tender and nice. I talk nice to them. Even to the roosters. They will eat out of my hand. So, what have the chickens learned. They have learned to give. And I give back. If it works with chickens is God less than a chicken? You give to God and he will give back to you. At least allow God to be above chickens…..

Jesus bless you all, Amen……

October 3, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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