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Dog In The Master’s House

Many people are pet lovers. They have dogs inside and outside their homes. The ones allowed inside, you can be sure must be favorable to the owner. These dogs, although dogs, will still obtain a special status by the mere fact they are allowed in the house.

Dogs not allowed in the house are ones that chew everything up. They are put out or given away. Do not be a chew up Gentile.

Dogs not allowed in the house are dogs that bite children or adults. They are put out or given away. Do not be a biting Gentile.

You can be sure if a dog is allowed in the house it is by special permission of the house owner. All of us know, if a dog is allowed in someone’s house, that is their business. And if you are a visitor to that house, you do not speak evil of the dog or mistreat it. You may be asked to leave. If you were a good guest you would never think of kicking or beating someone else’s dog.

Dogs that are fed in the house are allowed to eat what ever the owner gives it. Do not argue with an owner what he feeds his dog. Do not cause trouble with friendship over a man’s dog. Do not hurt little children by being mean to their dog. Just remember, the dog is not yours. If others allow a dog in their home, then accept it or do not go to that home.

Dogs that are fed in the house are good dogs.
Dogs allowed in the house are good dogs.
Dogs that find sympathy in a house are loved.
Dogs that are not creating trouble are welcome in the house.
Dogs that create trouble are not allowed in the house.

Gentiles were considered dogs by the Jews. They were unclean according to the Levitical diet. Although many Jews did not like Gentiles they allowed the dogs they likened Gentiles to into their homes. These dogs were used for guard dogs. They were household pets for children. They were used by shepherds to help protect sheep. Dogs were used for lots of good things. What ever they could use a dog for, Jews believed they could use Gentiles for. But, they refused to allow Gentiles in their homes and certainly not allowed in the temple or synagogues to have a relationship with God.

A woman came to Jesus needing a miracle for her daughter. Jesus told her it was not proper to give the children’s food to the dogs. The Gentile woman responded that even dogs eat the crumbs from their master’s table. This means the master had allowed certain dogs in the house. It also means those in the house were allowed to eat the crumbs. This means that Gentiles maybe considered dogs, but Jesus has allowed them into his house.

Yes, still a soldier. Yes, still have my armor on. Yes, still living holy. Yes, still a Jesus name believer. Yes, still reject the tetragrammaton and all the guess names from it. Yes, still a believer by faith in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Have not quit. I have a Master. And although I am counted as a dog by orthodox rabbis and Jews, this dog eats crumbs from the Master’s table.

I do not mind calling them crumbs. It is not an insult to the Master or to me. I am fed and in the house and not about to complain and bite my Master’s hand, his leg, or his ankle. I am as good a Gentile dog as they come. Of course my Master has trained and taught me. You see, I was a stray dog, dumped out as a puppy. And I hunted not only for spiritual food, I wanted a real home. This stray dog wanted a Master.

I did not come to the Master’s house barking with a threatening growl. I came with my tail between my legs. You see, the world had beaten me up. I was abused by sinful people. They called me a cur. The chased me away with mean words. They said I was one dog they did not want around. They chased me away.

I tried to be friendly but I was a stray, a cur, and I needed someone to take me in, clean me up, and give me a place in the Master’s house. I did not care if it was in a corner, or even on the back porch: I was accepted and given a warm welcome by the Master.

I knew when I felt his first touch, a gentle touch on the head and warmth and a tingling went from head to foot, that he had sympathy on me, would show me love, and claim me as his own.

Yes, I may be a Gentile dog. My pedigree may be that of a stray. But I am in the Master’s house. I may even be under the table. But I am right where I can watch the feet of my Master. And I promise, if anyone attacks my Master, they got me to contend with. You see, I am a dog in the Master’s house.

October 5, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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