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Seeding The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base has been seeded from Babylon until now. This must be defeated. Many will not understand what is meant by this. But many will.

It is now revealed that Aramaic which is called Biblical-Hebrew is not Hebrew at all. Aramaic never was Hebrew. When the rabbis translated the Paleo-Hebrew bible into Aramaic around 300BC, this is when Aramaic was called Biblical-Hebrew. Yes, Aramaic is called Biblical Hebrew because of this translation. These fables and traditions have been seeded into the knowledge base of Judaism as well as Catholicism and Protestantism.

From this Aramaic comes the tetragrammaton YHWH. Yes, YHWH is an Aramaic name it is not a Hebrew name. Consequently, Jehovah, Yahweh, and Yahuah, derived from those four Aramaic letters are Babylonian names. They are not Paleo-Hebrew Jewish names. The workers of iniquity have seeded the knowledge base with a great deception. They have switched out God and his true name and replaced him with a baal god (see Jeremias 23:27). Yes, you read that correctly. We now know YHWH is a baal god. This baal god is then retranslated as LORD God. You see baal means master, lord, husband in the Aramaic Chaldee language. It was no secret that this Babylonian god baal would become a false lord and he would be inserted into the Bible text in over 6,000 places as LORD God which is the same as baal god. But with the knowledge base seeded with lies and false interpretations, many are worshiping this baal god by the use of YHWH. And when they derived Jehovah, Yahweh, and Yahuah from YHWH they were just giving us another name for this baal god.

Mystery Babylon has seeded the knowledge base of theology. But Jesus came and showed us he had no part with Mystery Babylon and its baal god YHWH. If you are reading this, you must research that Aramaic is not Hebrew.When you do this, the Babylonian mystery of the false god that has replaced the true God, will be made known to you.

Jesus will have to reveal it. If he does not reveal it to you, it may be because you would never believe how powerful Mystery Babylon was and how powerful it will become before the coming of Jesus.

Babylon will not win.

I pray for everyone.

Bishop Reckart


October 6, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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