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Hate is an acid of self destruction

Acid comes in different kinds. Some are really bad and some are mild. I remember years ago doing a project in high school with an 18 inch round and flat 10 gauge piece of aluminum. The project was to etch the aluminium with acid so that when completed there would be a design in it. I chose a flower design. My teacher had me to trace the flower on the aluminum. Next, I would take special paint and paint every part of the aluminum that was not the flower. When the paint dried the next step was to brush a thin layer of acid on the exposed aluminum. When I poured out the acid a thin white smoke came from the surface of the aluminum. My teacher told me this was the acid burning the aluminum. At the precise time he told me to take it to the sink and run water on it and wash it with soap. I did this. When I came back, he told me to take some special paint remover and remove the paint. I did this. And wow, what was left was a beautiful flower etched in the aluminum.

I asked my teacher what would happen if the acid was not washed away. He said it would eat all the way through and the aluminum would then be destroyed.

Years later I was trying to clean my drive way of years of oil stains on the concrete. I tried pressure washing and it did not work. I went to the builders supply to get something and the clerk told me that muriatic acid would do it. He gave me precautions. I went back home and poured it out on the concrete. All I saw were tiny bubbles. But before my eyes the concrete started dissolving and disappearing. I ran for the water hose. I washed it all down for several minutes. But my driveway was now ruined. Rats!

A few years after that I woke up one night grabbing my throat. I was chocking and couldn’t breathe. I had acid reflux up in my throat. I soon learned that I had a genetic disorder and it was something I would have to live with and just watch what I eat, and when. Greasy foods was out. I learned that many people have stomach ulcers because of an increase in stomach acid. And a lot of this is caused by stress, emotional issues, and sometimes even being mean-spirited. When I inquired about this, I was told that people who are not at peace within and with others, usually will develop intestinal and stomach disorders. And people abused by others and who stay in that relationship will also get stomach disorders. I did not want any of this. So, I purposed to handle things a different way. I would handle people differently. I would deal with situations differently. I learned how to control stress and to avoid contentious people. And with this new procedure I have avoided several years of upset stomach, acid indigestion, and yes ulcer free.

I then began to observe that when others have a habit of being a screamer, they are mean to their wife and children, others: these develop intestinal issues that can last for years. Some even die from this. It can even lead to stomach cancer. I could not but put together a picture of acid from my high school years to the present and see that acid is not good on the inside of the human body. I soon discovered that hate is like an acid, it destroys from within. It is this hate acid that springs forth in words (verbal or written), that a person will develop as a means to control others. If a man hates his wife for some reason, he will use it to control her by yelling at her. Or if he wants to show his disapproval to a child he will yell harshly.The child will tremble and shake in fear and run away either to mama or some place to hide. It is a normal instinct to get away from growling animals and screaming is a form of growling in my opinion. This is animalism.

Do not devour one another is a scriptural rebuke to men or women who delight in tearing others down, chewing them up, and spitting them out. The acid of hate knows no limits, no restraint, does not know when to stop until damage is done that cannot be repaired. Hate destroys marriages, homes, churches, friendships, and eventually the person who will not stop.

Because hate is like acid, it is so important to handle things in a manner that will allow peace within instead of turmoil. Hate never was a way to show love, friendship or you care. Hate will always be an acid of the mind that destroys the soul.

I have learned to avoid and stay away from acid.


October 23, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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