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Marriage Crisis Is Coming

The coming marriage crisis.

Before governments took control over marriages to make a profit on taxing the license, they were performed by ministers before witnesses and sponsors. They were recorded in the church record book. Christian marriages were not controlled by the state, the government. There was separation of church and state.

When the church let the state take over control of marriages, it became a part of the world system. For over 150 years American churches have allowed the state to dictate who could and who could not be married. We went along with this to show respect and honor to authority. One thing was always foremost: a church was not forced to perform marriages it did not believe was a biblical union. But now that is changing.

Because the supreme court has approved and legalized homosexual marriages, churches will either perform them or be liable for breaking the law, and the minister and church officials open to be jailed and fined thousands of dollars a day. In addition, the homosexuals can sue the church for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They can obtain judgments against the church property and force it to be sold to pay them.

The crisis is building. If a church does not accept the rainbow symbol of being acceptable to homosexual marriages, it will be subject to fines, ministers to imprisonment, and properties confiscated. What will we do?

A solution is that Christians will revert back to colonial days when a man and woman got married before family, witnesses, and sponsors, and no longer seek government registration. While these may be looked upon as common law unions, they will allow the church to no longer perform weddings for unbelievers who refuse to follow the biblical man/woman union.

The crisis will soon manifest. As for me, I will no longer perform marriages for unbelievers. In America I will no longer use or allow the church to be used for weddings. Weddings will be in places chosen by the bride and groom. They will be biblical weddings. We will avoid the coming homosexual agenda of using the church for sodomite marriages.

The crisis is coming. Jesus predicted the homosexual rampage of the endtime before the rapture. It is now upon us. The crisis and forcing homosexuality upon the church is at the church doors the same as they pounded on Lot’s door.

The crisis is here.


October 26, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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