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YHWH Mysticism Continues To Spread Throughout The World

Yaave ilum=Yahweh god; Babil=Babel. Abu=father; Numrud=Nimrod: father of Nimrod. full interpretation: Yahweh god of Babel father of Nimrod.

Jewish mystics have for centuries tried to unlock alleged secrets in the Babylonian god name Yaave, which we know today as Yahweh, YHWH/YHVH, the well known tetragrammaton. The god Yaave was the chief god of the Syrian Babylonian pantheon. Why Jewish rabbis in Babylon decided this god was the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is unknown. I personally believe it was a compromise of the Jewish religion with paganism on the same level as Catholicism has compromised paganism with Christianity.The name of this new Syrian god Yaave was then incorporated into the Aramaic Syrian language bible around 300BC. In this translation Yaave became the new LORD. And this new LORD was inserted into the biblical scrolls as YHWH. In the perversion of the Paleo-Hebrew scrolls this god was inscribed as Yod-Hey-Va-Hey. When Paleo-Hebrew became an extinct language around 100AD, the Aramaic bible translation took the center stage. It was fully impregnated with this Babylonian Syrian god Yaave name as YHWH. No one can research this god and not see it is an Aramaic deity.

The reason many cannot accept these facts is that their knowledge base has been corrupted with centuries of fables from rabbis and monks. Both of which are well known to deal in mysticism and gnosticism of all kinds. They were searching for the magic powers alleged to be contained in the utterance of this lost secret name. These totally lost all knowledge that this name was from Babylon and the root was the Aramaic Syrian god Yaave. Their knowledge base was corrupt. They trusted rabbis who called Aramaic the Hebrew language. Even today, the majority of scholars refer to the Aramaic language as the Hebrew language. They call it biblical Hebrew. They all know it is Aramaic and from Babylon. They all know the Israelites did not use or speak this language before going to Babylon as captives. In spite of this knowledge, they continue the fraud of calling Aramaic biblical Hebrew. They never call Paleo-Hebrew biblical Hebrew. That would confuse students who would then ask how there can be two biblical Hebrew languages?

All of the modern sacred name cults use the Aramaic language with its modified square invented rabbinical script. This is another deception. The rabbis are trying to pass on this new square lettered alphabet as the real Hebrew language when it is in fact nothing but a new calligraphy form of Aramaic. With the addition of vowel points of dots and dashes it looks like a complete new language. And when idiots claim this is biblical Hebrew the mass of ignorant students are stricken with awe and shock at this alleged God inspired holy language that came from heaven. This is the greatest religious deception of all time. It is greater than all the Catholic apostasies, the Arian apostasies, and even Christian gnostism. This new alleged holy language of God is used by all the satanic and sacred name cults. There is a massive world-wide conspiracy to deceive the nations by inviting millions to learn to read and speak this new biblical Hebrew. Many are being suckered into this religious sham believing that the rabbis would not dare pervert the Bible or deceive the world with a Babylonian language that was not God’s holy tongue. But they are deceived. Millions are deceived.

This is why all of these from the rabbis to the cults, hate the name of Jesus Christ and want it destroyed from the earth. They want us to accept this Babylonian language and their Syrian god Yaave but by the name of Yahweh, Yehweh, Yahuah, or some other name derived strictly from the Aramaic language.

I will tell you straight out, Babylonian Aramaic is not a holy tongue. It is not a sacred language that holds mysteries and secret power if the letters are aligned up in a particular manner. YHWH is not the name of God. Jesus is the name of God and it has nothing to do with this Aramaic Babylon language. The name of Jesus came to earth on the lips of an angel. It did not come from the tower of Babel and the Aramaic language.

If you are a true believer in the name of Jesus Christ, you will never accept the tetragrammaton as the name of God. You will not accept Aramaic as the sacred language of heaven. You will be challenged over and over with lies, deceptions, and crafty fables to try to lead you away from the name of Jesus Christ to the name of a Babylonian god. If you recant or deny the name of Jesus Christ you will be damned. There is no salvation in any other name. Acts 4:12 seals this forever.

While I am being attacked by many, you may ask why all of my attackers are believers in Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahuah, Yahshua, and names derived from the Babylonian god Yaave. Yaave when pronounced is spelled phonetically as Ya(h)-ve(h). This is the same as Yahveh, and Yahweh. It is the same god.

Do not be deceived. There are many false prophets in the world today. If they do not speak according to the Truth it is because there is no Truth in them.

Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ above all names.

Pastor G. Reckart
A Man God Made

October 27, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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  1. Also many Witchcraft books also show one how to use Aramaic words and letters in spell casting and Sacred Geo-Math. Tarot Cards have Aramaic letters and words on them. Pagan and Satanic robes and Temples have these letters all over them. The very Pentagram symbol of the Church of Satan has Aramaic letters on the seal of the Satanic Goat of Medes with the five pointed star. One would have to be a nut to see this as a holy symbols Numbers letters Angelic signs or language.

    Very good Pastor and truth! Satanist Pagans Wiccians Masons Luciferians all use Latin and Aramaic to cruse people cause lust/love spells or for Satanic signs and wonders. Also they use Aramaic to literally talk to and worship fallen evil angels. This is really the language of Witches and the math of Witches. Each letter in Aramaic also symbols a number and a Demon even a season or spell. When you put different Aramaic letters together in certain patterns they are used to foretell things and give a Witch esoteric understandings and even access to different spells or Demons.

    I use to study this strongly then I cam to an understanding that I was learning pure ancient 5000 year old Babylonian/Syrian/Persian and Canaanite Witchcraft. I stopped my studies when I realized what was going on. I had rabbis that informed me that Aramaic when spoken could call forth spirits! Not many will believe this. Some even informed me that if you make a clay body and put certain “Hebrew/Aramaic” letters on its forehead that it would come to life by the power of a spirit. Crazy stuff and fire that many are playing with. Yah is Satan the king of the gods (Devils) he had a vile sex crazy wife called Ishtar/Isis/Venus/Ashtaroth the Queen of Heaven. They were and are symbolized by the “Lord and Lady” of a coven. Their son was Baal forming the Pagan Trinity.

    Even the top officials of the UPCI teach that God’s Name is Yah! how sad. Thanks for posting this for me.

    Dr. Clinton Willis

    Comment by G Reckart | October 28, 2014

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