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Can A Christian Become Demon Possessed?

The question came to me from someone who has been reading a lot of hateful things posted against me. The Question was: can a Christian become demon possessed?

The answer is yes.

Over the years I have seen several people once filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized in Jesus’ name, and a member of the Church; who became demon possessed.

When a person departs from the way of the Spirit and begins to walk in the flesh, they begin to manifest the works of the devil, One of those I have observed is rebellion. This was the first manifestation of lucifer to be possessed of evil and this inward change turned him into a devil. I think lucifer became a devil instantly the split second he thought to rebel against God. It all started in his mind. His thoughts became rebellious. And these became his motivation to manifest outwardly against God.

The very first demon thought he could replace God. This led him to begin his massive campaign to deceive other angels. His deception had to be with words, speeches, attacks against God’s integrity, against God’s ethics, against God’s very nature of sovereign King. It is obvious from what we read in the Scriptures, lucifer wanted his throne. He wanted angels who he did not create to follow him in his revolt. He was so full of himself, his own self-righteousness, his own exalted ego, that he wanted God dead. Imagine that. I believe if he had accomplished taking God’s throne he would have actually tried to kill God. I believe lucifer is the very first being who had the killer and murderer spirit in him. I believe Jesus said it clearly when he said he “was a murderer from the beginning.”

You see, to cause a natural death at your hands is murder. But what about a spiritual death? Angels are spiritual. Can angels spiritually die? Can their spirit become dead toward God? Isn’t hell or the lake of fire the second death? And is it not true lucifer and his demon angels will be cast into this eternal torment?

Death is a separation. We speak of relationships being dead. We speak about “dead silence” when a person will not speak to us because of ill feelings or a separation that cannot be reconciled. Death to the human body is a separation and death to the soul is a separation from God. Being dead to God and alive to the world is not a great mystery. It is the same as dead to God but alive to lucifer. It is like an adulterous wife who becomes dead to her husband and alive to her lover. There is this inner change where the spirit has changed. It was this kind of inner change in spirit that lucifer became dead to God. He is the death angel now. Every where the devil shows up he wants to bring death both to the body and to the soul. He has his mission.
We are living in an era where many people are giving themselves over to become demon possessed. Many men and women are accepting demons within them. And they are turning against the faithful servants of God. Michael the archangel withstood lucifer over the body of Moses. Moses, dead, was still more important to God than lucifer. Why would lucifer want the body of Moses? Moses was not one of his followers. Moses was a servant of God. It is clear to me that lucifer wanted the body of Moses so he could try to manifest himself in it to the Jews and to the world. When lucifer wanted to be like God, he wanted to steal the glory of God. And he wanted to steal the glory that was upon Moses on Mt. Horeb. But he cannot have this glory. You see, God made Moses when he was born. Moses was made by God. God makes all of his servants. To be made by God means you perform what God created you to be. Anytime a man created by God steps forth he will have enemies who will protest. This exposes men and women being demon possessed. All you have to do is oppose them and the demon will talk.
Right now there are many demons talking and talking and talking against men and women God has made. If you are one of these expect lucifer and his demons to show up. And yes, expect many who claim they are Christians to manifest themselves via rebellion and the very spirit nature of lucifer.

Herein we will see the world of darkness and the Kingdom of Light in conflict.

Symptoms of a demon possessed person:

Bipolar: sweet and kind and the next instant in a rage;
Screamers: most demon possessed persons are screamers. Let a wife or child make them angry and they will lash out with screaming.
Verbal abuse: every demon possessed person will use verbal abuse of wife, others, and children. Anything can set them off. But they feel justified by saying “look what you made me say, look what you made me do.”

Physical abuse: all demon possessed persons will physically abuse a wife, a girl friend, a boy friend, a child. Afterwards they become apologetic, will even cry buckets of tears, and beg for forgiveness. This cycle repeats itself over and over until the injuries are severe and can cause death.

Internet verbal abuse is the same as verbal abuse in person. Learn how to identify internet bullying. Learn how to identify internet stalking. Men and women with demons will bully and stalk their victim. How to identify these, is they will use several false names and alias’. Their bully and stalking tactics can become at first verbal, name-calling, ridicule, mocking, scoffing, and saying perverse things. If this happens to you or to someone you know, do not stand by and do nothing. Report such behavior to the proper authorities. You can report it on Facebook and or on Youtube. Report it as stalking and bullying.

This is how demons take over a person. Yes, demons can use men and women who were once holy and true. After all, this was the history of lucifer. Even as lucifer pretends today as an angel of light, even so many men once good men have become demon possessed. Many women the same. If you see a man or woman assaulting a man of God or a woman of God, whether it is verbally, on Facebook, on Youtube, or some other venue: mark that person because they are walking disorderly and not according to the Spirit.

We know lucifer became a demon and we also know many men and women who were once Christians have become demon possessed. Guard your heart, your mind, your soul, and your spirit. Do not become demon possessed.

Yes, kingdoms in conflict.

I have chosen to resist the devil no matter who he shows up in.


October 31, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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