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We Must Understand The Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom of God was never Israel specific.

There is great undeniable evidence the Kingdom of God was to fill the whole earth and include Gentiles of all races.

Anyone who thinks the Kingdom of God is Israel or Jewish specific is wrong.

I said so because the Bible says so.


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7-4-1996 Where were you in the work of God on this date?

When Is The End?
Pastor G. Reckart

Achievement and endurance are two divine attributes that work in alliance within a soul that has been saved. The greater the goal and the harder the difficulty, more glory and honor comes to those who achieve and endure. Perhaps we might think of these qualities along this thought, that if a person has no goals and no vigor of endurance, they have very little or no encentive. A Minister I know well said, “if you take away from the people the idea of a Pre-Tribulation secret rapture, they will think they wait until the wrath of Gdo falls to get saved and have no incentive to live for God and be ready for the rapture. The Minister confessed he didn’t like the Post-Trib doctrine because he felt it would lead people to think that they have plenty of time to get right with God and could afford to wait until the see the tribulation events before considering salvation. When people loose fear of missing the secret rapture, they won’t fear God he said. This friend perfectly demonstrates my points. Those who are looking and hoping for the secret snatch, are willing to achieve and to endure ONLY if they are not required to suffer persecution. Their idea of achievement is to be counted worthy of the quick air ride, the secret escape. Any idea of having a last day testimony, what ever the endurance, is considered silly and berift of intelligence. They who think in this manner, are not prepared or willing to suffer or endure for the Gospel’s sake, if it means going to the end of the tribulation for their faith.

The real argument about when the end of the Church age happens, is rooted in how a person measures themselves in light of achievement and endurance as Christians in the endtime. In short, those of little love for Christ, cannot bear to envision themselves being tested for their faith. The secret escape is their way of confessing they do not have either the courage or the faith to be tested. They see the tribulation as being asked to do what is beyond the requirments of salvation. These believe that if they are tested by beatings, prison, loss of property, humiliation before the public, or even bloodshed, that this is tantamount to God beating his bride. Hello! The Pre-Tribs have hurled this innundo into our faces more than once. GOD BEAT HIS BRIDE? Were not the Apostles in the Bride? Were not the tens of thousands of Saints killed by theJews, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, in the Bride? If it is not considered God beating his Bride, if these suffered and were persecuted for their faith, is it not a bit stupid to suggest that if the endtime Church suffers as these, that God IS BEATING his Bride? This Pre-Trib candy-stick has but one purpose, and that is to lull the ignorant and unlearned into believing the lie that God will not tolerate or permit Christians to suffer for their faith. The endtime Christians should not forget the bloody history of the first four centuries of the Christian Church. They should not forget the bloody reformation period when millions suffered and perished. God beating his bride? How could such a perposteous accusation be laid upon God, for allowing the persecution, suffering, and bloodshed of these faithful martyers of the Apostolic faith? The truth of when is the end of the Church age, is accepted or rejected based upon how a person’s faith is judged by themselves. If they are weak they will want a quick escape. If they love Truth and Christ, they are willing to suffer, and this means if necessary facaing the antichrist with bravery and faith. If we accept that persecution and even death was often inflicted upon the Saints, beginning with Abel, then we wonder what the point is, in trying to deceive people that they can escape this: all because God does not want to be accused of beating his Bride. Let me say that those who propose this falsehood are advocating sheer fallacy and are utterly bereft of scriptural sanction. This posture is retalitory behavior by Pre-Tribs against Post-Trib believers, and is an open rebuke of our faith and that of those martyres who have suffered and died for this Gospel.

When is the end? Those weak in faith, and who accordingly interpret scripture, move the end from the end of the tribulation to a time period prior to the beginning of the tribulation. They say the end is before persecution and the antichrist comes on the scene. Is this true? Would God spare the endtime Church when he did not spare the early Church from persecution and death? Is the endtime Church to be exempted from the tests of overcoming and endurance the early Church experienced at the hands of antichrist?

Matthew 10:22 reports that the Apostolic Church will be hated of all nations for the name sake of Jesus Christ in Acts 2:38 baptism. Jesus promised however, that if the Apostolic believers would not cave in or give up,but endure unto the end of the Church age or their alotted time on earth, they SHALL BE SAVED. There is no escapism taught here. Or the idea that if a person suffers it would be tantamount toGod beating his Bride.

Matthew 24:13 is a tribulation setting and the persecution is against the Saints who are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. There is only one Gospel according to the Apostle Paul, and it is the everlasting Gospel in Revelation 14:6. It is to be preachaed to all nations according to Matthew 24:14, thus rulling out the novice idea this Gospel is only for one nation, the Jews. In Matthew 24:13 the word “end” is in reference to the tribulation and persecution of antichrist against the Saints. This happens at the end of the tribulation, that is why the tribulation Saints are given precise times and events to monitor so they can recognize not only the identity of antichrist, but the soon appearance of their deliverence. The word, “end” here certainly means that tribulation time period. I have always thought it amusing that the Pre-Tribs will say that Matthew 24 is for Israel only, and then turn and quote this verse in the Church as if it applies to their endurance until the coming of Christ.

1Cor. 1:8 Paul speaks of being confirmed unto the end, and then points to the day of the Lord, or the resurrection and second coming as THE TIME OF THE END! Even Pre-Tribs confess that the Day of the Lord is the second coming. Paul said the day of the Lord shall not come until the man of sin is revealed [2Thes. 2:3]. Yet the Pre-Tribs say the day of the Lord comes BEFORE the man of sin is revealed. Who is right, the Pre-Tribs or the Bible. Paul says in 1Thes 5:2 that the day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night. Apostle Peter in 2Pet. 3:10 reports the same coming as a thief. In Acts 2:20, in Peter’s preaching, he reports that the sun would be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the great and noteable day of the Lord comes. This heavenly sign is found in the tribulation time period in the sixth seal at Revelation 6:12. Those who know the chronological order of the Tribulation events,know that the Seals, Trumpets, and vials all have the same ending point. So that the sixth seal preceeds the actual day of God’s judgement on the antichist for persecuting the Apostoilic Church and the Saints. The sign of the Lord’s immenent appearing is not BEFORE the sun turns dark and the moon turns to blood, but AFTER these things happen. The end therefore can not be until AFTER these events occur. We know from Scripture that the end comes at the blast of the last trump. This last trump is the seventh trumpet as found in Revelation 10:7. This signals the end of all that the Prophets had predicted would happen. We know this is in reference to the Church, because Luke 18:31; 24:27, 44; John 1:45; Acts 3:25; 10:43; Rom 16:26 point to this conclusion. Christ produces the Church and the Church was foretold by the Prophets. It was not a secret or a mystery as some report. What was a secret or hidden according to Paul was only that the Gentiles would be join heirs and fellowcitizens of the same body [Eph. 3:5-6]. The last Trump signals the end and thus the resurrection. There can be no end unti the first resurreection. I find it also amusing that the Pre-Tribs would say the book of Revelation is written in chronological order and then try to finigle until they have the first resurrection before the tribulation. This is accomplished withe false doctrine of a split-phase rapture theory, and multiple resurrections and comings in the one ressurrection. These have to last trumps, one before the tribulation and one at the end of the tribulation. The fact is, there is one RESURRECTION and it takes place at the last or seventh trumpet at the end of the tribulation period.

To teach otherwise is false doctrine.

Pastor Reckart

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Walk With The Truth

The following chart shows the original doctrine of the New Testament Church. It shows the years a perversion was invented. You can all see that the pre-tribulation perversion is the last new one created. All of them except the first one were invented by trinitarians. Here is another example of Pentecostal catholics and where their doctrines come from. If you attend a Pentecostal catholic church, isn’t it time you get out and walk with the Truth? Isn’t it time to speak up and teach your friends the Truth? Or will you allow trintarian perversions to have more power over you than your Holy Ghost? Which is more powerful: your Holy Ghost or these trinitarian perversions?


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Is the power of the xmas season to powerful for your Holy Ghost?

How many will take the challenge not to participate in the paganila of xmas this year with family or friends?

Or is this to challenging?

Or is the power of the xmas season to powerful for your Holy Ghost?

Or, are you really a believer in the Truth?

If you cannot take the challenge, are you not just a pretender?

Just another of the Pentecostal Catholics?

What say ye?

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What Do You Know About God?

What do you know about God? What do you know about the many theories about God? Pastor Reckart laid it out plain many years ago. You can read it all here:

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33 Degree Freemasons Controlling the US House of Representatives Invites Muslim To Invoke Allah Over America

It is true. The 33 degree freemasons invited a Muslim cleric to pray to Allah in the House of Representatives and invoke the name of Allah over America.

The masonic take over of America is official. By inviting a 33 degree Muslim to come and pray to Allah over America in the House of Representatives, the masons are signalling the greatest bloodshed in history could soon begin. Millions of Americans who say they are Christians will be in danger of their lives. This country could be thrust into a civil war of citizens against these mason war-lords who want Christianity destroyed.

Why would the president of the House of Representatives do this? Why did he bow his head to the name of Allah as the god who has no son? Why did he himself pray to Allah that he is the only God?

Many are asking questions how this can happen?

What does all of this signal?

Has the plan for Obama and his regime finally been revealed?

How long before Isis flags are in America? And if they fly here, will this signal a civil war has just begun?

What should Christians do now that the Republican Freemason Muslims are in control?

These questions are circulating the internet now.

What does all this mean to Christians?

Should we be in fear of our lives, our liberty, and our property?

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The Light Has Come, Let Us Walk In It

Most are somewhat proficient in the study of church history from the birth of Jesus unto the present day. But very few, very few are proficient in the study of Israel from the time of the Babylonian Captivity unto Jesus.

This has caused many Christians to be led astray and deceived by centuries of rabbis. Jesus and the Apostles did not trust the rabbis who represented the time span from 606BC-30BC. Why should we?

There are hundreds of Jewish fables invented by the rabbis and have seeded the knowledge base of Christianity with all manner of delusions. There are fables that we cannot verify past the claims of the rabbis. For instance:


The scribes were so careful in copying the scrolls that even if they made half of a letter or omitted a letter, or did not make a stroke properly: the scroll was burned. But then, they lost the whole bible written in Paleo-Hebrew?


The Scribes were careful in copying the Jewish bible and it was preserved by God and had no errors. But then, the current bible of the Jews has hundreds of errors between it and the Dead Sea Scrolls?


A Jewish bible written in Aramaic has been preserved by God without any errors down through the centuries. But then, they cannot produce this preserved bible and lost it as well? Two claimed preserved bibles that God would not allow to be lost, are lost?


The rabbis continued to copy and use this Aramaic translation faithfully and it was used in the Temple and Synagogues in the days of Jesus. But then, they cannot produce this alleged preserved bible and give us a bible reinvented from a patchwork of scraps?


God preserved the Dead Sea Scrolls and these are without any errors, no letters wrong, no changed words, and is proof the present Jewish scriptures of the Aramaic Old Testament can be trusted. Christians are not to expect any greater witness to the preservation of the Aramaic scriptures than the Dead Sea Scrolls. But then, the Dead Sea Scrolls were lost for over 2000 years along with all manner of satanic occult stuff?

Jesus and the Apostles used the Aramaic translated scriptures. But then, where is the proof of this when Jesus and the Apostles quoted the Scriptures they quoted from the Greek translation?

The only language Jesus spoke was Aramaic. But then they never prove this?


The Jews hated the Greek Septuagint translation and refused to allow in it the Temple and Synagogues. But then, rabbis now claim it was the Greek scrolls used in the Temple and Synagogues?


Christians should trust the rabbis in the matter of the tetragrammaton, after all, they have protected and preserved this “name of God” for thousands of years. Christians are not to question YHWH or YHVH because it is proven by the Aramaic bible to be the name of God. The rabbis were very careful not to omit the tetragrammaton because to do so would demand the perverted scroll be burned in fire.


How come these fables are never applied by rabbis to the Greek Septuagint? After all, this translation was claimed to have been perfectly translated without error by at least 72 esteemed rabbis?

The battle for the Word of God, the Scriptures began hundreds of years before Jesus. Malachi, the last prophet of the Old Testament DID NOT USE THE ARAMAIC TRANSLATED BIBLE. Are you surprised to learn this? How come he did not use the Aramaic translation that rabbis today hail as the perfectly preserved Word of God? Why of course he died and never saw an Aramaic translated bible. How can this be? Well a little math sometimes help solve problems right? How about some math now:

Malachi is said to have lived and written the last book of the Old Testament around 430BC. He died before 400BC. The Aramaic translation of the Old Testament from Paleo-Hebrew into Aramaic is said by the rabbis to have occurred 300BC. Do the math. The Aramaic bible did not exist until 130 years after Malachi wrote the last book of the Old Testament. Why is this important? Because not only did God NOT PRESERVE the Old Testament in Paleo-Hebrew, the language the bible was translated from into Aramaic, the Paleo-Hebrew is destroyed from the face of the earth. How come God did not preserve the bible if we are to accept that the current bible is a perfectly preserved translation?

Now, are there any errors in the current Jewish bible when compared to the Dead Sea Scrolls? Yes, there are hundreds of errors. Now the question is, should not the rabbis gather up all these Aramaic Old Testaments and BURN THEM ALL? And if not, why not? How can these rabbis expect rational and educated Christians to accept their fable the bible was perfectly preserved when the Dead Sea Scrolls and the current Aramaic bible of the Jews do not match?

What is my point?

My point is, we are expected to accept Jewish fables just because some rabbi or centuries of rabbis have passed down traditions that should be believed by all Christians.

Well, I refuse to accept Jewish traditions that are fables.

The nation of Israel fell into great sins and backslidings before, during, and after the Babylonian captivity. The majority of Jews from the 12 tribes never came back to God. We are told that only a REMNANT or small part came back home and wanted to restore the original religion, temple, and worship. A REMNANT is a very small portion of the whole. The estimate of Israelites taken captive in both the north and south wars between 722BC-587BC is around 250,000 (counting men, women, children, slaves).

Consider that approximately 42,000 are said to have come back to Israel with Ezra and Nehemias. This means that all the Jews taken in 722BC (lost 12 tribes) totally departed from the Jewish religion and disappeared into the world population never to be seen or heard from again. This also means, that only those of the tribe of Judah came back with Ezra and Nehemias.

Now here is a shocking fact: none of the prophets who wrote the Old Testament from Daniel through Malachi ever saw an Aramaic translated bible. In fact, add the books of Esther, Ezra, and Nehemiah. The Aramaic bible translated around 300BC did not exist during the time of any of these books.

What happened in Israel was a DARK AGE. It lasted specifically between Malachi and the coming of Jesus. This dark age had no prophet. The priesthood became corrupt. The high priesthood was bought and sold. The false religions of the Sadducees and Pharisees came into power.The rabbis of these two new religions were all Babylonian trained either in rabbi schools in Babylon or Babylonian rabbi schools in Jerusalem. But in both cases, the religious traditions taught were straight out of the dark ages and filled with falsehood, distortion, and outright lies. This is the darkness that Jesus was born into.

Many are ignorant of why it was important for Jesus to be the LIGHT. They are not taught that if the light of the knowledge of God went dark after the prophet Malachi died, then the next to the last Prophet of the Old Testament came, John, and he claimed “I AM NOT THE LIGHT” (John 1:8). Why is it important for Christians to grasp the importance of this? It sets the stage for Jesus to be the LIGHT and also the last Prophet of the Old Testament. He would usher in the New Testament and the 400 years of the night of darkness would be over.


Bishop Reckart
A Man Created By God To Walk In The Light

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Philippine Mission Light To The Nation Continues

I will be spending most of December traveling in the Philippines to several islands. The mission work of teaching salvation truth and establishing tetragrammaton (YHWH) free churches will continue.

Jesus has been so good to me:

Lead me, Lord, I’ll follow
Anywhere You open up the door
Let Your word speak to me
Show me what I’ve never seen before

Lord, I want to be your witness
You can take what’s wrong and make it right
Day star shine down on me
Let Your love shine through me in the night

In a time when so much confusion, discord, lies, slander, it is so beautiful to see the hand of God upon me to continue in the work of salvation and to take the Acts 2:38 Gospel of the Kingdom to as many nations as I can.

Many never started.
Many fell by the wayside.
Only the brave are here.

Thanks to all my prayer partners.

Pastor Reckart
A Man With Special Created DNA

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Turning HWHY into YHWH and making it the name of the devil.

Turning HWHY into YHWH and making it the name of the devil.

Albert Pike, “Instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the World” (July 14, 1889), as recorded by Abel Clarin de La Rive, La Femme et l’Enfant dans la Franc-maçonnerie Universelle (page: 102).—-The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is Yahveh reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but a negation of God…the Kabala imagined Him to be a “most occult light.”(page 102).

What is this occult light?

“To conceive of God, the Kabbalist imagine him to be a most occult light.” (page 704),

The Kabalist rabbis who came from Babylon imagine their god to be the devil.

Clear as day.

Now the Kabbalist never used Yahveh as a name of God from YHVH. The name Yahveh was invented around 1569. What the Kabbalist say is: the true name of satan is HWHY reversed. Now what does this mean?

YHWH is not written like this in Aramaic or what the Kabbalist call Biblical Hebrew. Instead, it is written HWHY because they read Aramaic letters from right to left. Now according to the Kabbalist (rabbis); by writing down the name of God HWHY, it represents the sacred name. But here is the neat little trick: if you write the letters down backward like this YHWH, it now becomes the name of satan.

Obviously we have no right to correct the Kabbalist rabbis who have had control of the Aramaic bible since around 300BC. Now, in all of our English bibles, and in Strongs concordance (Hebrew) we find the tetragrammaton written down as YHWH. Is this not proof someone knows this now is a devil name?

This is why we cannot accept YHWH or the tetragrammaton. This is why we lift up the name of Jesus above all names. Even if you spell Jesus backward as SUSEJ it does not become a name of the devil.

Let us be strong and bold and lift up the name of Jesus above all names.

My thanks to Minister Pablo Bonilla for showing me again page 102 when I was last with him in California. I had to tell him exactly what the Kabbalist meant by writing down HWHY as YHWH.

Now his eyes are open. Are yours?

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No God But You Jesus, No God But You

Lucifer was crafty.
First he disagreed with God.
Then he took his disagreement to other angels.
Then he tried to make himself look good and God bad.
Then when he got brave enough he rebelled.
When angels followed him, he believed he had enough followers who also had angelic powers, to revolt against God.
The devil told his minions he would lead the attack.
He had no fear of God any more.
He would first ascend before God and try to take his throne.
His minions would back him up and if need be fight against other angels.
The devil said he would take over heaven.
We believe he actually wanted God dead. He did not want a captive God, he wanted him defeated and destroyed.
He wanted to replace him.
Angels who stood with God were also destined to be destroyed.
Among them Michael and Gabriel.
The created would attempt to destroy the Creator.
He left his first estate. His assigned position. And likewise all the minions who followed him left their first estate or assigned position.
They did not want to stay in their place. They wanted total liberty to do what they wanted. Leaving their first estate of humility and obedience they became proud and disobedient.
But these forgot something, they could not defeat or destroy something that is eternal and not subject to death or destruction. Did they forget this? Or is it possible this was something God hid from the angels.He had not revealed his eternal power and Godhead. And so the devil and his minions would come against God not knowing he could not be defeated or replaced.
In their ignorance and in their zeal to remove God from being God, they committed the sin of conceit. They thought of themselves more higher and more important and more powerful than they were.
One thing we learn in a study about the devil, is that was the first fool. The angels with him all became fools. This is why we have in the holy book: A FOOL SAYS IN HIS HEART THERE IS NO GOD.
The fool is not saying so much no God exists. But rather there is no God who exists that has authority over him/her. By canceling God from their minds, they become fools.
Today, fools abound. Many do not even know they are bible fools. Some have fooled themselves with their own ego and self aggrandizement, thinking how important they are: that they try to destroy those on God’s side and replace them.
Fools may want control over God’s Church. Many churches may even be taken over by fools: but this only tells us they are not God’s Church.
Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against it.
This tells me, even as lucifer could not take over heaven he will not take over God’s true Church on earth.
We expect the war against the people of God to increase. We expect the endtime fools, as the fools trying to beat down the door to Lot’s house: to attack us and try to pervert us.
But angels will come. The will surround us. They will come at the sound of the last trump. They will gather the elect.
And woe, woe, woe, to the inhabitors of the earth, for the day of almighty God and his vengeance has come.
I realize right now nearly everyone is struggling and fighting the devil. I realize we are at war and those of our own house and family may have joined the devil’s side. I realize the spirit of betrayal will enter into the hearts of many and they will not care whom they destroy or cause to be destroyed.
But we have a promise that nothing formed against us shall prosper.
We are told that they who fight us, hurt us,even one of our children: they will be punished severely and be killed in the endtime catastrophic wrath of God.
the war started in heaven but will end on earth.
The devil and the beast (antichrist) will be cast alive into the Lake of Fire.
Jesus will rule and reign.
Live forever O King!
Live forever!
We wait for you oh our God and King.
We humble ourselves to your power and glory.
We accept your great love for us.
And it is our desire to be in heaven around your throne with all the faithful angels.
Make us on earth one with the family in heaven. Make us one.
For we refuse the devil and all of his devices. We reject him from now till all eternity.
Jesus, we will lift your name above all names.
You are our Lord.
You are worthy.
No God but you Jesus, no God but you..

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