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Is The Day Of Pastors Over?

Five-Star-PastorsI have observed over the years a shift away from pastors to a litany of different church leadership styles. I remember when my eyes were opened to this new developing trend. I met a man and his wife while visiting another Apostolic church. The man introduced himself a Bishop Johnson. He handed me his church card. On it was a picture of he and his wife. I noticed it with shock.

Name of the church
telephone number

And then,

Apostle Elizabeth Johnson
Bishop Ralph Johnson


I ask Pastor Johnson who ordained him to be a bishop? He said his wife.
I asked: so you are co-pastors and your wife is the senior apostle pastor?
He replied: yes.


This was the day my eyes opened to the new charismatic trend to have multiple pastors. Now it is not common for there to be one pastor.

Then, I was confronted about ten years ago by an internet apostolic group claiming they had a new revelation that the church should not be led by a pastor but by a board or group of elders. These could consist of ministers, deacons, or non-ministerial men and women who would bear the title and office of elder as one of the leaders of the church. They would select from among them a pastor, hire a pastor, or in some manner obtain the services of a minister whom they would grant to office of pastor. He would not be over the flock, just a minister. The board of elders would bear all authority over the flock. What took place next was a surprise to me.

The new organization that took the name Apostolic, attacked tithing as an old system of single pastors stealing from the members. The pastors were accused of extortion and using the scriptures to threaten people to give tithes or they would go to hell. So the people paid tithes to keep from going to hell. This new group would teach offerings only and they would divvy this collection up to give the pastor a salary. They would use the rest for church expenses and of course pay each of the elders a little something for their services as members of the board of elders. Pastors they accused never shared the tithes with other ministers in the church because they are greedy. Most do not know what a Pastor does with the tithes. Pastors share tithes with more than just other Ministers. But that is a subject for one on one discussion with Pastors and the accusers of the Brethren. Under the new system all ministers in the church would receive a monetary blessing from the sheep and not just one man.

For the next ten years this rebellion spread to hundreds of churches. Churches were split. Some totally destroyed. Many cities had to go without a Church after the attacks destroyed them. Those who destroyed these churches eventually disappeared and most backslid never to be heard from again. With the advent of the internet many of these accusers of the Brethren have surfaced again and have attempted to get back into the Pastor-killing and Church destroying business. The ones they have impressed the most and had the greatest success with are novices. Yes, those ego-centric, arrogant, over opinionated novices who never did serve properly under a Pastor. These novices have been like wrecking balls and loose cannons. They destroy years of work accomplished by good Pastors. These novices have never built a woodpecker house let alone a Church costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have seen these kinds of novices who have a jealous yellow streak up their back sow discord and spread ethic violation lies and perversions to gather honor and respect for their brave rants. For me, I personally respect all good Apostolic Pastors as FIVE STAR GENERALS. This rankles the ego of novices because since they are not and cannot ever be a Pastor, they see these FIVE STAR GENERALS as bigots and hogs in the pulpit for not allowing them to get up and puke their nonsense all over the place.

This has led to a cry for multiple pastors and or ministers in the Church. One group of these alleged elders running a church here in Florida, tells their Pastor what he can and cannot do, what he can preach and cannot preach. If he disagrees they will take away his salary and throw him out to the dogs. Many times he is not allowed to preach in the Church he built and was in existence before most of his board of elders were even in the Church. Shameful? Sick? Wrong? Devils in control? You figure it out.

I am watching the last day generation of rouge novices run amuck in Churches, on the internet, and all about them is destruction.

I personally will not have anything to do with a man when he begins manifesting these spirits of demons. This has caused more than one man to attack me. One of these novice renegades told me, if he was on my board of elders in my church he would fire me. I laughed. I do not have a novice board over me. He would never teach a sunday school in my Church let alone be on any Board. (grin).

The attack against Pastors God has given to the flocks will continue. Many will try the compromise route and bring on an associate Pastor or an assistant Pastor, or try to make a dozen department pastors to get approval from the novices making all the grunts.

Pastors are very needful in the Kingdom of God. A man who is faithful and eventually qualifies to be ordained as a Pastor within the Apostolic meaning has my admiration. I may not see eye-to-eye with him on everything but I will try to respect his office and authority. And if I am ever in his pulpit I will respect his position as shepherd of the sheep and not usurp over him any authority in any manner. If you do not respect these FIVE STAR GENERALS, then rant yourself all the way to hell, I will not join you. Yes, as a Five-Star general, I along with these others deserve the “pay packet” of a Five-Star general.

I respect the office of Pastor and I respect the work they are trying to do for the Apostolic doctrine of the First Church. I have no respect for those trying to destroy this office or the men who hold it.

The day of Pastors is not over. It may be over for those who want to rebel and go to hell. But it is not over. God has given Pastors for his sheep. I like this wisdom of God.

Bishop Reckart
A Pastor God Made
(Five Star General)


November 1, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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