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The Cult Of Veganism

What Is The Vegan Cult?

It is a religion based upon what a person eats. It can be a religion within a religion, much like a sect can be a group within a religious identity. For this reason, there are vegan cult sects within nearly all religions.

The history of veganism is traced by many vegan sources to have existed in ancient cultures. While there is no clear evidence of any wide-spread religious groups or nation that practiced veganism, most point to Pythagoras (500BC), as a possible Greek source. We doubt he subscribed to the modern vegan creed as developed from the vegetarian revival that arose in the early 1800s and grew into its present form.

Most of modern veganism traces its origin to the Vegan Society founded in England in November 1944 by 34 year old Donald Watson. He allegedly called together some of his vegetarian friends and among them Elsie Shirley, and created the new society. The present creed embodied in the official records of the society, forbids any food that comes from animals (land and water), fur, leather, or clothing made from such. The list of prohibited foods is rather large but not confined to the following: meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, honey, beeswax, fur, leather, wool, silk, feathers, bone, carmine, casein, cochineal, gelatin, isinglass, lard, rennet, shellac, tallow, lanolin, whey, and yellow lard.

Vegans immediately classify all who violate their creed as being an Omnivore (meat eater). Yes, they get into name calling. But much more, many of them will not sit down and eat a meal with a person who eats anything on the prohibited list. Once the cult mentality of veganism takes control over a person their disposition is no longer just trying to pick a healthy diet it succumbs to judging and condemning others. Vegans I have met will go to the extent of attacking the Jewish and Christian religions because they are not vegan ideologically based.

There are Jews and even many who call themselves Christian who subscribe to the vegan cult diet. This of itself does not identify them as Jews or Christians. No Jew who practices his/her religion can be a vegan. Passover alone would deny them a right to claim being Jewish by religion. Christianity in its early beginning had to face diet eating rules from Jews and pagans. The Apostle Paul dealt with this in Romans chapter 14. The Apostle Peter was instructed about meat diet in Acts chapter 10. This has far-reaching importance to us. Jesus himself could not have been a vegan. He was Jewish and all Jews had to eat Passover lamb or be cut off from Israel and the inherited promises of Abraham. He would not have fed five thousand with fish and bread. Any alleged “Christian Vegan” would have to condemn and reject Jesus as being an Omnivore.

Vegan recruiters can come from all walks of life. If you check the list of famous vegans at: you can see they cross all sectors of the social fabric. Most of these promote Veganism using sympathy for animals in the disguise of animal cruelty. You will hear them say they do not eat meat or fish because they do not want something to die to satisfy their hunger. One of the things you will notice is that all the famous homosexuals and lesbians are Vegans. Most are also promoters of PETA and other other groups allegedly opposed to animal cruelty. Are your sons and daughters being recruited by Vegan members of these groups or by a homosexual or lesbian? Have you checked out the friends of your sons and daughters? Is a family member getting cozy with a Vegan? Should not these Vegans be getting cozy with the Church?

All the major reprobates within the movie, TV, and music industry are part of the Vegan cult. Recruitment can come from these who have a great impression on youth and students. It is common now for there to be Vegan cult groups in all universities and colleges. Of course they do not consider themselves a cult because many claim they are non-religious and there is no secret rituals to some deity. But this is not entirely true. Many of them are Buddhist and Hindu and they do practice rituals to images, icons, and representations of some deity.

In college and university settings, professors, teachers, and other students can act as recruiters.The anti-Omnivore members of the Vegan cult can use their other cult connections to influence Christians to take up dietary rules as a portal to later introduce them to mother earth cults such as Wicca. There are many in Wicca and Satanism who practice veganism. They become friends with Christian college students and step by step lead them to deny the eating habits that are permitted in the New Testament. The atheist vegans accuse God of being Omnivore and or being unfit to be God because he gave a meat diet to the Israelites that included both land and water creatures. When pressed about this, they even accuse God of being bad because he created meat eating teeth in humans and should have given us teeth like a cow, horse, goat, or a sheep. In fact, they will go so far as to say God should have made our stomachs to digest hay just like other animals. And because he did not, but made our stomach to digest meats and seafoods, he is a bad God.

Here is a shocker:

Louise Wallis, president of the Vegan Society in the UK, speaking in 2011 said: “We knew the Society had been founded in November 1944, but didn’t know the exact date, so I decided to go for 1st of November, partly because I liked the idea of the date coinciding with Samhain/Halloween and the day of the dead, traditional times for feasting and celebration both apt and auspicious.”

It is very obvious that those who leave the principles of the Christian faith and get recruited into the Vegan dietary cult have a baseline problem with the authority of the Scriptures. For anyone to adopt the Vegan creed and dietary restrictions imposed by the Vegan cult members, is to confess departure from faith in Jesus Christ and the New Testament. Veganism and Christianity are mutually adverse to each other. While there may be those who claim they are Christian Vegans, this is contradictory. It is true that Christians can practice a vegetarian diet but they are not permitted to judge and condemn other Christians in any manner regarding their diet. It is this final judging and condemning that shows us that Veganism has departed into an area of a person’s salvation that has nothing to do with sin.

Jesus did not die on the Cross for the sins of eating meat, seafood, and other items on the Vegan anti-food list. If eating meat does not condemn a person to hell because it is not a sin, then why do Vegans take great pride in trying to make diet choices into a sin? And if that is not a sin, to allege that killing any animal for food is cruelty and a sin.

Veganism is a cult, a diet cult. Those captured by this illogical manner in eating cannot get any closer to heaven or God. Meat or no meat does not commend us to God (Mark 7:15; 1Cor 8:8; 1Tim 4:4).

Bishop G. Reckart
An Omnivore God Made


November 4, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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