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Who Has Possession Of you?

It is possible that thousands of men who call themselves ministers are demon possessed. How is it possible that the Laodicaea church in Revelation chapter 3 does not allow Jesus on the inside and he stands at the door and knocks? If Jesus is not in the Pastor (angel/messenger), who is?

More and more we are facing a crisis of churches and organizations being taken over by satan and demons. Worldliness is a sure sign. If these cannot purge themselves of Catholic traditions and falsehoods: how can they be perfected?

How come TRUTH is on the outside of most churches trying to get in and the pastor has ordered the door shut?
For many, church is no more than a shout, a dance, a spiritual play time, where the emotions are exhilarated to the highest crescendo using state of the art musical instruments, sound effects, strobe lights, flickering TV screens, and professional worship leaders who know how to work it all up. Then up steps the big lie preaching smooth sermons and inviting visitors to come and officially join the church and get all the benefits of membership. Plus a promise of going to heaven.

Religion has become a professional business. It is parallel the current trends in the world with just a religious flavor.

I am praying for the world. I am praying for a TRUTH revival. I am looking for good ground. None of the other three bring forth fruit.

Good ground…….

Who has possession of you?


November 5, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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