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John M Allegro, from the UK (England)

John M. Allegro, one of the group that deciphered the Dead Sea Scrolls, went insane before he died.

He was a professed Christian at one time. But he lost his faith and denied Christ.

From the day he cast Christ down and became an antiChrist (see 1John 4:3), he has been trying to prove Jesus never existed and that Christianity is one big fraud. The Dead Sea Scrolls became his ticket to hell. He planned to use them against Jesus and against Christianity. Since his fall into the abyss of arrogance and hyper-delusional maniacal personal mysticism: he has tried to suggest Christianity was a mushroom drug cult and this answers for him visions and spiritual dreams.

He claimed he deciphered a place in he Dead Sea Scrolls where the Essene Mystical cult, (that had all manner of cultic materials in their possession): had a teacher of righteousness who was crucified. This to him was this magic bullet to kill Christianity dead. According to Mr.Allegro, this crucified Essene was murdered about 68BC approximately 26 years before Jesus was born. To Mr. Allegro, this was a special discovery that would validate his antichrist new life. If there was no Jesus as the Gospels claim, then they were all false and he was free to be an atheist, agnostic, or accept one of the four sects of Judaism. He was fascinated with Jesus to the point he became super paranoid. In his greatest subtle fears he pushed himself to prove Jesus never existed. He grasped at his own conjured imaginational theories that have no basis of connection to Christianity. He struggled the rest of his life to invent a bridge between the Essenes, the Jews, and Christianity. His antichrist anger forced himself to try it. And so he has spent several years on a mission to destroy Christianity.

He is an alleged scholar. But other scholars believe he has gone crazy in his hatred for Jesus and Christianity. So when he came up with his mushroom drug using Christianity, he of course has to bridge this back to the Essenes. But did he accomplish this? No. did he even try? No. Somewhere between Qumran and Bethlehem he got lost and wandered in the desert of his mind. He reminds me of the desert rat Vendyl Jones. Jones became an antichrist and was influenced by the lies of Allegro. Jones went insane over the translation made by Allegro of the copper scroll. He dug up the desert looking for the lost ark. He claimed when he found it, Christianity would be exposed and destroyed. Because if he found it, and the ashes of the red heifer was also found by him: that the temple could be rebuilt and God would get behind a rip-proof veil again. This would require the God of the Old Testament to reject all other religions. Christianity would be destroyed.

I wrote to Vendyl Jones several times before he died. His daughter wrote to me that she did not believe her father. Jones and I had a little communication. But he was like Allegro, adamant that he would prove Jesus Christ was a fraud.

Allegro has written several books to lay out his crazy theories. Scholars think he is just another crackpot antichrist bent on massaging his intellect to give him inner peace for becoming a Christ hater. He has made quite a name for himself among other antichrist. He is one of their heroes. But has he had any real effect on New Testament validity? No. When a Christian reads his books they shake their head in disbelief that a man so educated could come up with the mushroom theory.

If someone tells you there was no Jesus Christ come in the flesh, point that idiot to 1John 4:3. Then walk off and let that man or woman go on to hell. You will not be able to save them. Any time spent with them will be wasted. In the case of John M. Allegro, he could have gone in another direction. He could have used his scholarship to prove YHWH was a pagan god borrowed from the Syrian Babylon pantheon. He could have proved that Aramaic was not a Hebrew language but was in fact a Syrian and Babylon one. He could have looked at the Dead Sea Scrolls and said: hey, these MSS are written in the Babylonian Syriac language. And they had to be copies of the Aramaic bible translated around 300BC. He could have come clean and listed the actual documents and contents of the documents that supposedly were written in Paleo-Hebrew (Canaanite or Phoenician). He could have made a comparison with these and the Aramaic and showed the corruption of the Aramaic.He could have spent his days and nights on a more worthy cause. But alas:

He went down into the garden of nuts and there he remained twiddling his fingers, smiling, and laughing to himself until the day he died. Like like Vendyl Jones, he died a fool. We will then see what the Shepherd says of this goat. I am sure he will pass to the left hand side. And I am doubly sure he will hear these words: depart from me ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you. A fitting final repsonse from Jesus to a man who claimed he never knew the real Jesus Christ.

Antichrist are all around us. The TV industry, movie industry, the worldly music industry, the Broadway theater industry, the homosexual and lesbian industry, college professors, college students, and just plain out ignorant illogical ranters.

As a Christian, our faith is based on someone greater than John M. Allegro. Mr. Allegro is on the countdown to the day of being cast into the Lake of fire. Sad died in 1988 a few years after his mushroom antichrist book was published. But he has chosen his eternal destination. I would say to Mr. Allegro, you will deserve the Lake of Fire. Mr. Allegro joins men like Ciaphas, Gammiel, Rabbi Akabba, Adolph Hitler, Judas, and a host of other antichrist.

Bishop G. Reckart
A Man Created To Give Glory To Jesus Christ


November 8, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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