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No God But You Jesus, No God But You

Lucifer was crafty.
First he disagreed with God.
Then he took his disagreement to other angels.
Then he tried to make himself look good and God bad.
Then when he got brave enough he rebelled.
When angels followed him, he believed he had enough followers who also had angelic powers, to revolt against God.
The devil told his minions he would lead the attack.
He had no fear of God any more.
He would first ascend before God and try to take his throne.
His minions would back him up and if need be fight against other angels.
The devil said he would take over heaven.
We believe he actually wanted God dead. He did not want a captive God, he wanted him defeated and destroyed.
He wanted to replace him.
Angels who stood with God were also destined to be destroyed.
Among them Michael and Gabriel.
The created would attempt to destroy the Creator.
He left his first estate. His assigned position. And likewise all the minions who followed him left their first estate or assigned position.
They did not want to stay in their place. They wanted total liberty to do what they wanted. Leaving their first estate of humility and obedience they became proud and disobedient.
But these forgot something, they could not defeat or destroy something that is eternal and not subject to death or destruction. Did they forget this? Or is it possible this was something God hid from the angels.He had not revealed his eternal power and Godhead. And so the devil and his minions would come against God not knowing he could not be defeated or replaced.
In their ignorance and in their zeal to remove God from being God, they committed the sin of conceit. They thought of themselves more higher and more important and more powerful than they were.
One thing we learn in a study about the devil, is that was the first fool. The angels with him all became fools. This is why we have in the holy book: A FOOL SAYS IN HIS HEART THERE IS NO GOD.
The fool is not saying so much no God exists. But rather there is no God who exists that has authority over him/her. By canceling God from their minds, they become fools.
Today, fools abound. Many do not even know they are bible fools. Some have fooled themselves with their own ego and self aggrandizement, thinking how important they are: that they try to destroy those on God’s side and replace them.
Fools may want control over God’s Church. Many churches may even be taken over by fools: but this only tells us they are not God’s Church.
Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against it.
This tells me, even as lucifer could not take over heaven he will not take over God’s true Church on earth.
We expect the war against the people of God to increase. We expect the endtime fools, as the fools trying to beat down the door to Lot’s house: to attack us and try to pervert us.
But angels will come. The will surround us. They will come at the sound of the last trump. They will gather the elect.
And woe, woe, woe, to the inhabitors of the earth, for the day of almighty God and his vengeance has come.
I realize right now nearly everyone is struggling and fighting the devil. I realize we are at war and those of our own house and family may have joined the devil’s side. I realize the spirit of betrayal will enter into the hearts of many and they will not care whom they destroy or cause to be destroyed.
But we have a promise that nothing formed against us shall prosper.
We are told that they who fight us, hurt us,even one of our children: they will be punished severely and be killed in the endtime catastrophic wrath of God.
the war started in heaven but will end on earth.
The devil and the beast (antichrist) will be cast alive into the Lake of Fire.
Jesus will rule and reign.
Live forever O King!
Live forever!
We wait for you oh our God and King.
We humble ourselves to your power and glory.
We accept your great love for us.
And it is our desire to be in heaven around your throne with all the faithful angels.
Make us on earth one with the family in heaven. Make us one.
For we refuse the devil and all of his devices. We reject him from now till all eternity.
Jesus, we will lift your name above all names.
You are our Lord.
You are worthy.
No God but you Jesus, no God but you..


November 10, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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