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Most are somewhat proficient in the study of church history from the birth of Jesus unto the present day. But very few, very few are proficient in the study of Israel from the time of the Babylonian Captivity unto Jesus.

This has caused many Christians to be led astray and deceived by centuries of rabbis. Jesus and the Apostles did not trust the rabbis who represented the time span from 606BC-30BC. Why should we?

There are hundreds of Jewish fables invented by the rabbis and have seeded the knowledge base of Christianity with all manner of delusions. There are fables that we cannot verify past the claims of the rabbis. For instance:


The scribes were so careful in copying the scrolls that even if they made half of a letter or omitted a letter, or did not make a stroke properly: the scroll was burned. But then, they lost the whole bible written in Paleo-Hebrew?


The Scribes were careful in copying the Jewish bible and it was preserved by God and had no errors. But then, the current bible of the Jews has hundreds of errors between it and the Dead Sea Scrolls?


A Jewish bible written in Aramaic has been preserved by God without any errors down through the centuries. But then, they cannot produce this preserved bible and lost it as well? Two claimed preserved bibles that God would not allow to be lost, are lost?


The rabbis continued to copy and use this Aramaic translation faithfully and it was used in the Temple and Synagogues in the days of Jesus. But then, they cannot produce this alleged preserved bible and give us a bible reinvented from a patchwork of scraps?


God preserved the Dead Sea Scrolls and these are without any errors, no letters wrong, no changed words, and is proof the present Jewish scriptures of the Aramaic Old Testament can be trusted. Christians are not to expect any greater witness to the preservation of the Aramaic scriptures than the Dead Sea Scrolls. But then, the Dead Sea Scrolls were lost for over 2000 years along with all manner of satanic occult stuff?

Jesus and the Apostles used the Aramaic translated scriptures. But then, where is the proof of this when Jesus and the Apostles quoted the Scriptures they quoted from the Greek translation?

The only language Jesus spoke was Aramaic. But then they never prove this?


The Jews hated the Greek Septuagint translation and refused to allow in it the Temple and Synagogues. But then, rabbis now claim it was the Greek scrolls used in the Temple and Synagogues?


Christians should trust the rabbis in the matter of the tetragrammaton, after all, they have protected and preserved this “name of God” for thousands of years. Christians are not to question YHWH or YHVH because it is proven by the Aramaic bible to be the name of God. The rabbis were very careful not to omit the tetragrammaton because to do so would demand the perverted scroll be burned in fire.


How come these fables are never applied by rabbis to the Greek Septuagint? After all, this translation was claimed to have been perfectly translated without error by at least 72 esteemed rabbis?

The battle for the Word of God, the Scriptures began hundreds of years before Jesus. Malachi, the last prophet of the Old Testament DID NOT USE THE ARAMAIC TRANSLATED BIBLE. Are you surprised to learn this? How come he did not use the Aramaic translation that rabbis today hail as the perfectly preserved Word of God? Why of course he died and never saw an Aramaic translated bible. How can this be? Well a little math sometimes help solve problems right? How about some math now:

Malachi is said to have lived and written the last book of the Old Testament around 430BC. He died before 400BC. The Aramaic translation of the Old Testament from Paleo-Hebrew into Aramaic is said by the rabbis to have occurred 300BC. Do the math. The Aramaic bible did not exist until 130 years after Malachi wrote the last book of the Old Testament. Why is this important? Because not only did God NOT PRESERVE the Old Testament in Paleo-Hebrew, the language the bible was translated from into Aramaic, the Paleo-Hebrew is destroyed from the face of the earth. How come God did not preserve the bible if we are to accept that the current bible is a perfectly preserved translation?

Now, are there any errors in the current Jewish bible when compared to the Dead Sea Scrolls? Yes, there are hundreds of errors. Now the question is, should not the rabbis gather up all these Aramaic Old Testaments and BURN THEM ALL? And if not, why not? How can these rabbis expect rational and educated Christians to accept their fable the bible was perfectly preserved when the Dead Sea Scrolls and the current Aramaic bible of the Jews do not match?

What is my point?

My point is, we are expected to accept Jewish fables just because some rabbi or centuries of rabbis have passed down traditions that should be believed by all Christians.

Well, I refuse to accept Jewish traditions that are fables.

The nation of Israel fell into great sins and backslidings before, during, and after the Babylonian captivity. The majority of Jews from the 12 tribes never came back to God. We are told that only a REMNANT or small part came back home and wanted to restore the original religion, temple, and worship. A REMNANT is a very small portion of the whole. The estimate of Israelites taken captive in both the north and south wars between 722BC-587BC is around 250,000 (counting men, women, children, slaves).

Consider that approximately 42,000 are said to have come back to Israel with Ezra and Nehemias. This means that all the Jews taken in 722BC (lost 12 tribes) totally departed from the Jewish religion and disappeared into the world population never to be seen or heard from again. This also means, that only those of the tribe of Judah came back with Ezra and Nehemias.

Now here is a shocking fact: none of the prophets who wrote the Old Testament from Daniel through Malachi ever saw an Aramaic translated bible. In fact, add the books of Esther, Ezra, and Nehemiah. The Aramaic bible translated around 300BC did not exist during the time of any of these books.

What happened in Israel was a DARK AGE. It lasted specifically between Malachi and the coming of Jesus. This dark age had no prophet. The priesthood became corrupt. The high priesthood was bought and sold. The false religions of the Sadducees and Pharisees came into power.The rabbis of these two new religions were all Babylonian trained either in rabbi schools in Babylon or Babylonian rabbi schools in Jerusalem. But in both cases, the religious traditions taught were straight out of the dark ages and filled with falsehood, distortion, and outright lies. This is the darkness that Jesus was born into.

Many¬†are ignorant of why it was important for Jesus to be the LIGHT. They are not taught that if the light of the knowledge of God went dark after the prophet Malachi died, then the next to the last Prophet of the Old Testament came, John, and he claimed “I AM NOT THE LIGHT” (John 1:8). Why is it important for Christians to grasp the importance of this? It sets the stage for Jesus to be the LIGHT and also the last Prophet of the Old Testament. He would usher in the New Testament and the 400 years of the night of darkness would be over.


Bishop Reckart
A Man Created By God To Walk In The Light


November 18, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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