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No Wickedness Can Ever Become Righteous

No wickedness, no matter how good it is made to appear, can ever be made into righteousness.

No wickedness, no matter who is deceived to believe it is good, can ever destroy those who have a good heart and who are made by God.

Wickedness has no future, no matter who becomes a part of its grand scheme.

In time, wickedness will destroy the inner soul.

And from this inner desolation comes forth weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

Wickedness has its reward.

Those who are wise will avoid even the very appearance of wickedness.

Have you become a part of the schemes of wickedness?

When the wicked destroy the righteous to have the praise and respect of men, they soon learn they cannot obtain that which they seek after.

It is for this reason that righteousness will exalt the soul and the spirit, whereas wickedness will be cast down to hell.

If you have within you any wickedness, you are a cursed soul.

Why not go to the righteous and make yourself after their pattern.

If you do not, your wickedness will become so much like that of lucifer, your will despise yourself with the same hateful wickedness you showed to others.


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Calvary Canceled Salvation And Justification By Law-Keeping

I am surprised that so many are going back under the law to assist them in getting some holiness that cannot come by the blood of Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Has there been so great a lacking of preaching the Gospel of the New Testament, that so many are ignorant the law ended on Calvary?

Why do so many claim they are keeping the dietary laws because they believe in doing so they can live more healthy. Can anyone show us where it says in the Old Testament that the dietary laws were given for health reasons only?

What about this claim that only the ceremonial part of the law was ended at the Cross? Where did the Apostles ever preach this? Where is this doctrine found in the book of Galatians?

I ask these things because so many believe they can add the law to the sacrifice of Christ and that only together can the New Testament believer find salvation and justification before God.

I think many are totally lost in their minds about why the New Testament church is totally New Covenant. I think many of them have been deceived by those who think they can add to Calvary with law keeping.

I dare to speak up about this because I am a clean-up man.I do not like the mess so many are making out of the completed work of Calvary. And I want as many as love the Truth to see and know, we are not under the law. I want them to see and understand that faith is not of the law. If I fail in this, it will not be because I cannot prove this: it will be because of the hardness of hearts that law-keeping brings upon all who seek to be justified by keeping the law.

Jesus, what you did on Calvary is enough for me. I do not need to add law-keeping of works to your finished sacrifice of love.

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Fixers And Clean-Up People

I landed in Los Angeles (LAX) at about 2:30 in the afternnoon after a 14 hour flight from Hong Kong. I was tired and hungry. On my way to the American Airlines departure gate I decided to stop and get a hamburger at one of the food places. It took me nearly half hour to get my sandwich. I proceeded to find me a table. As I looked around I saw many empty ones but they were all filled up with trash from the previous travelers. I looked around for a clean table and there were none. All of those that had empty chairs and no one at the table were a mess. Empty drink cups, mustard and ketchup smeared all over the table tops. Hamburger baskets and napkins piled up. Just a mess.

But I wanted a place to sit down, rest, and have something to eat. I realized if I did not clean up my own table, wipe up the mess, and put the garbage into the trash bin I would not be able to eat here. So, I sat my food down in an empty clean spot, and began cleaning up the mess. I put the garbage in the trash bin. With a clean table I could now sit down and eat.

As I sat there viewing the trash left behind by other travelers, it came to me: how come these people do not clean up their own mess? They would not do this at home. But travelers think others can clean up their pig stye and so they eat like pigs and leave their tables like pigs had eaten there. I guess it is their belief that someone else should clean up after them. So they leave behind their mess and go on their “merry” way while telling everyone they meet “merry christmas.”

I looked at table after table in this sorry state of mess. A young mother with a baby and toddler came and no clean place her her to sit and eat. An older man and his wife same thing. Several others in line when they got their food shook their heads and went on out to look for someplace else to eat.

It is interesting to observe this centuries old trend of people making a mess and expecting someone else to clean up after them as they dart off to continue their life.

Making a mess is what many are experts at.

I thought to myself, why is it there are basically two kinds of people: 1) those who make a mess; and 2) those who clean it up?

I did not see another person there who cleaned up the mess of others but myself. Instead they just left the messy tables and went off looking for someplace else that was clean to eat their food. I saw some of them later eating in chairs at gates where no plane would depart for several hours. These people were not clean-up people even if it would benefit them.

As I observed this “mess” situation I became aware of the religious mess so many people make. And when they make a mess at the church, against the pastor, or try to divide friendships: they never clean up their mess. It is left to others to clean up.

I thought of the many biblical events where unscrupulous men made a mess of spiritual matters and never cleaned up what they did. they left behind the souls of men and women, children: that would never again get a clean place of spiritual care and love. Home destroyers, friendship plunderers, raging mouths of scorn, hate, and bitterness; and in their wake so many destroyed lives. And who will clean up this spiritual mess? There are few real spiritual fixers, clean-upers.

I took a quick view of Jesus, his ministry of 3.5 years, and his mission to clean up the spiritual destruction left behind by many centuries of evil men.

Jesus would clean up the mess of others. He would fix things. He would make clean the spiritual eating place. Others would be able to come and sit down in the house of God and the messes left behind by others would be cleaned up.Cleaned up to make room for some hungry soul to find a clean place to eat and be filled with the good things of God.

I am so amazed that so many think they can create spiritual messes and they have no obligation to fix things or clean up what they did. Someone else must do it.

We are all travelers on our way to heaven. it is not fair for those who follow after us to have to clean up the spiritual pig stys we leave behind as we go on our “merry” way.

I have no idea how many souls are destroyed by mess makers.

For over 40 years I have been a fixer, a man who cleaned up messes left behind by others. Trying to remove the doctrinal trash and garbage left behind by others. And to help provide a clean spiritual place for souls to rest and eat. A place for a mother and her babies to find God, salvation, hope, joy, and peace. A place for the elderly to live out their remaining days in the presence of God. And a place were the weary traveler will find a friend.

Yes, I have cleaned up many spiritual messes left behind by others. Why?

Good question:

Because I want to be like Jesus.

He did not leave behind a mess.

He did not make a mess or create trouble between friends.

He was a fixer, and I thank him for Calvary where he fixed all things for those who will obey Acts 2:38 by faith.

If Jesus was a fixer, a clean-uper? I want to be like Jesus.

So, I cleaned up my own table. Sat down. Began to eat. And then when I was finished I did not leave behind trash, ketchup and mustard smeared all over the table. I kept my eating place clean. Then I reached over and collected the trash left by others. I clean up that place. As soon as I had finished the little clean up. A traveler came and sat his tray down in the spot and began to eat.

Did he thank me for cleaning him up a place?

No. He did not know I had cleaned it up and I did not tell him if it was not for me he would have to go someplace else to eat in a clean place.

I felt good inside as I departed from my table and left it clean for the next traveler.

Are you a restaurant mess maker? Do you abuse the waiters and waitresses with smart mouth remarks. Do you leave behind a mess? Or are you like me and collect things, stacking the plates, and making it easy for the table to be cleaned up?

Are you a spiritual mess maker between friends, churches, or pastors?

Your quality will show up in the simple manner you go about fixing things, cleaning up.

Jesus bless all of you who are clean-up people and fixers of problems left behind by spiritual pigs.

Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made

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Great Door Of Effectual Is Opened

While novices hate the messenger with deranged videos filled with silly  nonsense: Jesus has opened for me a great door of effectual. Not only this, but Jesus has given me a very large sum of money that shows he blesses a faithful tithe giver. Of course I boast of this in Jesus, not in myself. Because if Jesus had not done this great thing of effectual, I would not be able to accomplish the work wherewith he has sent me.

Yes, Jesus has sent me.

Yes, I am going.

Yes, the work will be done.

Yes, again I will take light to the nations, and push back the darkness.

Yes, I know the haters are trying to put out my light, but they shall not be able. All they can do is take darkness to souls and cause them to be lost.

But as for me, I am untouchable by them. All they can destroy is destroy souls and churches that reject the Truth. And if they can do this, I do not care. Because they cannot destroy the true Church of Jesus Christ.

I am so blessed today as I am in my hotel room in Cebu City.

Yes, blessed. The prayer front did it again.

The typhoon was turned away from my places of travel. Jesus is so good to me.

My prayer partners did a great miracle in the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names. And I want to thank them for praying for me and Jesus honored their prayer and me his servant.

Today I leave for visitation to several islands.

I feel like the Apostle Paul felt in his missionary work to bless the sheep and bring them encouragement. I know Jesus is with me.

The blessings I have received for his glory will exalt his name even more above all names.

Soon, in a couple months, I shall meet with high ranking military officer of another country to reveal to him the glory in the name of Jesus Christ. He has called for me. I will answer the Macedonian call.

I pray Jesus will raise him up in his country to be a mighty witness to the glory of the name of Jesus.

I promised Jesus: I would go anywhere he opened up the door. And now his light has shined around me and directed me to that new door.

Thank You Jesus for the money. I will spend it wisely. And I will tithe it to other qualified Pastors who love and support the Truth.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Tithing Has Blessed Like Melchizedec
Yeahhhhhhhhh Thank You JESUS, my KING

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Thy Kingdom Come

Pastor, Bishop Reckart

A Man Jesus called, taught, ordained, and sent.

Preaching the Kingdom.

A visible, spiritual realm.

Obeying the King brings blessings and the gift of eternal life.
Rejecting the King brings a curse upon all the rebellers.

Yes, the Kingdom must be born way inside of you.

Jesus reigns over his Kingdom as he sits upon his throne in heaven.

Why not pray today: “thy Kingdom come?”

Expect it to be born within you.

There is a rebel who came from heaven. His name is lucifer. He is proud, disobedient, a liar, a perverter of God’s Word, an accuser of the brethren. He also puts his kingdom deep into the hearts of many. They do the works of their king. They manifest his evils is sowing discord.

The true Kingdom of God is about unity. Unity of the faith as it was once delivered.

We in the Kingdom do always the will of our King Lord.

Our enemy lucifer leaves a battlefield of wounded souls. Do not count your trials and hardships as being wounded. Count them all pleasure as sufferings of the Kingdom but you cannot be destroyed.

In the Kingdom of Jesus there is sweetness. Bitterness and hatred are examples of lucifer’s stupidity. Whom lucifer seeks to destroy he openly attacks. But those of the Kingdom conceal a matter redeeming the time because the days thereof are evil.

If your instinct is Kingdom, then you will not fight Kingdom works. You will become a part of the Kingdom all to the glory of God.

You can gather in a church that is not part of the Kingdom. You can have home church that is not part of the Kingdom. Members of the Kingdom fellowship around the one Cup and holy Bread of the Passover. At this table, there is hope for the future except for the Judas’ who may sit there in betrayal mode.

Have you been called out of darkness into the Kingdom of Light?

Are you willing to have the Kingdom come deep inside of you?

Will you forsake all the ways of lucifer?

Are you willing to help change the character of people by example as a citizen of the Kingdom?

It begins with denying yourself and all about you. Die to yourself. Die to the world. Separate from all rebellers. Know those who have been sent from those who just packed up and went without training, a calling, and without proper ordination.

To run in vain is a sad thing.

Even Paul went to the Kingdom leaders to seek the right hand of fellowship, least he had run in vain.

Pray today: “thy Kingdom come.”

Let it come deep inside of you.

Change your ways all ye sinners.

Come out from among the rebellers all ye sheep of God.

Put the Kingdom in front of your face. And put your hands to work for the night is coming when no man can work.

Are you a part of churchanity?
Are you a part of a worldly church?
Do you cry for the Kingdom to spread?

There is work for Kingdom workers.

I said so……..

Pastor Reckart

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Typhoon Ruby

Typhoon Ruby is on its way to the Philippines. It is timed to hit the islands about the time I will be arriving in Manila and Cebu. Many of our prayer front intercessors are praying the typhoon is turned.

I remember when a typhoon was timed to hit Naro Island where there are many sheep. We prayed for it to be turned. And guess what? The typhoon took a jog and just enough to miss the island head on. It escaped a direct hit. The poor flock of sheep on the island were spared.

Same thing in Jamaica. A hurricane was timed to hit the island the same day I was to arrived. A prayer front of young men and women began to pray that it turn. It did turn and missed Jamaica altogether. I landed with blue skies. We had one of the most awesome tent meetings ever held at Port Royal.

I know Jesus is with me. I know he is helping me. I know he is guiding me. All things are in his hands.

In less than 24 hours I begin my journey to bring Truth, Hope, and Salvation to several islands. I am laying the foundation for our convention in June. There is one thing I am convinced: do the work of Jesus as he wants it to be done and he will bless us beyond measure. Jesus has been with me in over 25 years of mission work. Not all of it has turned out successful. Jealous men go about destroying what takes years to build. The devil always tries to destroy. But this one thing I am confident: they who are ordained to eternal life will stay with the Man of God and with the Truth. I have seen so many make ship wreck, go off into vain jangling, and fall into the condemnation of the devil. But, for me, it is all blessings. They who are with me will always be under the covering of blessings.

As a Man God Made, I give all honor, glory, and praise to Jesus.

The legacy I leave behind no man can replace.

Since I am a Kingdom of God preacher, I come not to do my own will but his who sent me.

Jesus is so good to me. I am blessed. And on this eve of my departure, I am waiting on an email that will prove once again that Jesus is Lord.

Unity of the Spirit is the key to unity of the Faith.

Pray for my success in the Kingdom.

Pastor Reckart
A Man Jesus Sent

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Are You An Able One?

The New Testament Church is the Kingdom of Jesus.

Not every church or group is part of this Kingdom.

Not every person is in this Kingdom.

Some have departed from the Kingdom to be a part of the kingdom of satan or a part of some man made kingdom.

Only those in the Kingdom will be saved and go to heaven. These are the sheep, those on his right hand, the good seed, and the pearl of great price.

Only this Church Kingdom will escape the powers of the gates to hell.

If the Church Kingdom is the strait gate, then the “gates of hell” are false kingdoms.

Each false church is then a gate to hell.

Jesus can only be Lord, Christ, and King over one Church and one Kingdom.

Are you in the Kingdom or some organize corporation calling itself a church when all who enter go to hell?

Have you been made a two-fold child of hell and do not know it?

Have you made your calling and election sure?

How many of you really know the true Gospel of the Kingdom?

Strive to enter the strait gate because many will try and shall not be able.

Are you an able one?

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