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Typhoon Ruby

Typhoon Ruby is on its way to the Philippines. It is timed to hit the islands about the time I will be arriving in Manila and Cebu. Many of our prayer front intercessors are praying the typhoon is turned.

I remember when a typhoon was timed to hit Naro Island where there are many sheep. We prayed for it to be turned. And guess what? The typhoon took a jog and just enough to miss the island head on. It escaped a direct hit. The poor flock of sheep on the island were spared.

Same thing in Jamaica. A hurricane was timed to hit the island the same day I was to arrived. A prayer front of young men and women began to pray that it turn. It did turn and missed Jamaica altogether. I landed with blue skies. We had one of the most awesome tent meetings ever held at Port Royal.

I know Jesus is with me. I know he is helping me. I know he is guiding me. All things are in his hands.

In less than 24 hours I begin my journey to bring Truth, Hope, and Salvation to several islands. I am laying the foundation for our convention in June. There is one thing I am convinced: do the work of Jesus as he wants it to be done and he will bless us beyond measure. Jesus has been with me in over 25 years of mission work. Not all of it has turned out successful. Jealous men go about destroying what takes years to build. The devil always tries to destroy. But this one thing I am confident: they who are ordained to eternal life will stay with the Man of God and with the Truth. I have seen so many make ship wreck, go off into vain jangling, and fall into the condemnation of the devil. But, for me, it is all blessings. They who are with me will always be under the covering of blessings.

As a Man God Made, I give all honor, glory, and praise to Jesus.

The legacy I leave behind no man can replace.

Since I am a Kingdom of God preacher, I come not to do my own will but his who sent me.

Jesus is so good to me. I am blessed. And on this eve of my departure, I am waiting on an email that will prove once again that Jesus is Lord.

Unity of the Spirit is the key to unity of the Faith.

Pray for my success in the Kingdom.

Pastor Reckart
A Man Jesus Sent


December 3, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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