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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Thy Kingdom Come

Pastor, Bishop Reckart

A Man Jesus called, taught, ordained, and sent.

Preaching the Kingdom.

A visible, spiritual realm.

Obeying the King brings blessings and the gift of eternal life.
Rejecting the King brings a curse upon all the rebellers.

Yes, the Kingdom must be born way inside of you.

Jesus reigns over his Kingdom as he sits upon his throne in heaven.

Why not pray today: “thy Kingdom come?”

Expect it to be born within you.

There is a rebel who came from heaven. His name is lucifer. He is proud, disobedient, a liar, a perverter of God’s Word, an accuser of the brethren. He also puts his kingdom deep into the hearts of many. They do the works of their king. They manifest his evils is sowing discord.

The true Kingdom of God is about unity. Unity of the faith as it was once delivered.

We in the Kingdom do always the will of our King Lord.

Our enemy lucifer leaves a battlefield of wounded souls. Do not count your trials and hardships as being wounded. Count them all pleasure as sufferings of the Kingdom but you cannot be destroyed.

In the Kingdom of Jesus there is sweetness. Bitterness and hatred are examples of lucifer’s stupidity. Whom lucifer seeks to destroy he openly attacks. But those of the Kingdom conceal a matter redeeming the time because the days thereof are evil.

If your instinct is Kingdom, then you will not fight Kingdom works. You will become a part of the Kingdom all to the glory of God.

You can gather in a church that is not part of the Kingdom. You can have home church that is not part of the Kingdom. Members of the Kingdom fellowship around the one Cup and holy Bread of the Passover. At this table, there is hope for the future except for the Judas’ who may sit there in betrayal mode.

Have you been called out of darkness into the Kingdom of Light?

Are you willing to have the Kingdom come deep inside of you?

Will you forsake all the ways of lucifer?

Are you willing to help change the character of people by example as a citizen of the Kingdom?

It begins with denying yourself and all about you. Die to yourself. Die to the world. Separate from all rebellers. Know those who have been sent from those who just packed up and went without training, a calling, and without proper ordination.

To run in vain is a sad thing.

Even Paul went to the Kingdom leaders to seek the right hand of fellowship, least he had run in vain.

Pray today: “thy Kingdom come.”

Let it come deep inside of you.

Change your ways all ye sinners.

Come out from among the rebellers all ye sheep of God.

Put the Kingdom in front of your face. And put your hands to work for the night is coming when no man can work.

Are you a part of churchanity?
Are you a part of a worldly church?
Do you cry for the Kingdom to spread?

There is work for Kingdom workers.

I said so……..

Pastor Reckart


December 4, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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