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Great Door Of Effectual Is Opened

While novices hate the messenger with deranged videos filled with silly  nonsense: Jesus has opened for me a great door of effectual. Not only this, but Jesus has given me a very large sum of money that shows he blesses a faithful tithe giver. Of course I boast of this in Jesus, not in myself. Because if Jesus had not done this great thing of effectual, I would not be able to accomplish the work wherewith he has sent me.

Yes, Jesus has sent me.

Yes, I am going.

Yes, the work will be done.

Yes, again I will take light to the nations, and push back the darkness.

Yes, I know the haters are trying to put out my light, but they shall not be able. All they can do is take darkness to souls and cause them to be lost.

But as for me, I am untouchable by them. All they can destroy is destroy souls and churches that reject the Truth. And if they can do this, I do not care. Because they cannot destroy the true Church of Jesus Christ.

I am so blessed today as I am in my hotel room in Cebu City.

Yes, blessed. The prayer front did it again.

The typhoon was turned away from my places of travel. Jesus is so good to me.

My prayer partners did a great miracle in the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names. And I want to thank them for praying for me and Jesus honored their prayer and me his servant.

Today I leave for visitation to several islands.

I feel like the Apostle Paul felt in his missionary work to bless the sheep and bring them encouragement. I know Jesus is with me.

The blessings I have received for his glory will exalt his name even more above all names.

Soon, in a couple months, I shall meet with high ranking military officer of another country to reveal to him the glory in the name of Jesus Christ. He has called for me. I will answer the Macedonian call.

I pray Jesus will raise him up in his country to be a mighty witness to the glory of the name of Jesus.

I promised Jesus: I would go anywhere he opened up the door. And now his light has shined around me and directed me to that new door.

Thank You Jesus for the money. I will spend it wisely. And I will tithe it to other qualified Pastors who love and support the Truth.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Tithing Has Blessed Like Melchizedec
Yeahhhhhhhhh Thank You JESUS, my KING


December 8, 2014 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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