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Marriages Are Missionary Work Also

I do not know how many marriages I have assisted with doing missionary work. My wife and I have given money for marriage licenses, for bridal needs, for wedding suppers, for honey moons, and even to help set up house keeping. I am not sure how much tithing money went into these marriages of faith and love, but it is more than most have ever given.

I am proud of what I do with these marriages. And when children are born, I am now a spiritual grandpa. This is why many call me dad or daddy. Many call me lolo. And as they grow, worship Jesus, and learn how to sing, play the drums, or guitars: I am so proud of what I have done as a missionary.

You see, being a missionary is much more than preaching, baptizing, teaching, leaving behind the printed Word: it is a love of and for people that gets you right into the middle of their lives.

I give tithe money also for education, books, school clothing, shoes, and other needs. I am so happy to see these students graduate. I am happy when they get a job. I am happy when I see them as part of the work of God. And I want them to know I love them.

I could go on and on about missionary work of building churches, which I have built many. Jesus is the one to receive all the praise and the glory. He is the one who prepared me, ordained me, sent me, and continues to bless me in all that I do.

To Jesus Christ my Lord, I am deeply thankful. I will do what he leads me to do. I am a servant who likes servant work.

Pastor Reckart
A servant Jesus made and accepts


January 5, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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