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This Is My Story And I Am Not Changing It

If preachers switch out on the name of Jesus, how can they go back and make right all the false baptisms they did?

Some are saying Jesus is a false English name. And that the real Hebrew name of Jesus is Joshua. Some even say it is Lord Joshua Christ. Wow, I question this.

Will they go rebaptize all their members in Lord Joshua Christ?
Will they now teach the Hebrew name of the Father is Joshua? Because Jesus came in his Father’s name?

What about those who claim the true name of Jesus is Yahshua. Same thing: will they say now Lord Yahshua Christ? Will they now say the Hebrew name of the Father is Yahshua? Because Yahshua would have come in his Father’s name.

There is mass confusion now spreading throughout the world. I am shocked that David Bernard would say the true name of Jesus is Joshua. I am shocked that some are saying the true name of Jesus is Jehovah or Yahweh.

Ok, let’s deal with this.

Is the real name of Jesus now Lord Yahweh Christ?
Is the real name of Jesus now Lord Jehovah Christ?

We must be on guard. We cannot allow the blasphemers to just walk into our homes and churches and spread this lying nonsense. It undermines our faith, our doctrine, our practice, our conduct, and our order.

I know this subject to many is of no importance. All I can say is, if you deny and recant the name of Jesus you are going to hell. And if you lie and deceive innocent souls to trust in some name that is not Jesus, you are going to hell.

I know this is language with the bark still on it, but someone has to say it and so many are either ashamed to say it, scared to say it, or they just do not have the dedication to the name of Jesus to say it.

If I am provoking you into anger by posting this, I will not apologize. These people spreading lies against the name of Jesus offend me. They offend my water baptism. They offend the Passover Cup that I drink each year. And they offend my preaching of the Gospel.

You see, I preach one name on the Cross. And it is Jesus. Yes, Jesus in Paleo Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. Yes the letters are different. But regardless of the use of letters they are pronounce the name as Jesus.
Are you a real Jesus name believer?

Have the liars got you to switch out to Joshua or some other name?
I am praying for more and more men and women to take a stand for the name of Jesus and not back down.

This is my story and I am not changing it.

January 28, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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