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Tithing And The War Of The Devil

I have never seen the devil at work in so many men before over the subject of tithing.

I see this hatred in Cain when he killed Abel over his sacrifice of firstfruits. I see the killing spirit now in many men.

So, …many of you no longer want to fellowship with me because I believe in faith tithing.

Many of you want to attack me behind my back.

Many of you want to destroy my reputation and my work of God over tithing?

Well, …go ahead and fight against me and you will end up in hell. You cannot fight to destroy the work of God he sent me to do. I already have the prophecy nothing formed against me will prosper.

Destroy, for that is the work of the serpent, the ole dragon, the serpent, even lucifer. You are manifesting the spirit of your father. I warn you to stop your destroying spirit.

Faith tithing is a part of the New Testament Church. The faith tithing of Abraham was not nailed to the Cross. No one can say faith is not New Testament. And no one can say faith tithing was nailed to the Cross.

Jesus bless all of you who love the truth and who practice faith tithing. Jesus will bless you more and more if you give your tithing by faith.

The rest of you, you will destroy yourselves and you follow the lies of the destroyer.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Who Believes In Faith Tithing


February 6, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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