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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Thank You Jesus

Jesus is the best thing that happened in my life. When the King became my Lord, my life changed. I did not know at the time the big decision I had made would affect the rest of my life. The day Jesus became my King was the day I was baptized in his name. I have not been ashamed of his name since that day in 1957. It would be 35 years later that I would stand in defense of that name against two Yahweh tetragrammaton cult members. Dedicated to the name of Jesus I began to search the world for people who would join me in lifting up the name of Jesus ABOVE ALL NAMES. Some joined and then for one reason or another turned to hate me and attack me. Others joined and simply backslid back into the world of sin. Many joined and then went off into vain jangling with false doctrines of all kinds. In spite of this, I am still active in searching for souls who seek a relationship with the true name of God.

The past three years have been the worst since 1992 when I stood alone to defend the name of Jesus. Many enemies have stood up against me. Lies and distortions have been spread. Many have dumped me into their spiritual garbage dumpster. And many more continue to spread hate and false information. Churches have been destroyed all to try and tear me down or to stop my missionary work. Behind all of this anti-Reckart making of videos and sending out emails, is the spirit of hate because I am still lifting up the name of Jesus above all names.

One man said it clearly: I want God to kill you….

Great love right?

What is my sin? One man said I deserved to die and go to hell because I teach faith tithing.
Another believed I should burn for ever because I no longer accepted him as a minister because of his personal failures.

But looking back over these many years of standing for the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names: I can still boast and say that the day Jesus came into my life was the greatest day of my life.

With Jesus a vital part of all that I do, I do not fear any man or care what anyone says against me. Why should I, when Jesus himself is in charge of my life? This week Jesus will do it again. He will show me a different path. And I will walk in it. I will begin a new future and Jesus will remain at the center.

I love my Lord and King. I continue to praise the name of Jesus Christ. I did not get here because of any man. I am here by divine choice and selection. I am so very happy that I do all things to please Jesus. And if others dislike me for that, I do not care. I love my Shepherd and King.

Some day, I shall stand before him and he will welcome me into the New Jerusalem. He will invite me to sit down with him in his throne. In that day I will speak to my King and tell him:

Thank You Jesus for choosing me out of the billions of the world. Thank you for making me a man of holiness. Thank you for putting truth into my heart. Thank you for revealing your name to me. I took this to the nations. Thank you for blessing me for this great work.

Thank you my King……


February 15, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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