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The Wheat And The Harvest

Many know nothing of the men Jesus is using to plant the Truth in his field. In fact many more do not even know how to become involved. What the majority observe is the growth of the wheat but have had nothing to do in the sowing into good ground. I am always amazed at how important people think they are and make themselves as they trample the wheat and get angry and hostile at the men Jesus used to get the wheat ready for harvest.

There will be many who will attempt to destroy these men being used by Jesus. But be assured, he wheat will come to the harvest. Although many wheat will be trampled and hurt, they will not be destroyed. Only the tares will be cast into unquenchable fire.

I confess I have a mission. I have a wheat mission. You see I know the gardener will soon come and he will separate the wheat from the tares. And I also know he will reward those who have helped in the harvest of the wheat, even those who come to the work late in the day. But the others? The ones who have spent all their time trying to destroy the men and women Jesus is using to plant the Truth? Well they will pine away with bitterness of the soul. They will grow less and less valuable to themselves. And at last, alas, alas, show forth the fruit of a disturbed soul. You see, these kinds of men and women cannot hide their anger. It will burst forth upon wife and children. It will become abusive. And then sudden destruction.

What applies to the natural applies to the spiritual.

My mission, bring the wheat to harvest.

I will accomplish that which I have been sent to do.

Thank you Jesus for trusting me in this harvest. I pray for wisdom, for a helping spirit, for gentleness, and for love.

Your Son, Pete


February 20, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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