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Setting The Record Straight

Here is a quote from Brother James Owens:

“I asked B Reckart in my sitting room ,
“Are you 100% sure about hallelujah ?”
He said “no , I am only a man ”

This is all lies. This question was never asked me in his sitting room and I never answered what he claims.

I opposed hallelujah in my debates with the YHWH tetragrammaton cults in 1993 and afterward. I wrote about it in my small booklet “Praise The Name Of Jesus Christ.” All the people of the Philippines know I have openly opposed use of hallelujah.

I have written several studies revealing the falsehood of yah, iah, and the god many claim is Yahweh, the one they scream hallejujah to. My reputation on how I stand against the word hallelujah is clearly in what I have presented to the world.

James Owens is using his own lie to try and turn people against me. The same with Lewis Floyd. He claims I allowed my brother-in-law to use hallelujah in my church and I did nothing about it. The fact is, my brother-in-law like so many made a slip of tongue from years of habit in the UPC and said hallelujah at one of our Passover celebrations that Lewis Floyd attended. I did not allow him to use hallelujah. And I did go to him and he apologized. I have written this several times and Lewis Floyd continues to attack me about this.

Everyone who stands up for me is accused by these two men of worshiping me. This is not the case at all. Men who know my work, my commitment to the Truth, and my determination to lift the name of Jesus above all names, will not accept or respect James Owens or Lewis Floyd attacking me or lying on me.

I never said to James Owens that I was only a man and I was not 100% sure about hallelujah.

How come he never brought this up in the years since I visited his home? Only now he spreads this lie?

James Owens, you know you are lying. And you also know this lie comes from your deep hatred of me because I rejected you being a minister no longer wanting your fellowship. This was all because of your attitude and your hatred of me over the tithing issue. You can continue to attack me and make up lies to accuse me, but those who know my heart and spirit will never believe you.

Your lies will take you where you will not want to go. I urge you to repent and confess to Jesus Christ that you have spread a false report and a railing against an Elder. You are commanded not to do this.

I love you, but you must carry yourself like a real man of God and obey the Truth. Until you do, I still will not accept you as a minister or desire fellowship with you.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Jesus Christ Made

Read this to prove James Owens is lying. Click here


February 21, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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