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Jesus, Name Above All Names


He was despised of men.

How despicable the heart and mind of men who despise to elevate themselves.

Why was Jesus despised?

Because he possessed wisdom. Those who are ever learning and cannot of themselves have wisdom, seek this from those who have it. Then they take the learning and turn and destroy the giver. They pervert the wisdom of God and turn it into a perverted wisdom of men using all manner of distortion. Then, the perverts hail themselves as the saviors of others by attacking the true source of wisdom.

This happened to Jesus.

Many flocked to him in multitudes to hear his wisdom. A greater than Solomon was here. Many came to test his wisdom to find some fault; but he made it impossible for them to obtain his wisdom because their hearts were evil. To those who came to attack him with questions, after all they claim they were only testing him: these went away into everlasting hell because their purpose to hear wisdom was not pure. So they went away and told lies and twisted what he said. The false accusations, bearing false witness, went all the way to the house of the high priest where lying witness came in and laid out their perversions.

I understand perfectly how Jesus must have felt when many of those who followed him were convinced of the lies and turned and went to hell. I understand how Jesus must have felt as he looked through eyes of love as they turned their backs on him and walked away. The sorrow must have been immense. More than sin broke the heart of Jesus, it was the memory of those who turned and went to hell believing the lies that became the wisdom of men.

I know there are many good men and women who are still searching for the Truth. I know also there are many deceivers and perverters spreading their own lies and carnal wisdom to lead them astray. But this one thing I am assured: the wheat will come to harvest and no one can stop this. No man, no woman, no rabbi, no priest, no church, no organization: can stop the endtime harvest of the wheat.

It is my desire as I grow weaker and weaker in body, to spread the Truth in many men and women of God who will not give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. I want them to know more about the name of Jesus than any man now living has ever shown to them. I want to exalt the name of Jesus above all names and keep this testimony until I am no longer alive upon the earth. I will leave behind a legacy among the nations no other man of this generation has done. And yes, I am careful who I will allow to walk with me to the end of my journey. I did not need the gainsayers when I started and I will not need them to finish my race.

I understand what being despised is all about. I am experiencing exactly the sin used against Jesus to bring him down. He turned it into love for those who remained faithful. And I want to be careful to show those love who remain faithful to the name of Jesus, name above all names.

Jesus, you were despised. But I refuse to join the despisers. I remain your faithful son and servant.

Live forever O My King, Live forever

Bishop Gary Reckart
A Man Who Does Not Despise, even his enemies…..

February 22, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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