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It Is Time To Prepare

All Christians should leave the Arab Muslim countries. They must not go back to take any possessions. They must leave as soon as possible. Take only food for the journey. Do not travel on Muslim sabbath day. They must seek Jesus where to go. This is great tribulation for them. It will soon spread to all the world. Christians who want to whoop it up, play stupid, and dance every sunday night while the devil moves in to entrap them: are not wise. There is no spiritual requirement to whoop it up every sunday night. The night comes when no man may work and that includes Sunday whoop night. :)

We are under attack by forces and secret orders we know nothing about. They want money, power, government control, and everyone to become slaves. The new world order seems to be Islamic and Obama and others seem to be part of the movement it annihilate Christians regardless of their pedigree. The focus will switch to what they call radical Christians. And with our consent they will wipe them out while the terrorist continue to come here on student visas.

I am deeply concerned at how many are now switching from God to Allah, from hallelujah to Allahu. We are slowly being changed by the change agents. We are told to give up traditions and the past and embrace a new forward move of the Holy Ghost. But yet the Holy Ghost has not spoken this to the Churches in their midst. The message for change is coming from one man (Pastor David Bernard). I want to know exactly what traditions and what past he is saying we need to give up. Are we not told the same thing by Muslim missionaries? But they do not think of Holy Ghost or the Paraclete like we do. They say the Paraclete is Mohammad. Are we being deceived here or what?

I know many hate me and wish I was dead. I know they still rant and make videos filled with nonsense. But I am still on the wall and I am not coming down. I will warn of the coming great tribulation. If many of you do not prepare you will not be spared. I cannot make people prepare. I cannot put into their minds how important it is to make their calling and election sure. I have not grown weary telling people to get out of the major Oneness organizations or be changed by the change agents. I warn all of you that your family: husband, wife, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends: may betray you unto death.

Many in ancient times would betray their own kin, their own blood, their brothers and sisters in the Lord: if they would not let them come and abide with the righteous as they prepared places of hiding and refuge. When you shut out people who are not godly they will betray you to death. It is coming. Jesus predicted it.

(Note): a few years back I decided to try the spirits of certain people who fell into unacceptable conduct that I would not fellowship if tribulation started. I cut them off. I refuse to talk to them any more. I walked away from them. I cut off communications. I blotted them out. I resisted using their names. I was shocked at the immediate response of hate, the betrayal, the rancor and spewing of nonsense, the accusations, the slander, the going to my friends to persuade them I was evil, a false prophet, a liar, a deceiver: and then I saw it. This is exactly what Jesus and the Apostles predicted of people who were disfellowshipped and cut off. I saw instantly why some sinners hate God. Today on the internet I have over 200 such enemies whom I have cut off and I never mention their names. Everyone of them have fallen into the antichrist spirit of slander. Not a single one shows signs of repentance and being humble. Today I have not changed. But they have all departed into many different vain janglings and depraved ideologies. I have grown closer to Jesus and the Truth. Their departure into the abyss of antichrist apostasy has not detracted me or caused me to lose faith or my salvation. The coming times of tribulation will bring out the love of true Christians or it will manifest the hate and disdain they have for you if you walk circumspectly and with wisdom. Do not be afraid to cut certain types of people off. Reject the blabber mouths and those looking for pats on the back when they rail on men with dignity for whom they have no respect. Learn to select good people to surround yourself with when tribulation comes. The rest, walk away from and reject. I am following the divine pattern here.

Why is it none of the major Oneness organizational leaders are sounding the alarm? How come they continue on pushing whoop night and do not preach the truth that the Church will go through the tribulation?

I am afraid of many of you. Not because you are a threat to me over my reputation or my character: no way; I am afraid of you that you will turn into betrayers and using justified hate to cause the deaths of many.

Brothers and Sisters, I warn you all: know them who labor among you. If you do not use spiritual discernment and are led about with slick tongues, liars, deceivers, slanderers, novice gainsayers, and those off in vain jangling: you will become a danger to yourself and all whom you are friends.

Let us pray for Christians who are in Muslim nations that they can escape. Let us pray the enemy will let them get out of their Islamic State. And let us pray they can be welcomed into other surrounding countries as refugees. Let us pray for all Jews to escape and depart from all Muslim nations and areas where the Muslims claim they will establish an Islamic State. If that is what they want, let Christians and Jews depart and let them have it.

As a Christian, I have no fight with any religion. I can disagree on doctrine and believe many false doctrines are salvational, but this does not mean I want anyone dead just because they are in false doctrines. I do not want any Jews dead even if they hate Jesus and Christians. I pray for the peace of all souls. I pray for Muslims that they will learn what love is and means. I pray for Muslims to get a vision or dream of Jesus. Seems this has a great affect on those Muslims who have these spiritual visitations.

Jesus, be with those who flee.

Your Son

February 26, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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  1. Many of these poor ignorant people were told they would not see this persecution and death. They were told the stupid pre-tribulation rapture doctrine that Jesus would come and quick snatch them up to heaven. So they waited. They waited. Jesus did not come. America did not come. England did not come. The NATO did not come. No one came to save their lives.

    They did not flee..
    How sad that a stupid trinitarian rapture lie could cause so many souls in so many places be innocently killed.

    I am sorrowful and angry.

    The pre-tribulation rapture lies must stop. Oneness Pentecostals spreading this trinitarian lie must stop it. We claim we have the Truth, it is time to preach the Truth and stop telling the world pie-in-the-sky lies.

    Jesus has told us what to do before tribulation comes.

    When we see ourselves encompassed with armies (terrorists), (Jerusalem a type and example), we must flee. We must get away. We must not take anything with us but food and water. What material things can be more important than the lives of our husband, wife, children, family, friends. The final test for us is not speaking in tongues and whooping it up: but love. A love where we want souls to be saved spiritually and physically.

    I am so sad there are few ministers standing up and preaching the Truth.

    Jesus, help your people. My King, deliver your people.

    Comment by acts0412 | February 26, 2015

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