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I met a person who was buying awards to give out. I ask the person why they did this? The answer I received was: “I am doing it to show my honor for their work.” When I asked additional questions, I discovered this person took careful attention about the sacrifices, the dedication, the time donated, the spirit of giving to others, and of course their faithfulness in the matter concerning their award.

I began to wonder why it is that Jesus will give awards also. And it came to me, he would do it because he wanted to give honor to the ones to be awarded.

I have never personally looked for perfection in people I have given awards to over my life time. I have given out hundreds of awards, trophies, plaques, ribbons, and cards with money or a gift card inside. In every single case, as I look back, I can see I was honoring these people. Nearly every missionary trip I go on, I give honor to those whom I can see are beneficial givers themselves. I really delight in giving honor. I like it. And because I am dedicated to awarding the faithful: I will continue to do so.

Giving honor does not mean the person you esteem or respect for some special reason is perfect: it is a way of showing appreciation and recognition and that’s just it.

I have always been a person to show the traits of a spiritual mature Man of God. I love to give honor. Sometimes I plan months in advance of a missions trip to show honor when I pass around to the churches. I do not look for perfect people. I look for people who have done something in their lives that is outstanding. I look for dedication. And of course I look for people who are respectful themselves. I never honor any disrespectful person. They do not have any dignity I can honor. Some may wonder why I am so strict. Why I hold men to show forth the character of honorable conduct. I do not like men or women who have an uncontrolled temper or tongue. I just do not like these kinds of people. I can give honor to a child who has shown forth fruits of hard work. In fact, I just honored 4 kids. Two I gave $200 each because of their hard work and commitment. One I gave $100 for her hard work and faithfulness. And another little boy 8 years old I gave $50. They were all so very happy. I gave them according as their work may be. They were not perfect kids by any means. But they deserved to be esteemed and honored. It was not equal blessing because they did not do equal work. But their honor was equal. I gave them all equal love.

I love to show honor and not only with my words, I back it up with my love and fellowship. I am just like God: I will honor and respect those who show forth love. And since God will not honor anyone dishonorable, neither shall I.

I still have a lot of honor to give. Each day, week, month, year: I seek to honor the faithful.

Someday, Jesus will honor me. For as much as ye have done it to the least of these little ones, God will show it back to us. Learn the ministry of honor. It is far greater than a ministry of gripe, slander, hate, discord, and division.

Give honor, show respect: that is, if you have any within you to give.

Bishop Reckart
Giving Honor To Whom Honor Is Due


March 1, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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