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Good Ground

When working for Jesus in the mission field, I have found it very true there are four kinds of ground. I have tried to sow among thorns. I have tried to sow along the wayside. I have tried to sow on stony ground. And although my intentions were good. I spent a lot of money. And I had great hope for many ministers and people. It all comes down to good ground.

I have spent thousands of dollars to sow the good seed. Money spent on thorn ground, wayside ground, and stony ground is all wasted. I am not sure people understand what kind of people they are UNTIL the missionary wants no more to do with them.

For instance, if I sow along the wayside. And there I try to get the Truth to take a root (home missions); and soon as the seed is planted, here comes the fouls to devour it. And the people did not chase the fouls away. They just invite them to come and take the seed, the missionary now knows this ground will never produce fruit into the Kingdom of God.

The same with stony ground. When people’s hearts become as stone toward the seed, it shows the missionary who they are.

The same with thorn ground. When people surround themselves with people who reject the seed: the missionary then knows he can never help these people.

So, move on to the good ground. This good ground are people whose hearts are open, pure, and ready for the precious seed. As all good ground humbles itself to bring forth a harvest, even so those who are good ground will produce a harvest. None of the other three will ever have a harvest.

Pastors are always trying to find the good ground. Many people come and go and they are never good ground.

Could be if your Pastor does not want much to do with you in the ministry, its because you manifest one of the three bad grounds. The list of reject is #1 stony ground men; #2 among thorns men; and #3 wayside men. Show the Pastor you are good ground. And when he sees the fruit he will welcome you to join him in ministering. No Pastor can make a man who is stony, a thorn, or a wayside man into a man of God.

Only the good ground people mature into the great people of God.


March 4, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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