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The Attitude Of The Disrespectful

I have grieved many times over the past 40 years of pastoring. This spirit of weeping and crying over souls was when they turned from me and the church and departed on their own to seek a life where their sins were acceptable. It is very painful for a Pastor to see people turn against him and the Church. And the pain never seems to go away even when years later his memory recalls these souls.

I place myself in a similar situation as Jesus was in with his 70 disciples. When 58 walked no more with him in John 6:66 and turned back to in fellowship with the temple cult: I am sure Jesus was grieved and his heart pained. He had given and sacrificed a lot for them.

When I thought about the sinful attitude of those who departed from Jesus, I became aware of a shocking fact. It is so very simple. It is so very sad. As it came into my mind, I wanted to cry. Here is the attitude in words of those who no longer wanted Jesus to rule over them.

Here is the shocking attitude:

“Jesus, we no longer believe your sacrifice for us is good enough.”

Yes, in each case of a backslider, this must be the bottom line, the real attitude. That the sacrifice of Jesus was no longer good enough.

Then I also saw how this same attitude is used by people against Pastors. When they leave from the leadership of a Pastor and being under subjection: they also make the same bold attitude statement.

“Pastor, we no longer believe your sacrifice for us is good enough.”

This hurts.

It pains the heart.

And so, just like Jesus, we must allow these insane people cast our sacrifices for them down. And we must allow them to go find someone else whose sacrifice is good enough to merit their faithfulness.

I urge all of you. Do not accept this attitude.

Never say this with your actions when you walk out of the church and vow never to come back.

Just do not do it.

Follow peace and love with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Of Respect And Honor For Jesus


March 5, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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