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Backsliding Into Law Keeping

It never ceases to amaze me how people cannot keep themselves straight. This is why people need a real Man of God in their life. Many times I have seen men of God go off into the concision world of law-keeping. This happens when their spiritual gyroscope gets broken. Then they turn 180 degrees from the New Covenant of grace and backslide from the Passover Table back to sabbath keeping and other dietary laws. Usually, sabbath keeping is the first slip backward into the Old Covenant. From this slip the trend will grow more and more away from the New Covenant.

I have seen men make clever lies about sabbath keeping. They are ever so slick in the way they present the sabbath keeping falsehood. I ran into this system of lies many years ago. I was nearly swept away. I remember my first encounter with Apostolic Oneness sabbath keepers. It was in 1970 in Millville, New Jersey. I met a man there who invited me to visit his church in Atlantic City. Only thing was he told me they had service on saturday and not sunday. I paid this no mind because at the age of 25 I did not care what day of the week people went to church. I had no clue about sabbath keeping and all the bantering back and forth over this practice. So I went. There were about 30 members in the little church. They had worship which was typical of an African-American congregation. Then came sabbath school. The instructor was very impressive with his teaching. And I guess for my part, the focus was sabbath keeping. He would call out a scripture and one of the members would stand and quote it. I was impressed with how well they knew the Bible. After sabbath school they had the regular service. An aged man sat on a throne like chair. When it came time for the preaching he came forward with a very impressive stance of dignity. He went into his message about the law of God. The lawless. The need to return to the Apostolic church that kept the law. I was young and it made no sense to me that the Apostles would have a serious meeting in Acts 15 over law-keeping and here this preacher was saying they kept the law.

Well, I went back home convinced something was greatly amiss. I did not spend much time on this issue since there was no sabbath keepers then trying to assail the Church. It would be years later that I ran into this again. This time I dug in and decided to get to the bottom of this. So I made a list of all the lies being told. And decided to unravel them one at a time. When I did so, I wrote a bible study on sabbath keeping. You can read it here (

While I know this study may not convince everyone, I am convinced all those of an honest heart will be convinced. :)

When I observe people going off into sabbath keeping as a statement they are somehow getting closer to God than the rest of us, I know their ego has tricked them. But more than one person has been snared in their own ego of inventing doctrine to make themselves more important to others. I am not impressed by anyone who falls into the concision trap. In fact, my eyebrows go up wondering what has gotten hold of their minds.

For those of you who are honest, the sabbath is not a day: it is a person, JESUS. Our sabbath rest can come only through him, not a day.

If that revelation is to much for you, perhaps you need to go back and study the Bible again and this time do not use seventh-day-adventist lies to guide you.

I observe the sabbath when I worship Jesus and this is not one day out of the week, but seven days out of seven.

Jesus bless your understanding.

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Bishop Reckart
Defender of the true Sabbath


March 9, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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