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Repost Why Do People Hate You?

Q: Bishop, why do people hate you and say bad things about you on the internet? I just read some hateful stuff by Kendrick Clark, Witchvox/Kerr Cuhulain, some UPC pastor in the Philippines named Carl Cortez, and some really bad accusers on apostolicfriendsforum. I viewed also a video by James Owens from Ireland. Can you answer why these hate you?

A: Whew….

Well, first: I did not attack any of these people or their church or coven(s).

Second: I am hated by a long list of people, not just the ones you mentioned. These feed on each other’s hate and will usually copy, cut, and paste each other’s rants to make it appear they are right because they found someone else who hates me. So, they are accusers in unity when it comes to the name and person Reckart. This, even though many of them disagree on several other doctrines, greater in importance than the couple issues they attack against me. But the unity of haters ignore these differences to focus in on their common target of hate and they love for that to be me. But, my faith and my salvation are unaffected by these accusers.

Here is a partial list of those who hate me:

Jewish Rabbis (successors of the Pharisees)
Trinitarians (three god Nicene Creed people)
Oneness Catholics (Oneness people who hold many Catholic traditions and doctrines)
Biarians (two god people)
Arians (Jehovah Witnesses and other twosies)
Dynamic Monarchians (Jesus was only a man and will forever be only the Son of God)
YHWH/YHVH cults (Kabbalist, Masons, Illuminati, New World Order, Sacred-namers, to many others to name)
Trinitarian apostles, Oneness apostles, all modern apostles
Preterist: both full and partial
Women preachers, women prophetesses, women apostles, women elders, etc, etc.
King James Version only people (who reject prior translations as being corrupt)
Masoretic text supporters (who deny Jesus and the Apostles used only the Septuagint)
Pre-trib rapture radicals (who deny Jesus taught a Post-Tribulation rapture)
Witches and satanist: Wicca, church of satan, many other satanist
Hebrew Roots Movement (concision, law-keepers, sabbath-keepers, polygamist)
Anti-Acts 2:38 baptism people (trinitarians, Lord Jesus Christ FSHG three-in-one Oneness)
Anti-Patripassians (usually all of the above)
Baby baptizers (who think the Catholic church had it right)
Black Hebrew Israelites (generally racist who hate white people)
Double veil, artificial veil, who demand all women and girls wear a fake head covering
No altar in the church people (claim altars are Catholic and pagan, forget the Tabernacle,Temple, and Heaven)
Anti-Lord supper on the Jewish Passover, hold instead New Years or some other time
Liberals: generally are opposed to holiness and holiness standards
Corporate Organizations: those who believe their organization is the Bride of Christ, all others go to hell
Babylonian/Catholic ministerial hierarchy groups
Anti-Pastor people: who believe the Church should be run by a board of Deacons and Elders to whom the Pastor is subjected
False prophets who use religion as a means to get money from unsuspecting people

This is just a short list.

I am accused by them of being opinionated, radical, insane, arrogant, a bigot, crazy, antisemite, pathetic, delirious, denier of the Aramaic Hebrew language, anti-halleluyah, anti-Jehovah, anti-Yahweh, anti-Yahuah, a devil, demon possessed, a secret Jesuit, a member of the Illuminati, a secret freemason, a worshiper of Baphomet, that I sacrifice animals in my church, that I believe in the magic hair doctrine, I refuse to accept baby baptisms, and the rants go on and on.

These people use several alias’ to attack me on the internet. Many hide behind fake names. They all have one united purpose and goal regarding me, and each contribute their own death stroke. Hoping that their stab wounds in my back will be the one to finish me off. They will gather together on Facebook in different groups and are welcome “friends” regardless of their beliefs so long as I am the common denominator of their hate.

All of these named above will say they do not hate me. They just want me to accept their doctrines and so they accuse me of different things to shame me to come into their group or camp. They believe they must put something on the internet to turn people away from me or from reading my research. They believe it is their duty to destroy me, damage my reputation, and do God a service by their hate.

I have been accused of all manner of evil and sin. One YHWH cult member in a debate in Conyers, Georgia said he would kill me if he could get away with it.

While many will not allow their hate to rise to this level, some are almost there. More than one UPCI minister has written to me saying he wished God would kill me. Threatening I would die soon. One threatened he would report me to the Muslims that I had blasphemed Allah and Mohammed and he hope they would kill me. Others had prayed God would strike me down for writing about a doctrine, a tradition, a fable, that they or their group holds. Behind all the false analysis and hate from K. Clark’s “Pastor Gary Reckart Anti-Alleluia Revealed” [Clark exhibits his latent black racism against a white man]; behind Kerr Cuhulain’s “Jesus Messiah Fellowship [1]” [Kerr exhibits his own hate of Christianity while investigating me to exalt satanic wiccaism]; behind the Philippine UPCI Carl Cortez hate, is his hope to save the Catholic doctrines of the UPC from being exposed; behind the “For Pastor Reckart” videos of James Owens [Owens is nothing more than a diacritic (!) in writing about Truth; trying to exalt himself by attacking me concerning tithing and other alleged ethical perversions he has invented]; and behind the rants of others [motivated by religious deceptions they do not want exposed]; are several of the issues named above. They think by attacking me they can elevate themselves to a position of respect and honor by tearing down and destroying their chief adversarial foe. I am sure they are not finished with their hate. All they can achieve in it, is the destruction of innocent souls. They will never overcome or defeat me. And many who have emailed about them do not believe their nonsense and see through their shameful scheming attacks. Only the haters have accepted the words of the haters. They who love the Truth will escape from them. I have not lost a single friend.

I realize that Truth will always have its Judas’. And that many will deceive if it is possible the very elect. I have not met many of you. And I will probably never meet many of you personally. Because of this, it may be very easy for you to think, that if all these people are against me, I must be a very bad person. And thus, write me off just as they plotted for you to do. The question is, are you honest? Can you stand to have religious traditions examined? Will you become the victim of someone else’s hate and be turned from the Truth? Do you not know that the Pharisees and members of the temple cult used these same tricks against Jesus and called him a liar, insane, opinionated, a false prophet, beelzebub, a perverter of the nation? What was behind all this hate, which these people thought was their love of Israel and the Temple in action? Is it possible that in these endtimes indeed many false prophets will come forth and join with all manner of anti-christs, and these will hate all who believe in and follow the Truth?

Behind all of this hate is false religion. In one manner or another, each of my haters want their false religious beliefs to be the Truth. I am a danger to them. So, I must be destroyed even if it means men like Clark, Cuhulain, Cortez, and Owens must link arms in some manner to do it.

Let me say here, I am like a tree planted by the waters: I shall not be moved.

I realize I will be hated. I realize like the Apostle Paul, many may depart and forsake me: but like the Apostle Paul, none of their anger, hate, or accusations or rhetoric will turn me from the Truth. I have on the armor of God and nothing they say can harm or hurt me. All it can do is destroy innocent souls whose blood will be on their hands.

I am a ring-leader of a movement to reject the Syrian Babylonian god Yaave [Yahweh] YHWH and the tetragrammaton (and all names and words derived from it including halleluyah and alleluia). My agenda, my goal, my alleged “secret plot”, is to lift the name of Jesus Christ above all names. I am an advocate for the full revelation of Acts 4:12.

Baptize all the babies you want. Make women wear a fake veil. Tear out all the altars in the church. Yell halleluyah. Scream against giving faith tithing. Speak in tongues on sunday night and then hate me soon as you get home on Facebook. Preach Jesus already came back in 70AD. Believe in the trinity or two gods. But as for me and my house and all I can reach, we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ as our God. We will be free churches not controlled by mystery Babylon, rabbis, priests, preachers, organizational corporations,and novices trying to appear as scholars. We are free from the tetragrammaton delusion and we are not departing from the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, name above all names.

Why do people hate me?

Now you know why.

Pastor G. Reckart
A Man God Made

March 10, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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