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Love Covers A Multitude Of Sins

The devil has always mixed lies with truth. There are those who change the truth into a lie. The goal of the devil is to deceive people that a lie is the truth. Of course he needs ministers who will convert people to the lie.

When a person accepts one lie it shows the devil a weakness. So he sends other demons one by one with more lies. Soon the person develops their own religion mixed with lies and the truth. Most never escape. Most do not want to escape.

You can identify these people by observing them attacking Truth and trying to substitute a lie in its place, their lie, their interpretation, their private revelation: using their slander and their anger to attack those who will not accept the substitute. NEVER accept a substitute to the Truth.

Even as we must all bow to Truth and surrender our mind to it, those who peddle lies want us to bow to them and surrender our minds over to them. We are in the day of massive deceptions and extraordinary lies. They come well presented. The change agents are very clever, using crafty psychology and challenging vain jangling. They neither deny their purpose or have any shame to attack dignity.

They know not the way of Truth and the love of Christ is not in them. Beware of the modern day craft of gainsaying: attacking others to make a gain of them if they can destroy them. Back biters are all around us. Be wise. Avoid contentious spirits.

Truth does not need hate or rancor to succeed. It needs only love. Jesus showed us the way. Walk in it. Do not turn from it. It will lead you to the throne of God. Be a loving person today.

Learn the wisdom of the love of Christ.


March 16, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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