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The Catholic church invented the Easter celebration at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. All of her daughters identify themselves with mother Rome by celebration of Easter also. This may shock you, but Jesus was not resurrected on Easter. The name Easter was not known among the Jews at the time of the resurrection of Jesus. No Apostle or writer of the New Testament ever mentioned Easter. The one time Easter is found in the Bible is there by deception and fraud. Go check it out. It is found in Acts 12:4. But check the Greek and it is “pascha” or Passover. Why did the King James translators purposely corrupt the Bible by putting Easter in it when the Greek had Passover?

This one thing I know, No Christian of the first Church ever celebrated any Easter resurrection.

Rome did this lie.

Any church that celebrates the Catholic lie is Catholic.

There are many Pentecostal Catholics. Are you one of them?

Why not make a clean break with Rome? Why not go back to the Passover of Jesus? Why join up in Catholic pagan days?

It is a fact, those churches who celebrate pagan Easter also celebrate the pagan Roman Catholic Christmas and New Years.

I am free.

Are you free?

If you are, you will depart from all Roman Catholic paganism.

If you are, you will celebrate the Passover Communion Last Supper on the very night he instituted it.

That night this year is sundown April 3, 2015.

I challenge you.

If you refuse, and if you attend a church on Easter sunday that celebrates Easter, you are a Catholic even if you refuse to admit it.

What are you really?

Are you an organizational clone? Do you follow the pagan customs or an organization without questioning its celebrations?

Be free.

Leave Rome forever.

And if that means you must leave your church, THEN LEAVE.

Is your faith great enough to walk in the Truth?

Or will you continue to walk in Catholic paganism?

Return to the first Church faith.

Be Catholic free.


March 30, 2015 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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