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I Want Jesus And All That His Royal Blood Stands For

There is no royal blood left among Jews.

They are trying to rediscover the Davidic royal blood using DNA. But one problem.

All Jewish bloodlines are now mixed with the nations of the world.

This is the result of the scattering abroad among the nations.

Jesus had royal blood.

He was the one and only son of David with that royal blood.

Why is it essential to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ?

Maybe if someone had more than catholic traditions and man-made theology, they would know.

Is the ritual of baptism of any salvational merit, when there is zero faith in the royal blood of Jesus? To many, baptism is just a ritual.

But for me, it is my bloodline salvation to the royal blood.

If you want religion, go for it.

I want Jesus and all that his royal blood stands for.

Bishop Reckart


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Prepare To Meet Thy God

How many dead since Calvary will be lost? How many in our current grave yards died saved and are ready for the rapture? I think hell has enlarged itself. And I think many will go to hell because they willingly refuse to be born again and live a holiness life. How many will mess up and backslide and go to hell after tasting of the blessings of Jesus? As I look about me and this generation, I see so many who are so lost in sin they do not want to be saved. Every family is affected.

I thought of Noah. All his brothers and sisters and all their children died in the flood.

I thought of the father of Noah, that he died the year of the flood and may have died in the flood also. I think Noah’s father was a man who went away from God into evil.

Look at it this way, Noah worked on the ark between 100-125 years. I do not want to argue the years. My point is that before God told him to build the ark, it is written that Noah only found grace in the eyes of God.

This means that 100-125 years before his death, the father of Noah DID NOT FIND GRACE IN THE EYES OF GOD.

Only one conclusion can be made: he was among those whose imaginations had gone evil.

(Oh, so no one in your religion told you any of this?) (Oh, so how much more have they not told you?)

Play that over in your mind. How many of your own family are saved right now? How many of you, your mom and dad are lost? How many of you, your sister(s) and brother(s) are lost? And only you serve God and have found grace?

While more and more churches allow more and more of the world into their midst, there is an elect, a few, whom the Shepherd knows are his sheep. And for these, he waits for the early and latter rain.

Do not play Church. Do not play with the world.

If your church is allowing the world in, you get out. If your organization is allowing the world in, you get out. What good is it, even if a million get the Holy Ghost and are baptized, if they are then sent to hell by telling them it is ok to be worldly?

How many living right now will die lost because they refuse to prepare to be saved, stay saved, and wait patiently for the coming of Jesus?

Do not be foolish.

Prepare to meet thy God.

Bishop Reckart

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Marks Of Love Philippine Convention Theme

Christians are to be known by their love one “to” another. By this, Jesus said people would know we were his disciples.

No one likes to have friends who are backstabbers, liars, deceivers, and makes a bad report about them. Bearing false witness about someone is still a sin. But more than a sin, such behavior becomes a form of spiritual perjury. It has been my custom for over 40 years to get away from people who cannot tell the truth and or respect it.

Over the years I have discovered there are “marks of love.” I also refer to them as “marks that matter.”

I am now putting together our bible lessons for the Philippine convention of our group. In these days where the love of many has waxed cold, there is so much hate, so much destroying the truth by attacking the messengers: I believe we should all be on guard. Love never fails. There is no law against love. No one can do a person wrong and say they did the wrong because they loved the individual. Love does no ill-will to his/her neighbor. One of the marks of love is kindness. Show me a person who is unkind toward others and I will show you a person who cannot be trusted with spiritual truths.

Jesus showed us the marks of love. These were not just nail-prints. Marks of love are first seen in the hands, just as the mark of a mother’s love for her new-born is first in her hands. The next mark of love follows; a nice embrace or hug. There is to be no fakery in any of this. Nothing is more cruel and crushing to a person’s heart than to be betrayed with a fake kiss, hug, or handshake. Jesus should know.

Judas did not have the marks of love.

As the time draws near we can see, especially with Muslims in many countries, they do not know about love. What they call love is butchery and animalism. Christians are to possess love as a natural part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I like this fruit. Both to give it and to receive it. And when my love is abused, just like with an abused wife/mother, I want to get as far away from the abuser as possible and cut off all communications.

One day, Jesus will perfect love in those who seek his holiness. Those who do not reach this level of spiritual maturity, well, they will get worse and worse and end up where Judas went.

Marks of Love will be a great theme. And I look forward to making outlines for the studies we will have at our Philippine convention that begins the first week of June.

Bishop Reckart

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New Jesus House Location


Just purchased this property. It contains 11 acres. We will now convert it into our new Jesus House facility. We will also have our Jesus House farm here. Jesus is sure good to me. The front has been prepared for asphalt parking lot.

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Infiltration by Yahweh cult

Singapore has been infiltrated by the Yahweh cult. Soon many will recant and deny the name of Jesus Christ.

These tetragrammaton YHWH worshipers will deceive many.

It is so apparent that people do not really believe in the name of Jesus Christ. If they did they would not be so soon moved to hate this name and replace it with devil invented names.

I know there are sheep in Singapore who will not be deceived.

Pastor Reckart

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Wisdom Teaching

“Good Teaching”

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Victory, Even Your Faith

I love it.

Just love it.

Cannot stop loving the faith Jesus has given to me.

I just love it.

I am always under attack by spiritual stalkers. Yes, there are people who have trained themselves to be one of my predators. What is the nature of these predators?

1) They hide and lurk watching everything you do.
2) They collect everything they can about you to fuel their hate and rage.
3) They use fake names, pictures, and identities.
4) They look for what they think are flaws or errors to justify the attacks they will make.
5) They sneak around Facebook and the internet to get everything they can on you.
6) Then they move in.
7) They will lurk and wait for the moment, the hour, the day, to attack.
8) The victim of a predator does not know someone is after them to hurt and kill them.
9) The predator has mental issues, usually bipolar, where in an instant he/she can turn into a raging-screaming maniac.
10) The predator thinks he/she is in control.
11) The predator has his/her mission.


As I have found out: the predators who stalk me every day, do not have control over my faith. Therefore, they have no control over my victory.

My victory is the blessing of Jesus. He sets a table for me in the presence of my enemies. Why then do I care about predators who are obvious losers? I do not. If I suspect a predator sends me a friend request I just delete it. I do not accept emails from predators. If you are not on my receive email list, your email will go straight to the shredder.

I am more than victorious. I have my salvation. And no predator can take this from me. I will keep moving on in the perfection of the love Of Jesus Christ.

You see, I am a humble loving man, who seeks the favor of Jesus Christ and do not care what the tongues of men/women say against me.

Today I am victorious and my faith is strong and secure.

If you are having a bad day because others are assailing you, first on your list of priority is to treat those people as blank paper. Do not allow them to mean anything to you. Pick up your life and move on to what God wants you to accomplish. Ignore the internet chatter. Pay no mind to the words of fools and pundits. Let your faith be your weapon of victory.

I said so.

Pastor Reckart

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Holiness or Hell, take your choice

If holiness is not a part of a group’s righteousness, how shall that group go to heaven when it is written: follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.

What I am seeing is that many leaders do not live a holiness life. Their wives do not live a holiness life. Their children do not live a holiness life. And so, to protect their leadership positions they change their group to be like they are: no holiness.

When I first went to the Philippines in 2003 I looked for holiness based groups. I did not find many of the Apostolics were holiness. They had a form of Godliness but denied the holiness thereof.

After 11 years, the spiritual condition of holiness in the Philippines is worse.

I do not believe these groups can be turned around back to holiness. I believe it will take a revival of a people OUT OF A PEOPLE.

This means, those who love holiness that are part of a group that has backslidden on holiness will have to come out from among them and be separate.

One thing stands in the way.

Losing old friends.

Friendship builds on two people moving toward the same purpose and goals.

But what are those purposes and goals when holiness is not a part of either one?

I want friendship where people around me who are my friends will not do anything to lead me astray away from holiness, causing me to go to hell.

Bishop Reckart
A man made by God

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Over 177,000 of you have come and visited this blog. You have read the bible studies. You have copied and downloaded them. Can I ask each of you why you keep coming back?

Pastor Reckart

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